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    Quote from Lonelyhooker

    Ugh, this sucks Minecraft is going to xbox now? -sigh- The second worst console on market is getting the greatest PC exclusive game. What do you all think of this?

    I think it's a sound business decision. How in any way does it affect you?
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    It's the first freaking rule.
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    Quote from KaijHatesCurse


    It's generally regarded as bad forum practice, since it is typically used to keep a thread from moving down the page. If the thread can't stay afloat by itself (which any good thread should be able to do), bumping only annoys people, and moves potentially useful threads farther down the page.
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    Daww, I'm so sorry that Mojang put an element into their game that you don't like. It doesn't even matter if anyone else likes it, let's remove it because YOU don't like it! Of course!

    That's the nice thing about Minecraft. You don't have to experience everything in the game. If you don't like spiders or creepers, you can turn them off. If you don't like the new lighting, turn it off. If you don't like cake, don't make one. If you don't like wolves, leave them the hell alone. Simple enough, eh? :Zombie:
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    Quote from Timbor »
    Impossible without bedrock.

    I like it when people read threads.
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    Looks lovely, though I'm not too fond of the name "Mistral", it reminds me of the similar word "menstrual".
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