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    Oh god, it has been one month since my last update. Anyway....

    I saw this small portal thingy near the edge of the island. I wasn't entirely sure why it was built to only one block high. If I am to enter the portal, do they expect me to crawl or just make myself fit into it? Then I realized, "Hey, why not throw an enderpearl at it?". When I was about to pillar up to the portal, a few endermen huddled near me and began to tease me.

    "Oh look, he's building pillars to the portal, like a typical shortie!". "Kid has no guts man, REAL MEN toss their balls at it!".

    Geez man, I'm too drunk to accept a tossing challenge. But hey, someone challenged my manliness so I had to accept anyways. *Ends up missing the portal thus falling into the void*

    While I was falling to my death, I made a life realization. I kept wondering what was beyond that portal? Was it paradise? Or is it an illusion?

    I tried my best entering the portal. Beyond that point, I saw something magical!

    What in the heavens are the endermen cultivating? I began observing a little and saw one of the endermen eating the fruit of this peculiar tree. Right after he gobbled up the whole thing, he disappeared. Endermen disappearing is a common thing, but I noticed that the endermen on this side of the end club were ecstatic. I was curious enough to think that the fruit might have some "groovy properties". I chopped down one tree and gathered all of the fallen fruits. As I bit a chunk off the fruit, I felt like my body warped through space and time. I began binge-eating the fruit until I found myself dancing at different locations and positions at the same time! This fruit is the bomb man! It's the endermen's version of ganja, or something like that.

    Now I know how endermen got their hyperactivity. While I was collecting these fruits for "research purposes", I stumbled upon this.

    Woah there, I did not build this? I wonder who did?

    After a sudden pause, I saw that their front door was open. As I step into their entrance, I saw these small (like, really small) dwibs that were hiding in purple boxes. When they pop out from their boxes, they puff out a dense smoke that somehow makes me light whenever I inhale it. My head was all feeling too dizzy when one of them approached me and said "Yo, want a crack of 'this'?". Now it makes sense now, I'm in a drug den!

    Damn, the party on this side of the end is wild! First off, there's this exotic fruit that makes me hyper, then there are these people who knows the secrets of being "high". So awesome.

    I hanged with them for a few moments, never thought to myself that I got myself easily "high". I was so "high" that I had a hallucination about me getting burned while I'm fighting myself.

    I think I got knocked out for days. When I finally got all of my energy back, I explored their drug den for a bit while no one was looking. I found their stash and all I could say is that they are freaking rich! I mean how much do they make on their illegal business? They have some sorts of bling blings and neat stuff stacked here.

    You probably know what I did after I saw these right? Well in my disappointment, I thought they had something bigger than this, turns out I already searched every nook of this place. I had to sneak out like a ninja before they found out that I stole all of their belongings.

    ....Now what if there are other dens bigger than this? To be continued

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    Tame a lot of wolves, then walk outside at night. It's probably one of the most ridiculous ways to defend yourself but at least you don't have to dirty your hands with blood.

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    World download is live!

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    Quote from Xeath_Pk»

    Have you got a refreshed link for the world download? I'd love to have a look around!

    I'll try to fix that later on. I don't know why it suddenly became a broken link.
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    Ayt! Ayt! The battle intensifies, and this time I'm entering the end club in serious mode.

    Yeah! Look at the endermen in the background dancing to the beat! I wore my shiny swag wear this time; I will not allow myself to become your chew toy dragon haha. I also drank a lot booze at the bar; Now I'm feel like I'm superman! I could dance all night, jump as high as a basketball player, swing my hips as hard as I want to (am I making sense to this post?). I AM A PARTY ANIMAL!

    I felt I was drunk and crazy when I bought too many drinks at the bar. Showing off to the crowd, I was so mental enough to spend most of my tnt trying to blow up the enderdragon along with its nest. Dangit man, it only looked like it farted toxic crap. FAYAHWOKS BAYBEH!

    By that time, I think the alcohol has gotten into my head. I thought at the moment that the dragon wasn't the endermens' pet, rather it was a swooping pinata. Geez, no wonder why the endermen chased it when it touches ground. So I grabbed my sword and tried whacking it to see what prize I could get if I smashed it into pieces. Guess what? I get exp and FAYAHWOKS with special light display! OOOOOOOH!



    Yeah! I was so greedy that time I didn't want to share with the endermen. I was about to enjoy my prize until my "buddy" here got so party drunk he decided to slay me. Damn you wither, I invited you to this party to have fun. Who told you to pick a fight to the guy who invited you?

    I wouldn't let that pass me alright. I came back a little sober so that I could do what I want to do to the wither - TREAT HIM LIKE A PINATA! It wasn't easy though because I had to mess with the other endermen who also wants a piece of him. After that great brawl in the main island club, the party-peep endermen finally had enough of the wither. They pushed him off the island and all of them were like, "shoooo! SHOOOO!". That's it for the wither, you could see how much his energy had lowered. Probably, he didn't have enough energy to stand or fly like he used to.

    Go home wither! You're drunk.

    I had fun in this club but I think I could explore the end life a bit further. After partying so hard, I decided to ditch this place and start bar hopping in this dimension. Who knows what will happen to me? Will I be drunk enough to fall off to the void? Will I get lost while wobbly walking around the islands? Or will I find a way to get "high"? I'll find out soon enough.

    ...Oh and take note. Even if this post doesn't make sense, I did slay the enderdragon and the wither legitimately at the end dimension. It must be one of the craziest things I ever pulled off in minecraft survival.

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    Looks like you'll be able to visit the end soon.

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    The battle continues....and oh boy I see it!

    Not too long before it spots me, I was able to break one of the crystals (so awesome!). It should be pretty evident with those explosion particles about to fade. However, it was alarmed that one of its crystals were destroyed. It ferociously spitted ender particles almost everywhere so that it could trap me. I saw it as an opportunity to acquire dragon breath though as I recall that I brought empty bottles (tipped arrows, yaaaay!).

    After that encounter, I only survived a minute in staying at the end. Dear me, I should be careful when I make eye to eye contacts with eerie strangers. They must think I'm interested in them so they start hitting on me. I know I'm good looking but they're obviously not my type.

    The end is like going to a disco club, you suddenly realize there's a huge crowd inside. The difference is they have a pet dragon and their disco lights are on top of towers. Yet, there are also no bouncers.

    For my own protection against flirty endermen, I wore a pumpkin head. I'm sure they were turned off by my presence because of my lame appearance. I even heard one endermen say, "Hey look, someone missed the halloween party!". I was safe from those perverts but the dragon thought I was some kind of a chew toy. It enjoyed tossing me like I'm sort of a ragged doll (this explains most of my deaths). Additionally, the pumpkin gave me limited vision. It caused me to miss a lot in my aiming.

    It's all about the ecstasy man! The dudes here are so high, you see them shivering and shout "uWeWEEEIGHIEEGHGHAAAAARRRAAAAAaaaaa" every time the dragon barrel rolls in front of them. They even chase the dragon like they want to ride it! All I can say was that the party had gotten pretty wild. In response, I invited a few of my snow men friends to have fun (in a different way). Yep they're pranksters alright, they throw things at you for no logical reasons and they leave a trail of snow without minding their own environment. As expected, they left a lot of mess and picked a fight with the endermen. I don't have good pictures of the snowmen or the endermen, I'll just leave images of the mess that the snowmen made.

    At this point, I wasn't serious about the fight. It was all about partying. For that, I WANT CHAOS MUWAHAHAHA!! With enough wither skulls and some soul sand, I SUMMONED THE SPAWN OF SATAN AT THE END OF THE WORLD! (sorry please excuse me from using an appropriate word, if ever I get to be reported for this). The endermen actually enjoyed the presence of the wither, they chased it like it was the hottest chick in the club. The dragon noticed that the endermen had left him/her/it out of the spotlight and rushed to the new attraction of the club (which is the wither). Because of jealousy, the dragon challenged the wither into a dance showdown which soon escalated to a club brawl. Everyone, including me, was shouting "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!". Here are some pics with the wither being the model. I don't have actual footage of the fight between the wither and the dragon though, so I hope the pictures could show some ideas.

    I don't know if you could see it, but the wither (left) has launched its attack towards the ender dragon.

    As you can see from the previous shots, most of the wither's attacks had connected.

    I'll have to cut the story from here. I'll continue it later. For now, are some other crazy moves I did during the battle.

    Me, trying to blow up the enderdragon using tnt.

    Me, trying to climb up the tall towers in the presence of the dragon.

    Me, trying to destroy one of the crystals head on!

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    Today I finally decided to fight the ender dragon. Although I don't think I could enjoy the thrill because of the major lag issues that I'm experiencing right now. Take a look at the fps I've got. I'm seriously trying to be patient with that rate.

    If get around 15 fp or so, I could say I'm lucky. I also noticed that some of the softwares I use are slow on running. Additionally, I experience action delays when I'm playing DOTA 2. I think my laptop needs to fixed or something.

    But anyways, I think I can still tolerate the lag. DOTA 2 doesn't give me much headache when the lag spikes occurs so I guess minecraft would be okay.

    Anyway, let me go back to the dragon fight. I am absolutely a noob at this given the fact that I've never fought an ender dragon before. As of this writing, I think I've already died 50 times already. Aside from being oblivious about fighting this particular boss, here are some reason why I die frequently:

    1. I'm on hard mode, if that actually adds up a challenge.
    2. I turned off my natural regen so eating food doesn't really help much
    3. I go to the end under equipped.
    4. I just love staring at those lovely purple eyes. They're so sparkly!

    Now that you I'm not good at this, I might as well start how I began preparing for the battle. As seen on the spoiler, I have placed a temporary bunker in case I die. Eventually, it really was of good use.

    After I have finished setting up, I tried looking for the portal. I end up blowing up a large part of the library again because I wanted to use tnt in the exploration process. I haven't taken a long time to find the portal. Good thing ol' Dave the cleric still had supplies of ender eyes to give before their church issued a notice not to sell ender eyes anymore.

    Thank you Dave for not following your orders and decided to sell me 12 pieces of eyes. That saves me a lot of hunting time.

    I felt excitement when I entered the portal for the first time. Then, I got disappointed to see that the platform spawns me just at the edge of the island. What if I fall on my first few steps?

    No worries though. So long as I'm careful with my steps, I'll be fine.

    -To be continued-

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    I found it pretty laggy as well. My fps dropped like 1 or 2 fps when I was messing around with my automated furnace setup. Still hoping that 1.9.1 would fix those issues.

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    Alright! 1.9 is finally on!

    Sadly, I don't seem to enjoy the default textures this time around (I do hope they make textures really quick these days).

    Before I could even enjoy the 1.9 update, I came to realize there are just TOO MANY changes haha. I don't think I can check all of those in my free time. Additionally, I went checking on all my redstone mechanisms first before I do any reviews on the 1.9 changes. I found out that MY SLIME BLOCK ELEVATORS ARE BROKEN!

    This is me trying to fix my elevators. This one elevator here is at the zombie spawner farm (Eventually, I forgot the name of that facility).

    This other elevator seemed to work fine... until I discovered that it does the piston ghost block dup glitch. After discovering that, I realized this one was also broken.

    After realizing that there was a bug on pistons, I decided to skip repairing my elevators. I might break them if I tried fixing them for now. Anyway, I wanted to try the new sword swings so I waited for night time to come.

    The neighbors are getting worse these days.

    I kept dying at every battle thanks to my muted natural regen. Instead of waiting for the night, I went grinding at the zombie spawner farm. I find it weird though, the spawner was spawning really slow based on my opinion. Also on a peculiar note, WHY DID A CREEPER AND A SKELETON SPAWN ON A ZOMBIE ONLY SPAWNER TRAP?! This hasn't happened before.

    I got bored afking at the zombie exp farm because of... well reasons. I continued playing until I decided "Hey, why not find our first stronghold?". Good thing I had eyes of enders in my storage. While exploring the lands to find the stronghold, I discovered that eyes of enders somehow has a chance of shattering after use. Good thing I didn't run out of eyes when the eye started traveling downwards. For the stronghold exploration part, just check the spoiler.

    In my first minute of exploration, I came across this bookshelf which could indicate that I am at an ancient library.

    I can't find any entrances so I picked up a stack of tnt and lit one to expose a fitting entrance. I know, I vandalized an ancient wonder that could serve as new knowledge for the modern world but I don't care about that. I'm just a treasure lotter after, seeking only what I need to find.

    My god, this is a large library! Now I think I regret blasting that wall previously.

    Not really sure if this is a secret entrance, a random stash, or just a major architectural flaw.

    Ah yes, an ancient bread for a lone wanderer. Who would want to eat a century-old bread? Anyone?

    Oh great, I guess some people already got the loots before me. Pretty smart of them to set up tunnels to raid the place.

    Since I am a very clumsy adventurer, I tripped into a small hole and died (you should notice that I had half a heart because I accidently fought an enderman). That concluded my exploration of the stronghold... for now.

    To end my post, this is me riding my boat on dry grounds

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    FYI, the journals of Chanticleera, Charlito153, DirtDog and TNT123BOOM have finished, probably for Chanticleera and Charlito153, definitely for DirtDog and TNT123BOOM.

    Sorry, I couldn't really keep track on these journals anymore but thanks for reminders. Unfortunately, I don't even update this list anymore maybe because of lack of interest and my busy work schedule.
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    Wow, this looks like it came directly from a well known server.

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    Quote from TheLostKooper»

    Sad to see this end.... T_T'

    However, everything that starts must end anyway. No one have ever reached eternal things in this world...

    Also, on your last entry, there are some bbcode that malfunctioned. Also, where will you put redstone eventually?

    Nah, the journal ain't ending as long as I still play on this SSP. I'm not really sure why the bbcode malfunctioned on one of my post, the forums always mess up sometimes. I don't know what you are talking about on your last question, sorry.

    A bit of an update. I finally finished doing the most boring activity I ever did in minecraft - filling an entire plot with cobblestone. I thought I'd never finish it.

    After finishing this, I built another bridge connecting the iron mill compound to this area (which will soon be the new mining and ore processing zone). I built this because I wanted an alternate path that leads to the iron mill compound.

    By the way, I'm still not ready to start building any of the structures that will soon rise on that empty space you see in the first pic. I already have the plans and ideas for the area but not the supplies. I had to farm a lot of resources which includes stone, wood, glass, and clay. Redstone won't be a problem since I already have a stack of those.

    Meanwhile, I had to fix my underground item transport system....again. Turns out I hated my own design because it uses a timer that could jam at any moment and that the minecart always moves from point to point. To finally fix this, I searched over youtube for a good design. I tried xisumavoid's minecart loader design but I later discovered that it doesn't launch the minecart if the minecart chest is full and there's still items in the hopper. I then tried NanoRex's design and it works conveniently for me. Here's some of the pics of the new transport system:

    The only thing that bugs me is the glitchy minecarts. It sort off makes me uneasy.

    Here's a link to NanoRex's tutorial on the loader if anyones interested:

    Also, I will be doing updates really slow since I'm doing something large. Not just "large" large but "overly organized and systematic" large. I'm not building a castle, I'm building an industrial zone which relies heavily on redstone. I already have schematics for the batching plant and the new mineshafts and I might be able to build them soon. Expect that my next update would be those two.

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    Quote from Gamelord»

    I didn't know villagers planted weed. That must be a house of a junkie.

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    Am I the only one who thinks BigAlanM's method is easier? I also thought of the same method. Search for a large mesa biome seed then customize the ore generation of it.

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