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    Age: 27
    IGN: MrWx
    Why add me?: I really am committed to the RPG potential of well-managed Minecraft servers. I've given a go at another semi-RPG server some time ago (Epic Saga Online), and despite my actual play amount staying in the "casual" range, stayed quite active and involved on the forums. I eventually became involved in the planning and organizing, and even donating for server upkeep (before the server dissolved). I now know that the real success is less in the particulars (e.g. plug-ins, building skills, etc.) and more in the energy and dedication of the main staff and core player-base. I am getting a good impression of the management of Mystic Realms, and you've clearly got capable builders to boot. Finally, my personal interests lie in the role of geography, terrain, and layout with respect to driving the overall narrative and smaller narrative/quest events, as well as enjoying some mid-level redstone tinkering (again, usually with a mind to practical, quest-related results rather than elaborate circuits).
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    posted a message on Toggle sneak discovered!
    Set sneak to caps lock in the control options, same result.
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    posted a message on What's the deal with SMP?
    Emotions always run high in the SMP threads, so I wanted to clear something up for myself: why does everyone always get so emotional about SMP? What's so special about SMP?
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    posted a message on The toughest thing for me in this game is definitely...
    Quote from Dark_One2012 »
    Toughest thing in the game IMO is Obsidian. Takes forever to mine...

    I was actually going to try and give a thoughtful answer, but I find I can only agree with you.
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