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    Out of Character(OOC): (Don’t be shy we won’t ban for this part it’s only to know our players)
    IGN(In Game Name):

    Roleplaying experience ( What Roleplay servers have you played on before? Or what Roleplay games have you played before): I have owned a rp site online and have been a part of lots of others, I have played alot of rp games like skyrim, a few minecraft servers about rp and sims 3

    Age ( Please do not lie It won’t make you better): 13

    Country/ Time zone: canada

    Where did you find us?: the minecraft forums

    Why do you want to join us? ( Please be a bit detailed): because Im obsessed with lotr and I love rping. Im always in car and always go with the flow

    IF you could choose a character from the list in the post, who would you want to be and why?: sarumon the white wizard 'cause hes just awsome and amazing

    Time you can give to this server(Everyday, or per week): everyday safe for wensday,friday and tues.

    Who are the Evil Characters of Lord of The Rings?: sarumon the white wizard and the evil lord sauron, who has forged the one ring that ruled them all from his hatred in the fires of mount doom.

    Have you read the rules?: yes I have mr.PIPPIN

    What is RolePlaying for you? : a secret window into my personal soul.

    What is MetaGaming in your words? : not right and you should find things out when they happen like in rping you should know when they want to be known

    What is PowerGaming in your words? : not nice, you should be able to rp in harmony and rping is suposed to be fun not hateful.

    In Character(IC) INFO:

    *Your IC part better be detailed if you want to be accepted*

    Name(Please give your Character a name that fits with your race) : elorie mirkwater

    Race(Go see the race section higher up. And is he a man or a woman): female elf

    Age: 250 ish years old

    Character Backstory It should be about 2 paragraphs. 200 words and more about. And please no stories like this : His parents were killed by orcs. He trained, found the orcs, and slayed them all. The End. ( You cannot be anyone important in the server without being approved. You cannot already start out some one important, you need to work your way to the top.):
    elorie is a fun and kind elf who loves the outdoors, she loves the wild and is always found there. she was tought by her parents to be kind to anything loving and caring and should always help the nature restore peace. she loves to make homes and help people on there way and always uses the bow. she lives in the wild and always does what she is told to do. she always carries a sense of burden and honour on her chest and a bow on her back. she does alot of running around and horse back riding in the woods and never involves her self in other peoples business. she loves the simple life and is always having a good time. the elders of the elf clans have warned them about mordors massing armys in the east and to always stay away from danger. the tought of war is scaring her and doesnt want her loving forest of her peaceful life taken away. the war is coming and she is forced to join a side of be destroyed, but which side to choose?

    Roleplay Example ( A conversation between your character and someone else. We want to see who well you can Roleplay ):
    as elorie was perched in a brach up in her huge tree, she heard a loud crash from the west, so she want to investigate.
    as she neared she noticed a strange fellow traveler who has fallen off the path.
    "I hate this dumb forest and all its loose branches and roots, always there when you donr want them." he mumbled to him self.
    " ahem who are you???
    “ ah...sneaking around I see??? Well, if you must know, I am the proud rohirim blacksmith.
    “ well, its a strange task for a blacksmith to be falling over braches.”
    “well, A shipment of iron and wood was not found and so, I mustered up my very little courage I have and went looking for it”
    “well you should be on your way, Was it valuable? Because if I see it I can warn them that you went looking.”
    “yes, it was valuable, but I think I found something a bit more.” Said the blacksmith as he slowly started waling toward elorie
    Elorie now regrets every coming to see what the crash was and now needs to find a way out. She then notices her bow next to her horse over by the tree she was sitting on.
    She started sprinting away just in time because the blacksmith reached out and missed her arm.

    Personality traits: kind, fun loving, sense of honour, fast feet, nible, caring, curiosity, imagination

    Physical description or image of skin?: brown hair, emerald green eyes, green combat uniform, brown shoes and gauntlets, knife at her belt, great knolage of human nature/nature/healing.

    Skills of your character : amazing archery, horse back riding, parkour on trees, home building, sailing, healing, fighting.

    What is his ultimate goal? ( Ex: Becoming a king, owning the biggest farm, being the richest merchant in Gondor ) to live amongst the nice forests with a loving family. To explore the world and meet and find strange things.
    plz accept!!!
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