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    posted a message on [1.3.2] █★█Mighty's Craft█★█ [PvP] [Factions] [No Whitelist] [Hunger Games] [Multi-World] [Anti-Grief]
    Mighty's Craft


    Hacked/Modified Clients Are Prohibited (Expect of Mini map Mod/Optifine)
    No Harassing/ Racial Slurs/ Abuse/ Spam/ Cursing in Chats
    Do Not Ask For Mod/Admin/OP
    Do Not Ask Staff For Items
    Do Not Ask For Rank Promotion
    Do Not Use or Own Blacklisted/Prohibited Items
    Do Not Combat Log

    Owners: James_Zap. Jamboii12
    Mods: Lufsen_99, Zone88


    Member = Default
    Criminal =2,000 Dollars
    Gang Member= 7,000 Dollars
    Young Gangster =15,000 Dollars
    Original Gangster =30,000 Dollars
    Don = 50,000
    Lord = 90,000
    Drug Trafficker: 150,000
    Above The Law: 220,000
    Drug Dealer: 300,000
    Drug Baron = 500,000
    Drug Lord: 1,000,000
    Beast: 20,000,000
    Super Beast: 100,000,000
    Ultra Beast: 200,000,000

    This Server Is a Work In Progress Along With the Thread!!! We Will Add More Plugins to Make the Expierence a Whole Lot Better.
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que

    Your not a whitelister. Your a trial mod. Me,David,Mas0n,Colb,Insane,Soloman,and Giga are whitelisting.

    Instead of telling him what he is and isn't shouldn't you be um....I don't know whitelisting? :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Marriage Jr.
    Well a how do you do to you? MrPunk here, looking for some people who want to do a small less noticeable version of Minecraft Marriage (aka) Couple Craft.
    Currently we only need 4 Females
    Server Slots 7/10 (Might not use them all thats my gut feeling)

    SymmetricalGeo (Meh): No Partner
    Minemet (Admin/ServerOwner): No Partner
    theawesomerob: No Partner
    steekster: No Partner


    No Griefing
    Must live in America, (Time Zones Acceptable Mountain, Central, Est)
    Must Have Skype
    Recording is Allowed if you want (Not a Must)

    Must have 2 or More Hours of Free time during Weekdays
    Must be respectable to ALL players
    Must Be Mature and Series 60% of the time the other 40% is only if your making jokes about things that are not player wise.
    Always Have Fun

    Note: Mc 1.0.0 NEEDED

    Ign (In Game Name):
    Skype Username:
    Time Zone:
    Do You know who SlyFox Is?:
    How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft?:

    Do You Accept rules?

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    posted a message on [ORIGINAL BANNER SHOP] EP's Banner Shop
    I've tried to tell them Penguin, but some people are to self centered to do read from before, they just want, want, want but never give. It's ok if you want to stop making banners, I get it.

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    posted a message on Zombie City! (In progress)(surv)(adv)
    Not to sound like a jerk, but you can make an easily flat world, in Minecraft using //wand, which you can use if you have Single Player Commands.
    So no need to request that. Building stuff, like motels and everything, I would suggest grabbing a few Minecraft Friends hoping on a server hosted by one of you friends, and just building together, with fit detail.
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    posted a message on Beta 1.6 Discoveries, Bugs & Discussion!
    Well, with more or less seven days until the release, and with everything I've reviewed from what notch said and imaged this should be fun. Hatches over pits of lava to protect your house from griefers, who stupidly skipped over the switch that activated this. Or holes that lead down into your secret house, instead of having stairs. Interesting. Minecraft is such a fun game, and with me taking a break and being burned out from it, I find this update to be very pleasing. And I wish that new achievements will be added for more fun in minecraft. Something like 'find a diamond' or 'tame a wolf' etc.

    But, aside from the updates, I want to see a lot of bugs, get fixed besides what the people call 'eye candy' making us forget about them. It's stupid bugs that always make you release a _01 patch to Minecraft a few days later isn't it? Well how about trying to prevent this from occurring. Guys, who really love minecraft and would take notch's side over mine. Don't troll me or get mad, but there is some stuff in life you have to acknowledge.
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    posted a message on How to install Minecraft Texture Pack (Without Winrar)
    For one I don't have Winrar, and at the start menu I go to Mods/Texture Packs. I click the button that says "add texture packs here." Or something along those lines, and from there I don't know what to do. I have a really amazing texture pack that I want to use, but after I click on the folder it want's me to go deeper and deeper and so on. So I was wondering if someone could help me understand this concept and such. But without Winrar. I have nothing against it, but I'm not an admin, and I have no rights to download and install materials. So I can't exactly use Winrar.
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