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    Survival and Creative server

    Hey! We're TMM, a community-lead Minecraft Java server on the new 1.16 nether update. We've recently had a survival refresh with an all new, handcrafted custom world to enjoy!

    We're always looking for players, and we're even in need of staff! (there will be a post about that later on :mellow: )


    Custom handmade map with cool biomes
    Hand made by our admins

    Create towns and build with friends or battle rivals

    Level up skills like mining, woodcutting and repairing to unlock special abilities

    Earn money in our economy by joining a job doing the things you do best!

    Teleport Runes
    Teleport runes replace /tpa but offer more potential, like teleporting mobs or making teleport arrows!

    Rank system
    Climb through our ranks by completing certain challenges

    Vote Crates
    Vote to get crate keys every day to unlock cool stuff

    Drive a car, fly a plane and conduct a train! Just vote for a chance to get a vehicle key!

    No pay to win
    We don't give people an advantage for donations, our donation rewards are purely cosmetic.

    Silk Touch Spawners
    Using a golden pickaxe with silk touch, you can pick up spawner blocks!

    Resources World
    We have a disposable world for you to devour in the quest for more resources.


    100x100 plots

    Custom heads

    Frequent build events

    World edit



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