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    posted a message on Distance command not working

    Your command is working perfectly fine. Every entity within a 2 block radius of an entity with luck will get the luck effect. So once the player (or any entity) gets within 2 blocks of an entity with luck, they will get the luck effect, but since that entity that just got the luck effect is within a 2 block radius of itself, it is going to give itself the luck effect forever.

    Another way to look at it is lets say you are running your command above and you have a zombie with the luck effect. You walk up to that zombie, and you get the luck effect. You walk away (more than 2 blocks from the zombie) but you yourself are in your own two block radius being set up by your command, so you give yourself the luck because you have luck (from the zombie).

    A way to get around this issue is if you are looking to target a specific entity i.e. players. If you set up this command:

    execute at @e[type=!player,nbt={ActiveEffects:[{Id:26b}]}] run effect give @e[distance=..2] luck 1200 0

    any entity that goes within 2 blocks of another entity, that isn't a player, will get the luck effect. So basically players cannot give themselves the luck effect, but any other entity can give a player the luck effect. PM me if you have any other questions.

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    posted a message on How to stop milk from removing potion effects?

    I'm not sure what method you are using to determine which food the player is eating and how you're giving them the wither, but from what it sounds like you are detecting what food they eat, and then running a command similar to this to give them the wither effect:

    /effect give <selector> wither 5 0 (the 5 will change depending on which food they ate and how long you're giving it to them).

    With that command, there is no way (besides clearing the player's inventory of milk buckets) to stop them from using milk.

    A way to do this so they can't use milk is to constantly give the player the wither effect. For instance, if a player ate raw porkchop and you wanted to give them wither for 5 seconds instead of using the command above, you can do this:

    /effect give @a[scores={OBJECTIVE=1..101}] wither 2 0 true

    This command will give the player the wither effect constantly for 5 seconds and in turn not allowing the player to clear it with milk. The changes you would have to make to your existing command setup would be to add a different scoreboard objective for every type of food you're trying to track (or one if you're more experienced with commands).

    So going back to the raw porkchop example I would create a scoreboard:

    /scoreboard objectives add raw_porkchop dummy

    Then, using however, you are detecting what food they eat if the player eats a raw porkchop add a tag to the player as an output command:

    /tag <selector> add rawporkchop

    Then run a scoreboard command to constantly add a score of 1 to any player with this tag:

    /scoreboard players add @a[tag=rawporkchop] raw_porkchop 1

    and then the command from earlier:

    /effect give @a[scores={raw_porkchop=1..101}] wither 2 0 true

    To finish it I would run these commands to stop the player from having the wither effect eternally:

    /tag @a[scores={raw_porkchop=101}] remove rawporkchop

    /scoreboard players set @a[scores={raw_porkchop=101}] raw_porkchop 0

    If you have any other questions or something doesn't make sense DM me!

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    posted a message on How do you detect colored named items in a chest?

    If you are in the Minecraft 1.16 snapshots or 1.15 this command should work:

    execute if block ~ ~1 ~ chest{Items:[{id:"minecraft:gold_nugget",Count:1b,tag:{display:{Name:'{"text":"Coin","color":"gold","italic":false}'}}}]}

    Put that in a repeating command block attach a conditional chain command block after it or run a command after the test for your output.

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    posted a message on Custom Health Bar

    I have a custom boss and I want to use a bossbar to display it's health. I have the bossbar set up I'm just not sure how to mirror the health of the zombie (which is the boss) to a bossbar (like the wither and ender dragon boss bars) I believe it has something to do with /execute store but I don't have a ton of experience with that. The bossbar has a max of 700 because the max health of the boss is 700. If anyone could give me the commands to do this or explain how to do this that would be great.

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    posted a message on Custom Smelting Recipes

    I am trying to create custom smelting recipes for a project.

    I used this website: https://crafting.thedestruc7i0n.ca/

    The problem is that whenever I try to create a custom recipe for a furnace, it just doesn't work. The one's I tried were smelting raw beef to get cooked beef with a cook time of 1 tick, iron ore to iron ingot - 1 tick, and raw cod to cooked cod 1 tick.

    So I then tried to do it with campfires, and I tested it with the raw beef to cooked beef - 1 tick cook time and it worked. So I then added all the other recipes I wanted (all with a cook time of 1 tick).

    -Raw to cooked chicken, beef, porkchop, salmon, cod, rabbit and mutton.

    -Gold and iron ore to their respective ingots.

    -Kelp to dried kelp.

    -and potato to baked potato.

    I then went in game to test it, and most of them worked fine. However, the raw to cooked beef, raw to cooked pork, and the potato to baked potato did not, and I have no idea why, especially because the beef one was working before I added the rest.

    The path to the files is: saves/world/datapacks/data_pack/data/minecraft/recipes

    Every file contains the same text: {
    "type": "minecraft:campfire_cooking",
    "ingredient": {
    "item": "minecraft:cobblestone"
    "result": "minecraft:stone",
    "experience": 0.1,
    "cookingtime": 1

    just obviously changed for the different items.

    Does anyone know why this wouldn't be working in a furnace, and why some recipes would not be working on the campfire?

    Any and all help is much appreciated!

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    posted a message on Can I detect a player holding shift in the air?
    Quote from Bryceio»

    But that wouldn't only work for shifting while in the air flying with elytra. If you use that method then if a player sneaks on the ground it will trigger. If you add additional checks for if the player is flying, then it would still activate if they had previously shifted on the ground. Also, if the player held shift during the cooldown timer, then the effect would happen as soon as that cooldown timer ended if they had shifted long enough.

    Edit: Also, that objective criteria isn't vanilla. What is it?

    The criteria is vanilla, I'm not sure what you mean. And I did test my method, and it will detect if you are sneaking while flying with an elytra. There are ways to make it so it only counts up when you are flying with an eltrya, but that would get slightly complicated, so I won't type out all the commands here, but you would use tags, and some other scoreboard objectives to detect this. You can also use tags for the cooldown timer. You might need an advanced knowledge of commands to do this, but it definitly can be done, especially in 1.13+.

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    posted a message on Can I detect a player holding shift in the air?

    This is quite easy actually!

    All you have to do is create a scoreboard, and then test for any player that has held sneak!

    To create the scoreboard type /scoreboard objectives add <OBJECTIVE_NAME> mincraft.custom:minecraft.sneak_time. Where it says "<OBJECTIVE NAME>" you can put anything there, like "elytrasneak" or anything else. This scoreboard will add a score of 1 every game tick (20 times a second, so it will add 20 "score"/second) to any player holding sneak. To test for a player you can use this command /execute if entity @a[scores={OBJECTIVE_NAME=1..} run <COMMAND>. This command will run any command you put in the "<COMMAND> part on players that have sneaked, pretty much at all. The ".." after the one just tests for any number 1 or greater on the scoreboard. If you are looking for a specific time sneaked, like 1 second, or 20 ticks, then you would just change the "1.." to "20".

    If you have any more questions, or if you are still confused DM me or just reply here! Hope I could help!

    EDIT: These commands will only work in 1.13+, if you are looking for older versions, I can give you those as well.

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    posted a message on Color Cube - 1.13 Puzzle Map

    Welcome player, to Color Cube. Color Cube is a Minecraft puzzle map for the update aquatic! Collect the 6 wools and shears by solving 11 innovative puzzles that function on over 550 of the new 1.13 commands! Once you have collected all of the wools, you must place them inside of the cube to finally complete the map! Good Luck.


    -You must read the "PLEASE_READ" file in the map download folder, or many parts of the map will not make sense.

    -This map will work in Minecraft 1.13 only. Do not attempt to play in any older, or newer versions of Minecraft or this will break the map.

    -This map has been tested thoroughly by me and my testers, and is 100% possible. However, bugs still do arise as players will think of ways to break the map, that we did not think of. If you find a bug, please submit it here. This will help me, and will only take a minute.

    What is included in the download?

    Video solutions to all the puzzles.


    Where to find all of the wools and shears.

    Copy of the resource pack. (Auto-installed).

    Back-up of the map.



    How to use the map.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xklxncv7qb619e9/color_cube.zip

    Visit my website: http://www.mr-moose-minecraft.weebly.com

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    posted a message on how to summon an item with infinite duration and with enchantment

    I'm not sure which item you want, and what enchantment you want, so use this website: www.mcstacker.net

    EDIT: This generator will only work in Minecraft 1.13

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    posted a message on Break Block scoreboard

    In a map I'm making, I have a scoreboard (scoreboard objectives add redstoneBlock minecraft.broken:minecraft.redstone_block).

    So when I mine a redstone block, my score on that scoreboard should increase by one. But it doesn't.

    I know this was a bug in the pre-releases of 1.13, but it is said to be fixed. Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong, or if the bug wasn't actually fixed?

    EDIT: I'm just an idiot its minecraft.mined not minecraft.broken

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    posted a message on Highscore system, kinda
    Quote from Dheatly23»

    Ofcourse it is! Because highscore [b]will always[/b] be lower than timer (because timer goes up).

    I think you might want [b]descending[/b] timer instead. Or you could ditch that live highscore idea and just compare them in the end.

    The descending timer won't work for my purposes. But do you know of anyway to do "So basically what I want is when the attempt is over, ideally, if the score on timer[/i] is lower than the score on highScore[/i] then it will copy the score from timer[/i] to highScore[/i], but if it is higher, then nothing will happen." [/b]or can you not think of one?

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    posted a message on Highscore system, kinda

    I am making a map where the player has to accomplish something as fast as they can. So instead of a high-score system that tracks the highest score a player gets, I need a system that tracks the lowest score a player gets.

    I know how to make the high-score system: execute as @a run scoreboard players operation @a highScore > @a timer

    However, I tried to just flip the sign (> to <) assuming that that would make the "low-score" thing work, but it just constantly sets the highScore score to 0. (I have the players best score that is written in a book given to them everytime they make new attempt, and the score there is always 0).

    Does anyone know how I could make this work?

    PS: the highScore scoreboard objective is just used to track the players High Score, this is the objective the book reads to get the players high score.

    The timer objective is just a timer that counts up, and you want to get the lowest time possible.

    So basically what I want is when the attempt is over, ideally, if the score on timer is lower than the score on highScore then it will copy the score from timer to highScore, but if it is higher, then nothing will happen.

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    posted a message on Looking for map beta-testers

    Hello there, I am looking for some beta-testers for my new map, 'Color Cube.' It is a puzzle map for 1.13

    Brief Summary

    This is a minecraft puzzle map for 1.13. It has new, creative puzzles that you probably haven't seen before. This map has been designed to be difficult, and reflects, 'the Code' series is some minor aspects


    I am looking for about 4-5 people who are able to screen record themselves playing the map. No audio is required. Once I have gathered everyone I need, I will answer any questions, or any any concerns you have there. I need you to screen record the map because what you may not consider a bug with the map, I might and screen recording is the easiest way to do it. No audio is required, no editing, just recording of you playing the map.

    This is a difficult map, and if you rage easily or do not like puzzles, do NOT apply to test this map, it is difficult, and could cause some rage.

    All testers will of course be credited in the map, and possibly become my go to testers.


    Please copy and paste the application below into the reply box.

    IGN (In Game Name):


    Do you have discord? (Yes or No):

    Are you able to screen record yourself playing the map? (Yes or No)

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or post them here! Thank you.

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    posted a message on Scoreboards

    I just tagged the redstone item that dropped when I broke it and execute off that tag

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    posted a message on Scoreboards

    That is for 1.12, and I am in 1.13. (I should have specified), but I found a work-around, thanks anyways!

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