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    1) IGN: Mr_Grandtree
    2) Your age: 18
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) Well, off and on with friends for about a month days. But in the past week I have been very active with about 4 hours a day minimum.
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? But of course. Noakii's work is always brilliant.
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? None until this server, but I find it exhilerating and do not think that my lack of prior experience should prove to be of any hinderance of my duties if I were to become a guard.
    6) What is your time zone? Central, but I am a night owl, allowing me to be on when few guards are.
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? Oh, best choice, I doubt I am the best choice, but I think that my maturity, intellect, and PvP skills I have honed since indev make me a highly valuable asset. I also have a high post count on these forums and am pretty active so I can easily advertise, and I also vote daily. I am very loyal to this server in general really.
    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire from guard? I am a A-rank prisoner.

    I also have recommendations from AaronIceGem (TraineeGurad) and LegitCreed (Guard)
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    “In a world so vile, who decides what is just?”

    This story contains language not suitable for children, viewer discretion is advised.

    If you read the story please post your opinions or something. Respect the work put into this!

    I began writing this story at the start of September, 2011, and got fairly far. I loved the story line and the whole concept as a whole, but failed to find a way to make it pop out and appeal the way I wished it too, but at the start of October, I began to try one last time to get the writing style that I wanted to use for this story, and I believe I came rather close. I hope it will prove to be better than some of the other, popular stories around here... Which in my humble opinion look like something I wrote in grade school. No names, but I am just saying... As this will be an internet based story, I wanted to take advantage of that by getting some kind of fan base for the novel and its already planned sequel by using some new features I think will make this story more digestible in free time and more enjoyable to read. The plan is that I will release at least one new chapter every week, along with a recording of my own voice for all you lazy people who just want to minimize the window and listen along without losing any gaming time. (Please, don’t be too lazy to take the time to post what you think of the chapter though!) I will also include a song that I feel goes with the mood and/or idea of the chapter (Usually rock because that tends to be my main genre, though I listen to all kinds of music.) that you can play in the background while you read, or by itself if you just enjoy it enough.

    :log: Looking for good artists:
    Now, I am doing all I can for this story, but I could not draw to save my life, so I was hoping that some of you artsy people could help me put together a compilation of photos (Maybe one freeze frame for each chapter) as well as some skins for each of the characters! You will get your name in the credits as well as a link to your Deviant Art page or whatever you use to help bring attention to your talents. While these rewards are probably considered insignificant, remember, I am not asking you to do it for the rewards, but hopefully because you genuinely love the story and want to contribute.

    :log: If using any part of my story:
    If you want to use my story for anything I only ask that you please give me credits and post a link to this page. Also, of course this story was originally and completely made by me, so do not claim that you wrote it. I doubt this will be an issue, but please, just do it out of respect.

    :log: Criticizing:
    Fell free to criticize, but there are a few things in my story that are special and should be kept in mind. Firstly, each character has a different voice and way of narrating that is unique to them, so if you feel that a character is speaking or narrating in a way that is well, out of character, feel free to tell me of that too. Now, some grammatical errors are on purpose, but spelling errors never are, so surely post any of those that you find. When posting a correction or criticism that involves a certain part of the story, please make clear which part it is so that I am not on a goose chase. Thank you!

    :log: Map of the lands in the story:
    Bear in mind that the green area at the bottom is marshland, not the rebel border. That is located along the orange path incasing the Sruth river.

    Now without further ado… (Not adieu, you darn eggcorners! If confused, google without further adieu and read up on some great grammar.)

    Current project: Creating voice recordings

    Chapter 1: Violence

    “So it is agreed?” the head elder asked, trying to sound as if this decision made him solemn. He didn’t have me fooled though; I knew he had wanted this from the start. I clenched my fists as my face began to turn red. I tried to hold my tongue, but the longer I did, the more sure I became that I shouldn’t. I wanted to yell many things, but one remained prominent.

    “No dammit, it is not agreed!” I yelled as I stood up, slamming my fists upon the table and staring into the old man’s eyes. The small wooden chair I had been sitting on tipped backwards and toppled, making a loud echo throughout the large, bare meeting hall. They all stared at me with shock and disapproval, as if they expected their cowardice to be tolerated. “At the first sight of danger you all tuck tales and run like miserable bitches. How do you call yourselves men?”

    “You ignorant little *******, addressing us in such a manner,” said William, in his vain and feminine voice. I wished to kill everyone in the room, especially him. ‘The world would be better off without cowards like them.’ I told myself, instead though, I took a deep breath in an attempt to calm myself. William looked over at me again and tilted his nose up, as if to insinuate he was somehow my superior. “No one is stopping you I hope you know. You are free to go out and commit suicide. I am certain The Nation would be happy to comply,” he jeered. I noticed how exposed his neck was, as if some god wished me to slit it, and I was certainly “Happy to comply.” I began to seriously consider drawing my blade when Jonathan spoke up.

    “Such a misbehaving cuss of a child, no wonder his father left him,” Jonathan added. He let out a small chuckle and William shared in it. I fought the urge to use my blade, but my hand had already rested itself upon the hilt, itching to draw. I looked at Jonathan and tried to calm myself one last time.

    “Jonathan, you were a good friend to my family, so I will give you one chance to take back what you have said. My father did not run from anything... Musta been killed,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady, but the overwhelming anger made it shaky.

    “Quite the contrary,” Jonathan began, his voice that of a scolding professor, “he told me that he was leaving due to The Nation’s army being so close in proximity. You speak of our cowardice, when your own father was the first to…”

    I finally made my mind up. I drew my blade and swung it across the table at him. To his credit, he was quick enough to draw and attempt to block, but he was weak. They all were. I pushed through his blade and slit across his throat. It was surprisingly silent after that, there was a small thud as his head dropped to the table and then nothing more than the patter of blood. No one screamed, they all just stared as I grabbed the handkerchief from Jonathan's pocket and cleaned the blood from my blade. I heard a little whimper come from someone, probably William, but no more. I sheathed my blade and went towards the door. “Good day to you all,” I said, tipping my hat and chuckling.

    I stepped outside the old stone building and was greeted by a beautiful day. I held my hand against the sun and looked about at the happy scene. Children played outside in the small streets, kicking a ball about or hiding from one another. Women sat about porches and talked, no doubt of flaws of others as I had noticed was their favorite subject. “Huh...” I sighed, tipped my hat lower. I began to walk, to no where really, when I heard the birds. They chirped happily, flitting about, free of all the worries of land creatures. Trouble comes and they just fly off, free to make a new nest to call home wherever they feel. The hell with them. They had no idea how horrible life really was. In my sights I noticed two fairly large rocks in a pile of many smaller chippings. I smiled and grabbed them quickly, turning towards the sky. The sun blinded me a moment but I shut my eyes and simply listened for them. A chirp, a threw. Nothing. Damned. I tried opening my eyes and slowly adjusted them to the light. I heard a large thud, which I realized was the rock hitting the roof of some house. “Right...” It didn't matter though, I cared little for anyone around here anyway. My eyes adjusted and I sighted the birds and threw again. It missed and I bowed my head.

    There was another thud as the second rock hit the rooftops followed by a small pause and a yelp, which sounded like it came from a dog. I smiled again for just a moment and then began walking. I didn't plan on going anywhere, I was just going. I thought of where to go and decided I would go see William and talk all this over. So I switched directions and headed towards his house.

    I thought of what I would do about the elders decision and decided that I would fight, despite what they all did. I would take Isabelle with me and meet the rebels along the river. I thought of the danger of bringing Isabelle and decided it really wasn't dangerous so long as I was there. The rebel bases along the river were practically impossible to get to simple because of the river, along with my experience it would prove deadly for anyone who dared try to cross. I smiled at these thoughts as I stepped up onto his front porch and knocked loudly. I always envied William's house. A large, two story house of beautiful birch wood. A small flower garden out front, which Rachelle tended daily. Even glass windows, which were not common among these parts. We both had the same job's and pay, yet he was somehow able to do so much more with his. Probably because he didn't drink I suppose...

    “Vosh, your going to knock it down,” a voice said from behind the door. Soon the latch was undone and he opened the door, looking at me wearily. “What have you done now eh?” I let myself in, kicked off my boots, hung my hat, and went to the parlor table to sit.

    “Killed Jonathan,” I said to William as he entered the room.

    “You lie,” he said, obviously skeptical, though I don't know why. Wouldn't be the first time I had killed a man.

    “Nope, I gave him a warning first.”

    William rubbed his temples and sat down. Rebecca came in and asked what we wanted to drink and eat so I told her to fetch me some meat and ale. “The usual? Oh what a big old manly man.” she teased, smiling. I had always envied William for having her as well. Not often a beautiful woman will stay with a man who travels as often as we did, let alone risking our lives every journey. William just waved his hand and she quickly left to the kitchen.

    “Look, Vosh, you can't stay in town. We can't have you killing the few guards we have around here,” William said, his head sitting in his palms.

    “I didn't plan on staying.”

    “Where are you going?” His voice seemed to get more frustrated with every word. I guess it wasn't the happiest talk we had ever had, but it certainly was nothing worse than what we had talked about before.

    “Rebel camp, we're gonna help defend it.”

    “We?” William said, finally lifting his head to give me a puzzled look. “I have no intent of going anywhere.”

    “No, Isabelle and me.”

    “No, you are not dragging Isabelle with you either,” he said in a fatherly tone. It bothered me when he did that, and he knew it. He had no right to tell me what I was or wasn't going to do.

    “The elders decided the town was moving to a safer area,” I said. It was kind of out of place, but I had been itching to say it for a while now.

    “Good, where? Oh and, do not think you changed the subject. You are not taking Isabelle with you.”

    “Nearer to Ascardia,” I said, ignoring the last part of his sentence. I noticed Rachelle's foot move outside the door. She was listening to our conversation, which was fine with me.

    “Perfect, more reason for Isabelle to stay, so that she may move with the town. We will be much safer then, and you do want her to be safe right?.”

    “She won't be safe there,” I said, getting a little frustrated with William. I began to wonder why I even came.

    “And she will be on the front lines?”

    “With me, yes.”

    “Vosh, you are a strong man, of that I have no doubt, but you cannot defeat every opponent you ever face. One day you will lose, mind you that only three of us remain, and the chances of that only increase the more you fight. You know as well as I she will not be safe with you for long if you stay there.”

    “The rest of us were weak. We are the final three for a reason.”

    “Perhaps, but is it worth risking your sisters life?” The question hit me hard. I thought about it and even opened my mouth to speak but decided to think more. I couldn't say yes without coming off as not caring, but I didn't want to agree with him. Finally, I came up with an answer, though I was not so sure of myself anymore. William was always very rational and had never steered me wrong before, so it was hard to disagree with him when he was so persistent upon a matter.

    “It won't be a risk.”

    “I won't let you do it Vosh.”

    “It isn't your choice.”

    “Just leave,” he said, shaking his head like a scolding mother. “Look, I will protect her, your mother too, I give you my word. You go where you wish, but don't take anyone else with you on your suicide mission.”

    I stopped talking and looked into his eyes. I knew he was telling the truth. I trusted his oath and I trusted his strength, but something in me still wanted to fight it. Something, against all rational thought, screamed that it was not safe here. Something still wanted desperately to take her with me. Eventually, I outstretched my hand and he shook it. Rachelle came in with the food and ale and I drained the glass in one go. “Thank you both for your hospitality,” I said, standing up from the table without eating any of the meat. “And William, uh, don't let Isabelle know about our work, okay. Promise me?”

    “Of course. Tell them both to come here as soon as they can. I will get Rachelle to set up two guest rooms for them.” I nodded to him and smiled. He really was a great friend to me. I hope he knows how much I appreciate him. I slipped on my boots and stepped back outside into the bright sunlight, placing my hat back on my head.

    “Damned. Something just ain't right...”

    Chapter 2: War

    Thane began his “unification” a little over a year ago now. It was so abrupt that every nation was caught off guard, and this only proved to make it twice as deadly. Siarcorsa was first, overtaken within the first three days. There was little rebellion as Siarcorsa was in the middle of its own civil war at the time and the two sides failed to unite, leaving the once proud nation powerless to defend itself. Thane brought peace and prosperity when the people wanted it most, and for that he received the people’s loyalty to his cause.

    With his new addition, Thane renamed his lands, calling them simply “The Nation.” He sent messengers about the lands, telling of his master plan to unite all people under one rule, to allow for better productivity and peace for all. Ironic really, that was the word he used, peace. Yet his means of bringing about this peace were far from gentle. With their newly acquired power over the Western coasts they began their assault upon Riadsgag, coming down through the waters and into the center of the country, as well as ground forces from the South and transport boats landing upon their Northern coasts. The Nation flowed into Riadsgag like waves upon a shore, quickly eating away at the valiant defenses of the people of Riadsgag.

    News of the ruthless assault spread quickly. Stories of peaceful towns burned, holy places pillaged, women and children slaughtered and their bodies left to rot where they lay. The Nation did not even allow the defeated to come and bury their dead, but instead killed any man who tried. Bloods boiled, all the people of Aileag stood up in outrage, including myself. Our people soon signed a treaty and joined forces with the last remaining country, Cliamhainn.

    I am sorry to say however, that our combined power was not enough to hold our lines, and slowly but steadily we retreated further and further. We were lucky in one aspect though, Aileag was well known for its naval power and it proved it when it needed to most. Though they outnumbered and outgunned our boats, our superior knowledge of naval combat proved to be the deciding factor, allowing us to limit their invasion grounded. Things began to look promising for us; we even gained some land on them.

    I myself helped lead a successful charge that reclaimed the land we had lost east of the Craobh Loch, earning me prestige among our army that eventually got me into the EOU. Sorry, I said too much, I will tell you about that later. Anyway, with the front lines now along the Sruth River, we were hopeful that we could hold them there, but sadly that was not the case.

    New technology was our downfall. They created many new weapons and armors that were far superior to our own, but those were trifling matters compared to their catapults. Hell, the word still scares me a bit. I was even there the first time they were used. We were in an outpost along the Sruth and saw forces approaching across the river. We readied our bows and thought little of the attack, finding it rather humorous they would try an assault that was not only over a river, but upon a fortified encampment as well. The first shot hit only a few meters to my left, killing four men and crushing part of our main wall. We began firing volleys of arrows upon them and they fired back. Another shot hit, again to my left, but this time further off. This one took five lives with it, one of which was our general. I really do wish to talk about how great a man he was but we hardly have the time, so I must refrain.

    As I was saying, we vollied while their catapult continued to ravage our encampment, but I put an end to it with some simple thinking. Now, I must try to be modest, but I did save my men and was recognized again for my honor and quick thinking. I wrapped some of my shirt around an arrow and lit it, firing it directly into the catapult which soon caught aflame. With their catapult gone the vollies quickly took the fight out of the men and forced them to retreat. Oh, here comes Rachelle with my supper. I will continue my story momentarily, my apologies.

    Chapter 3: Innocence

    I was already growing bored of school and I was only about two hours in. It was always disheartening to be studying the same curriculum as the students three years above me and still not being challenged. I began to stare at the chalk board and imagined playing chess. Such a lovely and articulate game. Every move having significance immediately that grew even greater with every following move. The complexity and unique use for each and every piece resulting in the ultimate game of whit. I grabbed at the rook I kept in my pocket and felt it with my hands, bringing me some comfort.

    Suddenly, there was a loud rapping sound upon the door and my body jolted out of it's daze. The professor set down his chalk and stared at the door.

    “Come in,” he said with his confusion clearly visible upon his face. The door opened and who should enter but Vosh, who apparently was back in town again. I turned my face from him immediately and a blush came across my face. 'God, please don't say my name, please don't embarrass me. Have some mercy.'

    “Uh, I'm taking Isabelle with me,” he said. The buffoon. Always coming in at the most inappropriate times and saying the dumbest things. He could have waited just one more hour for school to let out, but no. There he stood.

    “Very well, go quietly,” the professor said, returning to the problem upon the board. I picked up my books and quickly rushed out of the room, knowing my face must have been a terrible shade of scarlet, leaving Vosh in my wake. I closed the door and headed a few steps towards home when I heard him exit behind me. I let the door close again and turned around.

    “What in the world do you think you are doing! Embarrassing me in front of all my classmates like that. It is hard enough to fit in with the older kids without you ruining any slight progress I make!” I said in a rage, but I already began regretting it halfway through saying it. His face was solemn and I suspected he had bad news. He looked at me a moment as if making some kind of connection between us beyond words. “Is it Dad? Is he alright.”

    “No, it is nothing like that,” he said, and I could hear the hurt in his voice, but he had earned it. 'If he wants to get me out of class, somebody had better be dead. Oh my, that was an awful thing to think... But if no one is dead then what could it be?' “I wanted to say goodbye.”

    “Goodbye? What does that mean?”

    “I am going to help defend what is left of our lands, and the town is moving to safety. You need to stick with William alright. I will see you again someday, but for now this is how it must be.” My heart sank. 'Leaving the town already? Gone for a month then just pops in to my class just to tell me he would be gone for an even longer length of time. Why was he helping them anyway, last I heard the defenses were holding firm. Did the Nation break through the river finally? Of maybe over the mountain pass.'

    “No. You need to come with us and be safe. Stop running off all the time... It... Worries me,” I said, choking up a bit. Even if he was an ass, he was my ass and my blood relation, and I wanted him around. I could tell my words struck a cord. He fidgeted with his jacket buttons and I just began to take note of what he was wearing.

    The black pants were normal, as were the black leather boots, but the green jacket was a ghost from our past. I remembered the jacket, that damned jacket. He began wearing it about three years ago, about a year after the war started. At first I thought he was just trying a new style, wearing it home every day, gold buttons neatly polished, green fabric vibrant and spotless. It was a nice jacket all and all, but now I associated it with absence and loneliness. He would wear the jacket one day and I would know the next he would be gone. It started with just a day or maybe a few, but never very long till he would be back, acting as if he had never left. No one questioned him, and I originally thought he had found a woman. I was even happy for him. Then the sword showed up. I had only seen it drawn once when he was cleaning it one day, but it was a vicious blade, definitely not used for decoration as was beginning to be the style for upper class men. No jewels, no ornate designs, just a curved sword with a hooked curve on the end of it that I could not see any use for other than intimidation, which I imagined worked well. I only questioned him about it once when I was younger, because that was all I needed. I had never seen him like that before, and it was still a vivid memory for me.

    I stepped outside as Vosh was washing his jacket and stood beside him. “Vosh, why do you have this stuff. Why do you keep leaving without saying goodbye?” He turned quickly, dropping the jacket into the bucket of water.

    “Look, what I do is my own business. I am old enough to make my own decisions and you are not to ask any more questions about anything I do. Got it?” he said coldly. Then he turned and went back to washing without another word. I teared up a bit and walked back inside and that was the end of it. Never again did I ask, but now I felt I was overdue.

    “Isabelle. I have to do what I can to stop this, for your sake and for the town's sake. I want this place to still be standing when this is all over, so you can come back and raise a family and live a happy life.” I had a reply to that too, but the jacket was gnawing on the back of my mind to where I could not stand it.

    “Why do you wear that jacket. I saw William wear it too. Tell me what it means Vosh. I'm not a little girl anymore, I am sixteen years of age. I can have a family, I can handle whatever it is your hiding from me.” His face twisted into a further depression.

    “I want to tell you, but I can't.”

    “No, you can.” I retorted sternly. He took no heed and embraced me tightly. I wanted to break from it, to demand an answer, but I embraced him back, pressing my face into his chest. He was so much taller than me, and stronger too. I could feel his muscles, even on his chest it was like pressing my face into a warm rock. Would it be enough though? Muscles don't block blades. The thought of him dying scared me and I quickly chased it from my mind. I held on tightly, squeezing as hard as I could. “You can Vosh...”

    He released me at that and kissed my forehead. “Go get Mom and go to Williams house now. You two need to stay there. Got it?” I nodded, no longer wanting to argue and make us end the meeting on a bad note, because god knows how many more we would have.

    He smiled and began to walk away. I watched from behind, the sun setting and silhouetting his departure in a pinkish yellow glow, like he was some sort of savior, sent to us from above. I smiled at the thought and began walking back to my house, but I just couldn't stop looking at him, growing more somber by the moment. I couldn't explain it, or even understand it, but something in me kept talking, telling me something I didn't want to hear. Didn't want to believe.

    “You will never see him again.”

    Chapter 4: Wretch

    Alright, I'm back. That woman sure can cook, part of the reason I married her. I sure am a lucky man, which brings me back to my story. Where was I again, ah right, the EOU. The Elite Operations Unit, set up near the end of Riadsgag. How I got to be chosen as a candidate is beyond me, but apparently my name got to some higher ranking officials, and pretty soon I was on my way to a secret encampment which I would spend the next few months of my life at. Mind you, we were not the first EOU team, we were actually the third, but the previous two had died in missions, which was not very encouraging for us. In fact, I think almost half of the men chosen quietly and respectfully declined upon hearing the fate of the previous men, but I was too proud, too bold. I took it as a challenge more than a warning. It is a miracle I am even here today with all my headstrong idiocy, but again I am getting sidetracked.

    We trained for two months, and every week we had an exam that tested strength, form and intellect. While my strength usually lagged behind the others, my form and intellect were unsurpassed and allowed me to stay while others were booted out, five a week, until only twenty of us remained. This was when I first started noticing Vosh, but not in a positive way at first. He was a strong looking kid, clearly well built, but one could tell by how he kept himself he did not care much about anything. His dark brown hair was clean, but scraggly and uncombed. His shirts and pants were always wrinkled and he always wore the same brown leather boots. Nothing about him impressed me in the least, and he would always sit in his room at night, drinking and making a ruckus, and can you guess who had the room nearest to his? Me of course. So one night, and I am not proud of this, I went over to his room, infuriated and tired.

    “Why the hell are you here you wretched drunk! This is a place for people who are serious about protecting their country, not a bar!” I yelled at him, bursting through his doors. He looked at my dumbfounded, then turned back to his fireplace and took another large swig from his mug. He chuckled and began singing some song I was not familiar with. I was infuriated. “All you are is a drunk ******* who will never be fit to be a soldier, let alone in an elite unit and I am sick of seeing your sorry ass around here. God forbid you actually were accepted, you would get everyone on your team killed with your idiocy!”

    At this point I was breathing heavily and red in the face, my rage far surpassing any I had ever experienced. Something about this incondite man boiled my blood like a great blaze. I still feel shame touch my cheeks just talking about it. But it happened, and there is no changing it now, so all I can do is tell of the matter and make certain I never do anything of the sort again.

    “Is that so?” He replied, as if I had just told him an interesting fact. He took another swig and I lost myself. Night after night I had listened to him and thought to myself how awful a man he was and how little he deserved to be here and at that point I finally snapped.

    “Stand and draw your blade! I shall tolerate you no more. If they won't get rid of you then I will, because your kind do not belong here,” I said loudly and clearly, making sure to wake the captains so that they could watch how great my skills had become. Remember that at this point I had been training a month and a half with some of the best instructors and felt like I was the greatest warrior alive. I drew my blade and pointed it to his back, which was still turned to me. It was a beautiful blade, handcrafted in Acarsaid by the king's smith himself. The purest steel, double sided, sharp enough to cut through an oak tree like butter. Perfectly balanced and lightweight with a jewel encrusted gold hilt with hand guards that doubled as metal knuckles to knock out enemies for questioning. To this day it hangs over my fireplace, an object of pride. But that day it only brought me shame.

    “Calm down, you can't use your fury correctly,” he said, still refusing to face me. My face contorted as he took another swig. I pressed the tip of my blade to the back of his neck drawing a drop of blood.

    “Fight or die,” I said plainly, noticing the faces watching from the darkness outside the door. I smiled, thinking to myself that this would be the perfect way to make myself stand out from the other prospects. He didn't say a word, but simply stood up from his stool, wobbling a bit, and faced me. I even laughed at him, thinking I was more than a match for him, especially in his condition, but it was not until he drew his blade that I really let it loose. It was nothing more than a dull, small iron blade. The hilt was no more than stick of iron coming out of the blade with cloth around it that Vosh himself must have added. I let my blade drop low to my side and practically fell over laughing, even Vosh chuckled a bit.

    “Well, come at me then,” he said with a wicked smile, his body still wobbling and the tip of his blade resting on the floor.

    “Very well,” I said, sure of myself. I raised my blade with a little twirl to impress those watching, then came down on him with enough force to assure a clean and relatively painless kill. Suddenly he moved, raising his blade into the air, the tip still pointed to the ground. The whole move seemed a pathetic attempt at a block, providing little leverage to delfect a strong slash such as mine, but as soon as our swords clashed it was as if I had hit a wall. My blade stopped still and his grin grew wide as my face showed my utter confusion. I brought my sword back in preparation to strike again and he simply let his blade fall back, the tip stabbing into the ground. I shook off the failure and chalked it up to luck on his part. I spun around and came across him with a strike to split his torso from his legs, but again he simply lazily lifted his blade and stopped the strike, despite the great amount of force I put into it. This time I watched him, trying to figure out what he was doing, what trick he was using, but he did not even flex. The vibrations coarsed through my arm and shook me slightly. I drew back with pain, my arm stinging throughout it's whole. I stared at him with a mixture of fury and confusion, and thats when he first struck. Lifting slightly and swining at my legs. I hopped back, barely dodging his strike.

    “Stay on your toes,” he mocked as he let his blade rest on the ground, but now he was hunched over, as if the blade were terribly heavy. He had a goofy grin on his face, clearly he saw the faces outside and was toying with me just to give them a bad impression. I had no idea what trick he was using, but I knew I was surely smarter than him and would quickly find out. As I have said, I was stupid and headstrong in those days, and I had no idea what I was getting in to with Vosh. Anyway, I straightened up my stance and drew back my blade in preparation to stab at him with full force. I took a deep breath and calmed myself to assure a clean kill while he belched and chuckled at me.

    I lunged, a clean strike to the heart, but I had underestimated Vosh and it would not be the first time. He came out of his drunken stance to side step the attack, as if sobering up instantanieously. I was left in the open, a novice mistake. He lifted his blade, which had remained resting on the ground throughout his movement, and swung again. I tried to retreat my arm and jump back, but all my weight was leaned forward and I didn't have time enough to recover. He hit my legs with a force so large I was certain my shins were shattered.

    I fell hard, my face slamming on the ground as my hand released it's grip upon my sword. His attack was not over yet though, he followed through with the force from the blade and swung completely around until he faced me again, guiding the blade into a stabbing motion directly at my head which I had lifted, dazed, to view my demise. I know it is cliché, but I swear I saw my entire life flash before my eyes. Childhood memories of playing about the town with friends, dinner with my family, lover's faces, grave mistakes I had made. All in a split second. It was surreal, an experience one cannot recreate or explain fully, but enough of my blathering. He struck at me, and could have easily finished me, but instead he cursed me to force me to live with my humiliation, stopping the blade inches from my skin. I stared into his eyes, my fear showing as clear as day. He laughed hard and sheathed his blade. “I told you to stay on your toes.”

    Chapter 5: Jeopardy

    I cast my gaze out towards the horizon and sighed. ‘The sun is setting and we still haven’t found that city,’ I thought to myself as I watched the glowing yellow orb slowly make it’s decent into the distant hills. I sat in silence, listening to the calming gurgles of the Sruth as Kelsey’s hooves clopped with perfect rhythm along the rough dirt road. It didn’t help…

    “We shoulda reached it hours ago!” I yelled out suddenly, throwing my hands into the air with a jolt. Kelsey was startled out of her rhythm and whinnied her displeasure. I dropped my arms back down pitifully. “Oh… I’s sorry hun,” I whispered, stroking her neck. I sat back and picked up the reigns again, whimpering a bit. “Mommy dudn’t wanna sleep in tha wood again…”

    We kept traveling and I dozed a bit as the sun slowly hid itself behind far distant mountains, my hopes of finding a town for the night diminishing with every minute that passed. I reached back into my cart and pulled out my water skin, draining the last few gulps that remained. I began hearing a strange noise, which only grew louder as we traveled. “Sounds like tha river gets purty rough up ahead.”

    It soon became apparent that it was not the river though. I grew up along the Sruth and this noise was alien to me, yet, somehow vaguely familiar. I strained my neck to see the source and saw a small light in the distance. My heart started beating faster and I made Kelsey quicken her pace. ‘A town, now I could spend some of that gold I got in Lithua on a nice room and bath. Oh golly, I am surely just caked in mud, a hot bath is just what I need. Oh, and I bet I will have enough money after restocking that I could buy a gourmet meal and some great alcohol. Oh this is going to be so great!’ I thought dreamily, but soon my dreams were shattered as we approached the source of the light and saw that it was just another rebel encampment. I almost burst into tears. It was bad enough that I couldn’t find a town, but now I come up on some of the last defenders against the Nation and they are partying it up! That’s why I heard it from so far off, they were drinking and yelling so loudly as to make their presence known to enemies miles round.

    I was so stuck in my fury and it was so dark that I didn’t notice the four shadowy figures approaching from the woods until Kelsey stopped walking. My heart started racing, surely there would not be bandits so close to a rebel encampment. ‘They must juss be soldjas who’er checkin on travelers ta make sure they is doing alright. Yea, s’gotta be it, don’t get so worked up Jenna.’

    “Alright lady, just hand over any money and valuables you have on you and unhook the cart, we don’t want to hurt you if we don’t have to.” Said the man who I assumed to be their leader as his other three men encircled the cart. ‘Today jus ain’t my day…”

    “Oh… Yea okay. Yea, sure, uh, one second,” I stuttered. My heart pounded my chest with such force I felt I was about to burst open. I slowly reached back into my cart and clutched for my crossbow, first grabbing the stock only to release and grab for the trigger, my fingers trembling. ‘What am I thinking. Even if I shoot him, his friends will get to me before I can nock another bolt. No, no chickening out. It’s time, courage Jenna. Better to die fighting than live in fear. Right?’

    “Come on. We don’t have all day,” called out a man somewhere behind me. I took a deep breath, my heartbeat drowning out all other noises. I pulled out the crossbow and aimed it at the man in front of me and shutting my eyes. I fired blindly into the man, and was only certain that I hit by the sound of my bolt piercing his flesh, a sound I knew immediately would haunt me forever. He let out a low groan before his body collapsed upon the ground. I slit open my eye to see the body that now lay before me. ‘I hafta nock another bolt. I hafta keep goin’ I told myself, but my body wasn’t listening. It stayed frozen, crossbow still outstretched, my hands clutching it with such force that I was sure I was leaving imprints of my hands into the handle.

    “Ki…” one of the other men began, but a giant cracking sound silenced him. I jerked my head to the noise and opened my eyes only to see the blur of a man as he leapt behind me, stepping hard upon Kelsey’s rear, propelling himself forward into a man on the other side of my cart, leaving his sword stuck into the ground on the other side, half a man on either side. I gasped and turned away from the gorey scene, staring intently at my folded arms as I balled up a bit. Kelsey reared up, pawing the air before lurching us forward in a full gallop, stomped over the body of the man I had shot.

    I shut my eyes tight but the image remained etched into my mind, still clear as if right before me. The blood, still spilling out from his insides, the cracking sound, the bones glowing white in the pale moon’s light, the guts, spread along the ground as if coins poured from a coin purse. I shuddered, the wind blowing through my hair as Kelsey continued her mad dash. I blinked and the image was still there, but it was now that I was realized the oddest part of the image that I had ignored before, the sword. It’s crescent hilt, moonlight reflecting from it.

    ‘Luna… Who else could wield ya but Vosh… But, I thoughtcha died. Why didn’t ya come back fer me?’ I snapped the reigns and Kelsey came to a halt, her chest pounding as she breathed heavily. I wiped a tear from my face and took a deep breath, plastering on a brave face. “C’mon Kelsey. If that was Vosh, that ******* isn’t getting away from me this time.”

    Chapter 6: Vendetta

    “Sit down Vosh. Relax. It’s been a while you know. How have you been? How is the family?” Cole spouted as he popped open a bottle of wine. The cork flew my way and I caught it, tossing it to the side. “Sorry about that,” he said as he went to the small desk in the corner and produced two glasses. The tent was small and crowded with furniture. Two velvet upholstered chairs faced a large ornate oak desk cluttered with papers and a gilded candlestick holder, the candle burned down to a small nugget. I grabbed one of the chairs and pulled it out a ways before sitting down, placing my feet on his desk, ruffling some of his papers. He looked up from pouring the second glass and frowned at my feet.

    “Everyone and everything is fine, now where are they?” I said bluntly. He thought that now that he was a captain I would forget what he did and be chummy with him again, well, he was wrong.

    “No need to be rude, let’s sit and chat, it’s been a while,” he reiterated. He sat a glass in front of me and took a sip of his. “This is a twenty gold bottle of wine, aged to perfection. A great harvest time too, twenty years old. You realize this bottle is almost as old as you.”

    “Interesting, but where are they,” I repeated, but with a little more anger this time. I picked up my glass and drained it quickly. It was delicious, best wine I had in a long a long time, but I wouldn’t give him the pleasure of knowing that.

    “Relax, it’s been almost a year now, surely you don’t still hold that grudge? It’s great wine isn’t it?”

    “That grudge? You got my only friends killed and you cannot bring them back. Yes, I still hold that grudge, now, where the hell are they!” He took another sip, faking a calm against my rage, which only proved to infuriate me more. He was lucky I even let him live, let alone trying to be friendly with me.

    “I’m sorry, truly I am. I just assumed you were all dead it had been so long, and it was getting dangerous. You want another glass?”

    “You cowardly *******, you ran. Don’t lie about it, you knew we were still alive. Now, where are they dammit!” I yelled, drawing my sword on him. My hand shivered from the weight of holding the sword over his desk. He sipped again and placed his finger lightly on the dull side of my blade, pushing it down onto his desk. He knew Luna, and her weight.

    “You have gotten stronger, I remember you used to not be able to hold Luna up with one hand. I suppose if you don’t want to sit and be polite then I might as well tell you.” He placed the bottle back on his desk and rearranged some of his papers, gathering them in a stack and tapping them upon the desk. “They aren’t here anymore. They ran towards the road when they heard you were coming. You really need to learn not to hold such strong grudges Vosh, they only…” he said as placed Luna back into the strap at my side and exited the tent, his voice being drowned out by the sound of the soldiers partying.

    The soldiers around the camp were drinking and making a ruckus, standing about in circles talking nonsense and laughing loudly. After months in the E.O.U., I was not used to such behavior. Men there were professional, knowing their duty to their country and letting nothing get in their way. ‘Even if they are idiots, they are the main line of defense protecting Isabelle.’ I walked slowly through the crowds, bumping shoulders and jostling the entire way.

    “Where are you!” I yelled out as I got a little ways out of the encampment, knowing well that there would be no response. Those bastards would be half way to Acarsaid if they knew what was good for them. I looked about and noticed a small cart approaching and decided I might ask them if they had seen any men going down the road. I got closer and noticed that there were three men surrounding the cart. ‘I suppose they may be dumber than I thought’

    I drew my blade and started running towards them, holding Luna close to my side with both hands to help balance and be more silent. I saw the man in front of the cart drop and it occurred to me that these were highwaymen, robbing the man in the cart, most likely not Lucas and his crew, though it would come as no surprise if they sunk so low. I slid to a stop next to one man as he turned about and faced me, pointing a bow at my chest.

    ‘****, guess I have to help him out then.’ I thought. “Ki…” the man said as he drew back his bow. I brought Luna above my head and sliced down quickly, stopping the man short from whatever he was saying, but the man had already fired. Lucky for me, he was a horrid shot and only managed to slice open my left arm, a minor wound in comparison to my previous injuries. Luna had stuck deep into the Earth and I decided to leave her, her weight would make the leap I was about to take almost impossible. I shifted footing and sprung forward, placing my foot on the rear of the horse to propel myself into the third man. My shoulder hit him squarely in the face and I was certain I had just knocked him out cold. The horse whinnied and took off, leaving a large dust cloud about me as I snapped the man’s neck.

    I stood and coughed, the dust clogging my throat and blurring my vision. I heard the sound of footsteps behind me and turned, dropping to my knees and punching where I guessed the man’s stomach was, though the dirt in my eyes had forced them closed. I felt the blow as it hit, the man letting out a short groan as the breath left his body. I stood and brought my foot up, bringing the heel down hard on the back of the man’s head. I coughed again and began brushing the dust off of my jacket. It was a while before I noticed the stinging in my shoulder, only to grab it and find that I had a large slash wound. ‘The ******* must have stabbed at me when I punched him.’

    Blood began soaking my clothes and I took off my jacket to keep it clean if I could. I grabbed into the small satchel at my side and found some gauze, but I was losing blood too quickly. My vision began going blurry again, but no longer due to the dust in the air. “****,” I murmured as my legs wobbled and gave, making me drop the gauze on the ground. ‘What a way to go. That’s what I get for helping people eh…’ I thought gloomily as I lay face first on the ground, my strength quickly leaving me. “Damned.”

    Chapter 7: Wounds (Coming soon)

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    Kind of unoriginal, but you expanded on the idea and explained it very well. I am sure this video would be great for people who don't already understand how to do this.
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    These are great. You just inspired me to TORCH MY WHOLE HOUSE. Oh, woops, it's spreading, guess I have to build a new one!
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    Here is a short little poem I wrote in five minutes. If you like it maybe you would also like the book I am writing, which you can reach by clicking the link in my signature. (The picture with the word "Vile" on it)

    Love is like a (MineCraft) rose.

    Love is like a rose
    use bonemeal on grass and it grows.
    A beauty you can share
    so long as you take care
    to avoid the pricks about
    which if touched will make you shout,
    but one must hold their fury
    lest a broken rose they must bury.
    Sadly sometimes love is doomed
    like when a yellow flower is bloomed,
    or a flower that frosted over,
    like your heart as it grows colder.
    Alas, allow yourself the summer sun
    because your garden is never done.
    There are always seeds to be sewn
    even if love is just a loan.
    So enjoy each rose while it lasts
    and never forget roses of the past.
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    Thanks, hope it helps more people >.<
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    Quote from ruler14222

    I have downloaded the map and will try to make a video tomorrow (if you still want that)

    I would love that!

    Also, thanks everyone for the positive feedback. If you want to thank me, click that lil green plus. It is all appreciated, every bit counts. (I want to beat CriticSquid... I had him for a while but he pulled back ahead...)
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    Quote from Acridspy

    Hi i will make a video for you at the end of this week (12 of july mabey)

    do you have a youtube account or something or do you want me to post on this thread when i have made it

    my youtube account is FuriiouSAcridspy

    Yea, on YouTube I am MrGrandtree, though I deleted all my old videos because everyone who needed to see them saw them so yea... Anyway, can't wait to see it thanks!

    Everyone else... Thank you so much for the great feedback! You can always click the little green button (In a reputation competition with a friend! He is a jerk so help me win to support the good guy LOL) or post a video or pictures or whatever you want! Keep this post near the top so that more people get the help they need!
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    This is not an RP server. A moderator accidentally mistook it for one and moved it. This is merely a RP story and belongs in the Fan Art section. I have sent a message to a moderator to move it and now am waiting for it to move. Sorry for any misunderstandings.

    Imagine, you hold in your hands the ticket to a voyage that will forever change your life. Your skills have been found worthy of your place in the crew that will change history as we know it.

    The story:
    Scott Grandtree, of the illustrious Grandtree merchant clan and captain, has in his hands a map. The map that killed his Father's entire crew and Scott's mother, but made him the rich man he is today. The island his Father told him of has on it a city, built of gold, long abandoned and forgotten. His father told him of the city almost every night while he was alive, filling his head with vivid images, as if he could reach out and touch the gold brick walls. He wanted it, but his Father had never given him the map, warning him of the dangers so disturbing that they haunted him every night in his dreams, and every day in his memories. His Father was now dead and he had found the map hidden in his mansion. Scott was set for life, being the sole heir of the fortune his dad had escaped from the island with long ago. It was not about the money, he wanted the fame, the adventure. He hired a scribe and got his servants to find the most skilled people of their crafts and fetch them for the voyage. He could hardly sleep, tomorrow he would meet his first crew and they would set sail on his Father's old ship, the Lunario, on the trip that would change history. He plans to set up a camp on the island and collect every last bit of gold.

    The Setting:
    Medieval times. No guns, no magic, no weird races, just humanity. Just plain old swords, shields and bows. You live in the grand city of Port Golden. There is little war and most people grow weary of their boring lives and set sail for adventure, hearing word of new lands and the great treasures to be had. Will you join them?

    How this RP will work:
    This RP will be made into a story in a way. This does not mean I am making a book or a webpage, but I will be keeping the posts in a word document that I will post a link to periodically so that others may read it without having to search through OOC posts and all the other "spam". I may even keep an email list of those who want to keep track more easily, but this is all speculation. If the RP does not turn out as well as I imagine it should, I may not even make it a story at all. This is an RP for mature players only. Cursing and sexual dialogue (This does not include actual sexual situations. Sex may be mentioned and had, but not played out.) is acceptable, you have been warned.

    I will be deciding any major plot twists, which there will be plenty of. When I wish to throw in a plot twist, I will private message the person who will introduce it. For example, a fisherman heads to the ocean to catch fish for the group, when there I will send that person a private message saying they will stumble across a human skull on the way back. They will then proceed to follow my directions. I find this is the best way to keep the RP within my story in my head and keep it interesting for everyone. I know this OP is rather short, and there is a reason for that. I do not want a RP where I make everything happen and say everything. I want an RP that is made by everyone who plays it, and everyone who reads it.

    Before applying, be sure you have read this ENTIRE post.

    :log: Your character's name:

    :log: Your character's age:

    :log: Your character's skill:

    :log: What does your character look like, I should get a vivid mental image:

    :log: Autobiography of your character:

    :log: Why do you want to join this RP:

    :log: Post an example of your skill at RPing by stating your character's reaction upon receiving the invitation:

    Here is an example of my application:

    :log: Your character's name:

    Scott Grandtree

    :log: Your character's age:


    :log: Your character's skill:

    Captain and merchant. A womanizer known well around for his charm and good looks, and of course, his great wealth doesn't hurt. Well trained in swordplay, though never in many real sword fights and he usually just fences, yet the story of how he fought off three pirates to save a rather ravishing woman has been spread far throughout the lands, and many falsely believe he is an expert at sword fights.

    :log: What does your character look like, I should get a vivid mental image:

    Thick but clean cut reddish brown hair, which leans towards a copper color in the summer when he gets a lot of sun. A rather dark complexion. A tall man, standing slightly over 6 feet. Brown eyes with small streaks of green near the center. A soft face but a prominent jaw. Always clean shaven and dressed well, though never wearing a hat or frills, but rather a nice, clean, green or blue naval duster with gold chains moving from chest pocket, to golden breast buttons, to the opposing chest pocket. He is well toned and very strong due to his daily workout routine, which he does solely to impress the ladies. Favors brown or black leather shoes with gold buckles. Almost never wears any jewelry save his prized emerald necklace that was given to him by his mother. Not only for sentimental reasons, but for the simple fact that the emerald was one of the largest gems of it's kind in the world.

    :log: Autobiography of your character:

    Born in a large town in his families mansion. His parents were absent during most of his childhood, including major moments such his first kiss when he was 9, with his 8 year old neighbor. Since that day his spark of love for women was ignited. He was raised mostly by the babysitter, Ms. Fernackle, who was a very sweet woman, but strict. He never questioned her authority, and she showed her love for his obedience with many treats such as fresh baked cookies and pies. His parents were also gone during his teenage years, when Ms. Fernackle died and he sobbed uncontrollably for days, alone in the mansion. When his father returned, he was consoled by the fact that his mother had died as well. He wept for weeks, and then one day, when he could cry no longer, he stopped, and has never since cried or been sad. At that moment he decided to forget attachments and love, for they only weighed the heart down from what it truly wanted, and what his heart wanted was women and wine, of which he has had his share. Upon his father's death (Hey, if you read this, mention "good ole W 'n' W" n your application for a few extra credit points with me.) he did not shed a tear. He spat on the grave of the man who had sent his own wife, Scott's Mother, to the grave. At first, his mind was set on refusing a single coin of his father's money, but upon hearing the vast fortune he could inherit, for his father had neglected to reveal the true expanses of their finances, he decided to accept every coin. He spent a few months purchasing wine and flirting with woman before it began to bore him. He fell into an alcoholic slump and drank vigorously until he found the map in his fathers old chest, hidden in an old flask which Scott had hoped contained alcohol of any type. He decided upon the adventure the very next day and hired the workers needed, or rather sent out his butlers to hire the workers he needed, and planned to set sail that very next Sunday.

    :log: Why do you want to join this RP:

    I am just such a big fan of yours Mr_Grandtree, and would be honored to RP with you. (This was merely a joke, do not think I am so vain please.)

    :log: Post an example of your skill at RPing by stating your character's reaction upon receiving the invitation:

    Since I sent the invitations, see my autobiography as a reference for my RPing skills.


    :log: 1. My word is law, you sell your soul to me when joining this RP. You may have a suggestion, but what I say goes. I will of course be fair, this will be a monarchy, not a dictatorship, but it should go without saying I have the last say in matters.

    :log: 2. No God-Modding. If you do not know what god-modding is then you are not experienced enough to join this RP.

    :log: 3. Proper grammar is a must. If you cannot use it, do not bother applying.

    :log: 4. No arguing with each other, unless it is your characters arguing with each other.

    :log: 5. Don't annoy people, if two characters are talking do not walk up and interrupt them, it is rude.

    :log: 6. Our of character posts, OOC, should be put in either ((OOC)) or [OOC]

    :log: 7. Your character should not be perfect, make them a reasonable human being. No one is perfect.

    :log: 8. You must be logical, meaning you do not just stumble across twenty diamonds in the sand. If I find anything you do illogical, you will be asked to change it. If you do not comply, I will remove you from the RP.

    :log: 9. No changing the story dramatically without my permission, meaning you do not decide that there is a tribe of natives who attacked us all the sudden. Trust me, there will be plenty of action for you all.

    :log: 10. Fights should be logical, this is a lot like rule #8, but I felt I should reiterate.

    :log: 11. Mention pancakes in your application or you will be denied.

    :log: 12. OOC posts should be kept to a minimum, let's focus on the RP here.

    :log: 13. If you are inactive for more than a week without giving me a heads up as to why, you will be removed from the members list. You may rejoin later on however, but we will pretend you do not exist until then.

    :log: 14. You may not post until your name is on the members list.

    :log: 15. Read every RP post before posting. This will be an active RP and you should be able to keep up. If you have a trip or such, you may ask someone to catch you up on major happenings, but barring that you should be able to easily keep track of what goes on here.
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    Quote from supersimspons

    Used mr_grandtree's special map! He rocks! :biggrin.gif:

    No sir, you rock.

    On topic, I used my own map that I used cheats to make to get the achievements, which i have long since lost. I still play on 1.3_01 because I hate the stats with such a passion that I refuse to play 1.5 or higher and the latest before that that I had backed up was 1.3_01. So yea...
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