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    Quote from Chameleonred5»

    It's not a disappointment if you expect nothing. I suggest you adjust your expectations accordingly. It's hard to be let down when you don't expect anything to be great. It even allows you to be frequently pleasantly surprised.

    I probably just don't like this update as much since I like the more exploring and adventuring aspect of the game. So I am bound to biased towards updates that focus on those aspects of the game as the color update is way more a block type expanding update than a adventuring update. I like the parrots though since are not just ambient mobs like the bats and actually do something.

    Not to mention it's a hard act to follow after the woodland mansion which was (to me anyways) one of the first really exciting things to be added to minecraft in a while even if it's just a big hunk of wood filled with angry villagers welding hatchets. Also zombie filled villages.

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    Quote from HbMinecraft»

    And I'm still waiting for the plugin API they promised, not this watered-down, diet coke resource pack crap.

    An official API that adds new features, content and systems via modding from the community?

    AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No. Enjoy your texture pack.
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    Quote from HexwellC»

    I don't think I can pretty much symphatize Azanor. He could make Thaumcraft open-source so community could maintain it. Instead, he decided to leave us and take his creation into grave.

    Sorry, but family and work is a really bad excuse for opposing liberty.

    His mod his rules, it's his choice to make things open source or not. It's not like Mojang demands moders make their code open source.

    Needless to say convincing him to make thaumcraft open source with that sort of rhetoric is probably not a good idea.

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    posted a message on Why was discussion on politics and economics banned in off-topic?

    I'm curious since that just seems odd. I think there even used to be a forum for that, but now there is none.

    Is it because of the 2016 elections?

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    posted a message on How does one make a quest book for a modpack

    Have you tried right clicking and using "open with" and selecting a basic text app or changing the file to a ,txt?

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    posted a message on Climate Control - change climate zones sizes, ocean sizes, and more

    I should give you a heads up that BoP for 1.7.10 has a few biomes it recently added.

    That being Land of Lakes, Dense Forest, Eucalyptus Forest and Xeric Shrubland.

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    posted a message on I simply want a duck.

    Anyone here have a mod that just adds ducks and nothing else? I don't want other mobs, just some ducks. All the other mods with ducks always contain a bunch of other things I don't want like tons of food or lots of other mobs that will probably make my current mob set suffer from redundancy. I want the ducks separate from my chickens so a resource pack probably don't do. They don't need to be any different from chickens so it's literally just a reskin with all chicken features, but for a duck.

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    Why is it that everyone on this forum I meet who has a celestia avatar is a big jerk?

    Anyways, are the triton dungeons an official update or are they optional? I ask since I go to chocolate's page and see no new update. But I know that underwater cities were originally a separate type of dungeon, however out of place they were.

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    lol age of stupid what kind of name is that?
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Quote from MrBossMan

    I'd like to believe everyone here already knows about that, but okay.

    While we're posting videos that everyone should have already seen, have this:

    It's only S1 stuff, but it's funny as hell. At one time (over the summer) it was a sort of rite-of-passage for bronydom.

    So bossyguy when does the fifth chapter come out?

    Also my brother is a big jerk who called rainbowdash lesbian (which makes no sense), you seem to have all the answers so I wanna ask you what I should do. Should I stab him? I am gunna try that but your online so I wanted to ask you.
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