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    posted a message on killed a pink sheep and didnt realize until it was too late.

    Did you feel a bit .... sheepish?

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    posted a message on Had an interesting experience with an Enderman

    This sounds like an old bug where an Enderman is attacked around dawn and becomes aggressive for a short while, before becoming passive, but somehow becomes attached to you. The thread below details an experience of this, i have had it a few times now, as i recall the Enderman will teleport near you if you move away, and if you look at him he will not attack, but if you get too close he will also teleport away. I think he will only become aggressive again if you log out the game and reload.


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    My base in the Nether has a portal in it that goes direct to an Overworld outpost i'm working on which will contain farms i cant build in the nether, So i'm always just a portal jump away from resources.

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    Thats basically like what I did to reach the Mesa biome in my world, it was 8000 blocks away overworld, so i extended a branch of my nether rail line roughly into the corresponding area and made a portal to take me through. Later on i built a base there and moved the overworld portal to a specific place - can't remember whether that then took me back to the original nether portal i made or created a new one, but whatever, I made sure the nether portal was rebuilt at X 1/8,Z 1/8 of the overworld portal, and completed my nether line to it ...

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    Quote from Alkimia»

    After playing this game for around 8 years, I've realized that I have a tendency to never finish projects in my survival worlds, either because I grow tired of my world or because I lose interest in my builds. Is there something I can do to avoid this? :(

    Yeah, I know how you feel, I have outstanding work of 3/4 of my main bases, and the other one is a total rebuild anyway. But I have gone back to those bases at much later dates, and done changes and finished certain things off after a breather, so as I think LG says, try some side projects. My usual trick during a build is when i want to do something, but not sure what, rather than rush into it, i'll go and do some caving for resources, just a bit of grunt work whilst i think about what I want to do. Am doing this currently, but have bitten off more than i can chew - I've encountered probably the most haphazard mineshaft area ever and i'm trying to clean that up ...

    One of the things i did enjoy was doing some mob statues in my world. Just a kind of monument, although to be fair i did end up with several statues at one base only. If you have multiple bases connected by a minecart link, perhaps you could add monuments of sorts on the line as kinds of beacons ..

    Do you do redstone proejcts ay all? Auto farms?

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    posted a message on Rooms for my wizard's tower

    My 4 main rooms in each of my bases are


    Armoury (hoarding dropped armour/arrows/bows, armour stands for displaying best armour etc)


    Portal Room (with storage for Nether items).

    (These rooms are usually off of my main storage area)

    Portals can be noisy tho and you may have uninvited guests ... so maybe better isolated somewhere else ...

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    Quote from worfer27»

    What is that element?

    That they deserve a certain amount of respect. Once you've been in a world a while, and have maxed out armour and weapons, the other common overworld mobs - skeletons, zombies, spiders, i dont think offer much of a threat in open play IMO. Even creepers to degree. But creepers can destroy the enviroment, such as things you've built, althought usually they can't cause that much damage, unless its something sensitive like a redstone contraption which has happened a couple of times to me in the past. I'm a bit blase to most overworld mobs i guess, but creepers "keep you on your toes" as a previous post stated.

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    posted a message on Help with my wizard tower
    Quote from Elite_Digger»

    This is a great site for any curved features needed. There's actually plans for a full-size Wizards tower on plotz which you can follow if you don't have it built already. Took me forever to get material and build it, but I built it out of obsidian on the first survival server I ever played on. It turned out awesome. :)

    Yeah, so have I, when i built my first big circular project, i stumbled on a link for this in another post in another thread on this forum. Absolutly fantastic, being able to section each layer and build it up. I've mainly used the sphere and eliipsoid tools, but i did build a wizard tower of sorts at one outpost


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    posted a message on Help with my wizard tower

    Www.plotz.co.uk should help for the roof

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    MC Day 15804 (PC SP Win 10 Java Ver 1.13.2)

    After having constructed a Mumbo Jumbo Potion Brewer (my 5th 😊 ), adjustable Enchanting Table and an Armoury area at my Nether Castle base, and adding some beacons at key points in the castle, I decided to build a portal direct to the overworld, rather than travel back to my nearest base for resources. This was always something I envisaged, to have a small overworld outpost as a kind of direct Annex to the Nether Castle, for some farms and such that require water, and some crop & passive mob pens.

    I put down the portal in the Nether and went through … ended up in a Plains biome with desert on three sides and the odd savannah, and oceans mainly to the east. I’d also always intended to bring some villagers from my nearest overworld base to the castle for a kind of Nether village, and whilst levelling the plains area around the portal, I located a village a few hundred blocks North from the portal, which I visited and tweaked to make it secure. Whilst rounding up and testing some horses I found in the plains biome, I found a 2nd and a 3rd village to the south, and upon visiting the 3rd, found a 4th village just west from that, all within a radius of 250-500 blocks from the portal. This can be seen on the Minutor screenshot below. My intention is not to explore too far at this point, but I did go to each village and terraform any offending areas (some were pretty poor layouts). The 3rd village was the most interesting as part of it was in a river, and there was a large open ravine on one side, into which one of the houses has been positioned – and the house was occupied! After demolishing it, the villager went down a water stream as I was trying to get him to go up some steps I’d made, and ended up on the ravine floor, so I left him down there with his own little “house” in the ravine wall.

    I spent a lot of my time at the 1st village, trying to get some decent Librarians, but of the 13 white coats that either were bred, or were zombie villagers that were cured by me, 11 of them were cartographers … and that’s 10 too many! Still one of the Librarians offered Channelling at 6 emeralds and Riptide III at 16 emeralds so not a bad start … planning the overworld outpost itself next …

    I also did some extensive mining trips. Found quite a few bits to explore and resources to gather, picked up quite a few stacks of coal, ended up with something like 9000+ pieces … and finally, whilst journeying between villages, found my first fossil, in an open ravine …

    Brewing & Enchanting

    Plains biome

    Minutor view of area

    Other Pics

    Corralling of Horses. Found a couple of really fast ones which are now back at the Nether Castle …

    Village 1 – I only kept two of the original buildings due to a poor layout, one of which I’m on the roof of, using it as my lair, and I just erected a massive housed with loads of doors to promote breeding. Not worried about aesthetics here …

    Village 3 – Nice house placement!

    You had the chance to join the rest, but you went swimming instead!

    Village 4 – This one had the least issues, all the buildings were virtually on the same level, and had a Desert Temple in the corner to boot, partially covered in sand as was a lot of the village. I went to town on this one a bit …

    My first fossil, don’t know much about these, so will excavate it to see what is supposed to be … if anything …

    Back to the Nether Castle, and these are the three mob pens I’ve built. I had to convert the grass to path blocks to stop pigmen and cubes spawning, but I notice on path blocks, they don’t seem to move forwards or backwards very much, just change their angle on the spot a lot …

    Finally 3 of the 4 beacon arrays, positioned in the rear and side towers. Each array can hold 4 beacons but currently only using 3 – Jump, Strength and Environmental protection. Coupled with Regen as a secondary power, I can drop into lava with my current maxed armour on and take virtually no damage it seems … not that I’ve tested it too far 😊


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