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The Country's Defense Organization "Circus" Second Ship. Unit Serial No. SG 127844789A. Guardian and inhabitant of Circus Ship. The name is--Sheep ~baa.
Protecting the inhabitants of that ship from enemies on the my responsibility, baa.
Arigamee (arigato=thank you + mee=baa)

Hello random anon! It is very nice to indirectly meet you and I appreciate that you are using your precious time to view my silly profile "About Me" section. I am Mr. Sheep-san, but most people call me Sheepy, Sheep, or Sheeples. I am a very busy person with quite a few obligations in the fields of education and other extracurricular activities, but I have been doing a decent job in balancing my priorities and making time for my interests. I quite enjoy most things that pertain to Asian culture such as anime, manga, varying music genres, and novels. I also enjoy drawing, gaming, and role playing. If you are ever in need of contacting me, I am almost always on my steam account, so please contact me there or via a PM. Arigamee~! Have a lovely rest of the day, my sweet anon!

Baa~byes @^ェ^@

*Side note: I would post my minecraft username, but I think you would laugh at how ironic it is in comparison to the one that I am using here on the MCF.
Location Circus 2nd Ship

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Steam mr_sheep_san