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    Quote from RyoOka»

    Hi MrOmNom, thank you for your cooperation!

    I have got only one more question, this is the last one; you mentioned that it is not easy for WE to perform a large operation, such like to mirror 200x200 blocks and place it where you would like. What are the main factors that make it difficult? Is it because the operation makes the server laggy?

    Thank you! :D

    I don't know how WE handles the calculations, but I'm guessing that doing anything bigger than a 15,000 block edit is laggy because of the sheer amounts of blocks being edited.

    The other things that makes it hard is the process.
    a) Select (carefully) the region using //pos1 and //pos2
    B) remember exactly where you did //copy
    c) depending on what you're doing, use //rotate or //flip
    d) carefully pinpoint the exact coordinate you need to //paste to

    The main problem is that when you're making the actual edits to your clipboard, you have no visual aid to help picture what you're doing. THe onyl solution is trial and error up in the sky, and then pasting it in once you know what position is right. MCedit actually has a visual aid, where it projects the clipboard so you can see what you're placing, but other than that....
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    Anyone know if he made a default for the new feminine-player model?
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    Being a somewhat lazy guy, I don't like having to wait for mods to update, and I found it easier to rely on the server for the mods. The main factor was ease-of-use. There was A) having to download and install a mod that might not work (With myself not being too familiar with mods) or B) Simply joining a server and having instant access to a wide range of tools, and other side utilities that I didn't have to pay attention to, nor maintain.

    Yes, MCedit can mirror things, and with a fairly small amount of steps, but again, the clunkiness of MCEdit and the effort of having to leave Minecraft, go to a seperate program, and then go back was always tedious. I used this method for a few maps, but eventually, on servers in which you don't have immediate access to the actual world file, I had to use WE, which was even more tedious (though more hands on). RAM was never really an issue.

    Hand building is definitely and important aspect of this. The main driving point is that all/most builders build for fun, for entertainment, and tools that are clunky or hard to use just take the fun out of it. Not too say that WE isn't part of that hand-building part. It simply accelerates the process. It's fun building the intricate supports and pillars of a rail-bridge, but having to build it 100 more times is not fun. So, yes,, hand-building is very important, and mods can sometimes be a part of that handbuilding process.
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    Great questions!

    Why is MCEdit sometimes not reliable to you?

    MCEdit is powerful when you're using individual brushes like //brush sphere or a //repl brush. But when you're trying to do large scale edits like mirroring an entire map, it can crash the server, depending on who else is on the server. I use the MCPVP build servers, and on average, there are around 20~ people on at a time, and the server will become visibly laggy whenever some fool is using WE too much. So, it excels as a a personal, precise tool, but doesn't have the power to do large scale edits.

    Are you working on your projects in a server? If so, why?

    As mentioned above, I'm currently using the MCPVP build servers to do everything with WE. Although I could use SPC and install WE as a LAN mod, I've found in the past that it was choppy, and my laptop couldn't handle running a server simultaneously with the client. Also, the MCPVP build servers are updated regularly, have a nice host of other plugins (like multi-worold and /warp) that aid the build-process nicely. The only problem i've found with them is that it takes a personal request to pull your world from their servers, and vice versa.

    The other main thing is that there really are no single-player mods that have the capabilities of WE, and MCedit was never made for hand-building. It's more of a utility for specialized filters, or unattainable blocks.

    Do you often import schematic files from 3rd-party tools into WorldEdit?

    Actually, yes. Not often though. I've done it a couple times when I had a concrete visualization of the terrain, and reproduced it in WorldPainter, but other wise, it's usually WorldEdit. If you go slow, you can lay down huge chunks of land, and slowly carve it into what you want, but again, its a lot of strain on the server, which means you have to go a lot slower.

    That's for world files though. As for .schematics, I don't actually use them very often. i don't know what or how other people use them, but I know WE has a simple way to load/save/import selections as .schematics, which is a very nice way of backing up individual (though small) builds for copy/pasting or even as a backup.
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    Can you clarify if you're going to make a separate program, or a mod?

    I am a veteran map-maker. I'm quite familiar with WorldEditer, MCEdit, a little Voxel Sniper, and WorldPainter.

    WorldPainter- Really only for large-scale terra-forming and land generation. It's very rare that I use it, and if I do, it's not during the map-making process.

    MCEdit- By this, I assume that you mean the Python-app built by codewarrior. Because of it's hard to use interface, and speed, I only use MCEdit for it's filters, which WorldEdit does not have. For instance, one of the only ways I found of converting an image to an ingame map was through an MCedit filter. It's also great for things like Flipping large builds, because you don't have to be active inside the game to use it, which means you aren't as likely to crash due to strain on the server.

    WorldEdit- Definitely my favorite. It's really easy to use once you know the syntax and nuances. Although there are more advanced editors like VoxelSniper, WE is easy to plugin to servers, and not too hard to pickup, and has a good range of tools.

    The 3 things that make it great are:

    • Its fast travel system (even though flying in creative is fast, when building on anything bigger than a large house, it's relatively inefficient) WorldEdit offers a way to "Teleport" to any block within viewing distance by left clicking with a compass at any block in view.
    • Its "Selection" commands, //pos1, and //pos2. With those, you can "select" a 3d volume, and manipulate it however you like. You can replace all the lava within an area with air, or randomly replacing a field of boring dirt with a mixture of stone and green wool. Or, you can select a nice house, copy it, and paste it a hundred times to make a town. If anything, this makes WE great
    • Its brush system. Any non-block item can be assigned a brush and block type. Useful for minor terraforming or bulk filler.

    However, as mentioned above, I don't really make Adventure Maps. I make PvP maps that often require two or even 4 identical areas. Take for instance MCPVP's CTF servers. Although maps can be small, it's not easy taking a huge 200x200 area within the game and flipping it to match the other area. WE was not made for huge edits, and MCedit is sometimes slow and unreliable.

    Ultimately, as a PvP Map maker, who is perfectly content with WE and MCedit, what I haven't seen yet is an editor that can mirror you while building, (setting a line of symetry and copying everything you do on one side to the other) To me that would be immensely useful, although I am probably a minority.

    If you're planning on making a plugin-world editor, I would suggest

    1. Easy to use/understand syntax. Don't use flags or such like -a or -g, just full words.
    2. Some system of fast travel, whether it be teleporting with a compass or warp-points
    3. A way to "mirror" builds. Like I mentioned above, it could be used for mirroring a map, or even building a boat.
    4. A simple to use coordinate system (like WorldEdit's //pos1 and //pos2)
    If you want any more commentary on this subject, I have lots more :D. Of course,I'm not the only mapmaker in Minecraft, and I'm sure there are many more opinions. (Also, from what I understand, your english is not the strongest, so don't hesitate to ask for clarification or a definition)

    Edit: came here from r/Minecraft
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    I don't know f you check this post anymore, but I had a question: Back when you posted this (nigh on 3 years ago!) you were targeting the Adventure-map audience. Now there are a plethora of different servers out there, each server hosting different gamemodes. And each gamemode beckons to those who enjoy it, to build a map for it, to try your hand at the art of making a map. Did you ever expect Minecraft to become another platform for even more games?

    Again, I really enjoyed this post. :) You seem like a person with a good share of experience.
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    You said above that starting small would turn us into any other server. BUT, we would have your dungeon-raiding plugin to build arouind.

    1) Attract players with original dungeon plugin
    2)Create palyer-base/community for feedback
    3)Improve from there.

    We should respond to the ideas of the community, not take a month to create a server that not many people are interested in.
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    IP? Webpage? anything?
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    Hello all! I am building a new gaming computer, and i was wondering what video card I should buy. I only get 10 FPS with basic v8 so i really need a new video card. I would like to be able to run the most intense SEUS and Sildur shaderpacks with about 50+ FPS. My budget is $300 and $350 AT THE MOST. It's Okay if its AMD but i prefer NVIDIA.

    How long have you been saving up for $300, and how long would it take for you to save up to 600-800?

    I think you might be taking this a bit quickly. I would save up for a bigger budget. Patience will reward you later on
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    Looking good. I'm up for helping. But to begin, I think you should just start the server around dungeon-raiding. That way, the plugin can be focused on more, without a big map. All you would need is a spawn town, and a small "portal" area to the certain dungeons.

    Start small. Don't over-exceed you capabilities like last time. And again. Start small
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    Quote from Corruptfries

    Open Trend micro, click on threats stopped, then detailed logs, click on the incident, and the click restore.

    Ah, many thanks. I too have Trend Micro, and it kept saying minecraft.exe was a trojan, but I had no clue where to start. I guess it's nice to know other people are getting this too.
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    Ah, I've never heard of Hypixel, but forgot about Ares. Ares is very well managed.
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    Quote from Lord_Ben

    Is that a legit program? Or a hacked version? Googling a way to do this before asking here only seemed to give me cracked versions, etc which I avoid.

    Magic Launcher is more like a modified version of the old launcher. Its really helpful with mods also. It's definitely not a hacked/cracked version, because it still asks for username and password.

    Its a very popular launcher, and i would defs recommend for your problem.

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    So, what servers/networks out there are the biggest?

    It's always been interesting to realize that some of these organizations control a good percentage of the player population. Of course I've heard of heard of/played on the Shotbow Network, Minecade, and McPvP, but I'm not sure they're even the biggest. Any search so far always comes up with those lists of "best faction servers ever", nothing near the comprehensive list of servers ranked by player traffic and popularity.

    So can anyone with a good understanding of the server world give me a list of the biggest servers, or at least the biggest servers/networks you've seen.
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    Great Video. And cheap enough to build in survival. I'm guessing that it would be easy enough to replace the stick-pistons with sand, and then make a water stream instead of a line of hoppers (if you're stingy enough)
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