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    posted a message on Give me one AMAZING reason why Hunger should NOT be toggable
    Because its survival.
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    Hey guys, just a simple build that I have been influenced by a new design and will continue all my buildings like this because they look good. Hope you like this screenshot :smile.gif:

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    this is just a coincidence
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    posted a message on What I'm looking for in the full release of 1.8
    Hey. I've been playing the Pre-release version of 1.8 and I have come up with a list of what needs to be done for the full release. So here it is

    Make abandoned mines rare because they are friggen everywhere at the moment and kinda ruins the fun of exploring a cave without finding one of these sticking in it half way. Also, because that they would be rare, better loot if you find a chest because it is a mine and i mean there is barely anything in them in the Pre-release

    Strongholds need to be spawned more. 1 per world is not enough and is almost impossible to find.

    A BIG ONE, the generating needs to be that nothing spawns in something. Like, you can find a ravine with a abandoned mine in it. or a stronghold with a abandoned mine going straight through it. This makes it all awkward and not neat.

    Enderman are too easy to kill and they also need their our sounds, when they die they make a zombie dying sound. I want them to be really hard because it makes the game more fun and challenging. All mobs are around the skill, so make the Enderman like 20 hearts for it not to be.

    So this is it, my list. Comment on your opinions about this.
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    For the tables, put a piston facing up and power that. makes the perfect table.
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    posted a message on Sky Village. (first big build)
    *Please read and comment!*

    Hey guys, I have been working on this project on and off for the past 5 weeks. This is my first big-ish build which I am proud of. This map will be up soon for download but just now I'm showing off some screenshots of what it looks like, so enjoy! After the map is released, I'm creating it into a puzzle map. It will work like the Hostile Maps where you collect the wool. Need feedback so comment :smile.gif:

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    posted a message on SKY TOWN UPDATE! [IMAGE HEAVY]
    Hey guys, as some of you may know that I'm building a sky town at the moment. I do regular updates and this is one of them. I've done a bit of work in the past 2 days. Only after school though but I'm still doing good progress. Check out all these screenshots below of what I've done. Also check out my youtube because I do video updates too. My Channel


    The guts


    ^Still gotta add tress, grass and landscape on this^


    Airship Station:

    My Workspace:


    So thats it, hope you liked and once I finish this project, I'll be releasing download link for those explorers haha also do you like this 'Lasers by Lupe Fiasco' picture I did using spritecraft?

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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    you should do a video about these
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    posted a message on Sky Town [WIP] UPDATE!
    Hey guys, Some people may know that I've been building a sky town and I wanted to get updates for you guys on what happening, so I'm releasing this screenshot of the progress. Also, I need building ideas so please suggest below and I may put sign in map when its up for download of who suggested this building. So yeah, check the screeny below :Diamond:

    I've added the masion thing in background and a workhouse, both work in progress still. Also, just a little well which is my unlimited water source :smile.gif:

    I'm kinda thinking of getting rid of the new mansion I built and make that a little town centre thing, which would look cool.

    Original Thread:
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    posted a message on Sky Town [WIP]
    ***Please watch this topic because I do not want to spam the forum with new topics on updates***

    Hey guys, I'm Buildings a Sky Town (this is a work in progress). Got the idea after building just a bit of land flying with house on it. I'm planning to release a download link for the map once its 100% complete. Please comment on suggestion, building ideas or anything related to this. Check out the screenshot on progress :smile.gif:

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