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    "The Final Jump" is a fun custom map for Minecraft. As it contains three mini-games (Parkour - Dropper - Find The Button)

    This Map Contains 5 Levels Of Dropper, 3 Parkour Phases, and 5 Find The Button Levels, With levels Ranging From Easy To Hard, Finishing Them All Means That You Are A Pro Player. Once You Finish Any Level You Will Be Able To Re-Visit It By Placing The Replay Key (Lever) In The Mentioned Block In The Games Lobby.

    Dropper Contains:

    • Level One: Ocean Theme (EASY)
    • Level Two: Cave Theme (EASY)
    • Level Three: Nether Theme (Medium)
    • Level Four: Deep Dark Theme (Medium)
    • Level Five: End Theme (Hard)

    Parkour Contains:

    • Level One: Overworld Theme (EASY)
    • Level Two: Nether Theme (Medium)
    • Level Three: End Theme (Hard)

    Find The Button Contains:

    • Level One: Desert Pyramid (EASY)
    • Level Two: Ruined Portal (EASY)
    • Level Three: Jungle Pyramid (Medium)
    • Level Four: End City (Medium)
    • Level Five: Stronghold (Hard)

    Rank Times For The Parkour Are As Follows:

    • S < 5 min
    • A < 8 min
    • B < 13 min
    • C < 20 min
    • D > 20 min

    Replay Key (Lever) Explain:
    When The Player Finish A Level At Any Game He Gets A Lever Named "(Dropper, Parkour or Find The Button) level (level number) replay key" It Can Be Placed On A Specific Block That Exists In The Games Lobby. It Is Used For If The Player Wants To Rejoin For Example Level 5 But He Want To ReJoin It Direct So He Doesn't Need To Play Levels 1,2,3 and 4 Again.


    • Play In Adventure Mode
    • Don't Cheat
    • Don't Use Hacks
    • Don't Place More Than Replay Key At The Same Time
    • Don't Mess With Commands
    • Enjoy And Have Fun <3



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