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    posted a message on Instant Blocks v1.5.4 - Instant Schematic, Huge Tree, Statue, Harvester, Skydive, etc!

    how about using the harvest block to cut grass and get seeds... I just hate grass lol and a block to level the ground..could be placed inside a mountain and harvest all the stone and ore but nullify the dirt

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    posted a message on Craftable blocks that when placed immediately summon an area affect

    Ive been thinking of an idea to, like the description says, place a block that could rain arrows from your inventory from the sky, or raise a structure around an enemy to give them suffocation damage, or raises a structure around you and sets water all around the outside to push enemies away, but once the block is picked up the affect stops. Items should be expensive and reusable uses XP.

    Throwable items (cheap, craftable, one time use) that when they land summon: spider webs, arrow attack, mind control helmets(hostile mobs become allies), fire, ice(water freezes), water, Circle maker, Sphere maker,forest maker, miner(digs a few blocks down), bedrock miner,(digs a one block hole down to bedrock), Elevator(sends a single block line of dirt to build height), Platform (builds a 20x20 platform out of stone slabs), pillars (raises a 3x3 platform )

    if anyone could do this, id really appreciate it

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