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    Am I original?
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    Quote from RevolutionGG

    Pretty much you're allowed constantly if you're not trolling or spamming.
    You didn't have to do that btw. Just come along and have a chat. :>

    But chatting isn't allowed though.

    Anyways I have seen the new episode and I think it is kinda weird. Although no spoilers so i won't say why.
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    Rainbowdash and masterchief are my role models. They are the best role models ever!
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    Yes this forum has a pony thread! II feared it didn't but it turns out it does!

    1. Do not post creepy fan-art/links to creepy fan-fics. You can PM it to others if you really want, but save your creepy shipping fan art for your creepy friends. We don't need creepy stuff here. If you think you may be posting something creepy, just don't post it. There is a line-and don't go anywhere near it. Stay away from creepy stuff.
    And yes, saucy images count as creepy.

    Yay! Creepy stories make me a lot so I am happy they aren't allowed!

    2. Do not feed the trolls. ... Since all they really do is shout "Pedo", "Manchild" and "Gay", they're pretty bland. Heck, I've only seen trolls attack the fans of the show, not criticize the show itself, so they're doing it wrong anyways-they aren't worth your time.

    Yeah those trolls are big dumies who don't know a good cartoon when they see a good cartoon.

    3. This is not an RP thread. Do not role-play here please. PLEASE. Take it to our own Forum, okay?

    Okay. I have idea for role-play character that is the best, but I go on equestria forums so I don't know if I will go to your forum.

    4. Do not steal ponytars from other forums. Some other forums like SA have a ton of avatars, but don't be jerk and steal their stuff. (Exceptions are only made if people actually say you can have said avatars)

    My avatar is the same on equestria forums so I am not stealing because this is from the wikia with rainbowdash smiling as a filly going super fast!

    5. This is not a chat thread. Talk about ponies here please, we don't want to risk losing this thread. Make sure that your posts contributes to somepony, in some way.


    6. Stay in one thread. Any discussion of pony should probably be in this thread, unless it falls under one of the other boards (Your writing may go on the Arts board, if you so desire). However, there should NEVER be another pony thread on the Off Topic board.

    Got it boss!

    7. Don't derail thread/jack other threads with ponies. I KNOW YOUR KIND! Well, this just common courtesy, but sometimes people forget.

    I don't think I do that.

    8. Follow the normal forum rules. (See Here)

    Read them already.

    9. Don't totally disregard newcomers. If they ask why the show is good, try to actually talk about the characters, animation, and all that. Don't disregard sincere questions.

    I am a newcomer so I hope other people follow this rule.

    10. Don't bicker about pointless things. Don't argue who's Pony X belongs too, it's just sad.


    I got the rules down so I think I am allowed in this thread, right?
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    This idea is so awesome! I don't know why they didn't just do this already! It made me very :sad.gif: when there was no bow enchantments because I wanted to make the best bow ever!

    I hope :iapprove: adds this into the game!
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    28 Days! I am awesome at this!
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    Quote from oZode

    I have a little brother who has taken interest in this forum, his age is 12 and he goes by the name mrtwizzles on the web. I do not know if he can be allowed or not because we have to share a computer and I fear he may be mistaken for as an alt. However he is different from me in behavior and I would rather not let him use my account because his interests are much different from mine and the last time we shared accounts he messed with my account settings.

    What should I do?

    Hi brother! I now have a account like you! :laugh.gif:

    My name is mrtwizzles and I am twelve and I like cartoons and videogames.

    I like shooters like call of duty, halo and I also like cartoons like my little pony which is the best cartoon ever!
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