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    posted a message on Seeking Builders, Mods and Devs! 🚩
    • Age: 13
    • Timezone: EST
    • IGN: RyGuy88228
    • Scale of 1-10 how active could you be?: 8
    • Coding or Configs?: Coding
    • How long have you been doing your dev work?; I've been learning Java and Bukkit/Spigot for around a year now, but have never had a position in development.
    • How clean is your code/config?: Somewhat clean. Cleaning up my code has been something I've definitely been working on.
    • What experience do you have?: None.
    • Do you have any certifications?: None
    • In what way would you feel you could contribute best to our server?: I feel like I could best contribute to the server with my hard work ethic and my dedication. If you accept this application, I would work as hard as I could, and I would try and make amazing things for your server.
    • How can we help you to become better at what you do?: As a server, you guys could give me the experience of working in an environment that I've never worked in before, and you could give me experience in working with Java, as well as letting me become a better Developer.
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    posted a message on ♔ Unreal Land Network ♔ • Looking for a Sponsor •

    Honestly, as I have applied to staff this server and I would love to work with you, I will give you some ideas to get a cheaper offer

    The hub does not need 1 Gigabyte of space. You will only need to store Player Names, IP's, but not much else. I do believe at the most, you would need 512 MB. Also, I do not believe you need 2 Gigabytes of space for a creative server. You are again not storing that much. You may only need a Plot plugin, an Anti-Grief plugin, and to store players statistics. That could probably be reverted down to one gigabyte.

    Also, I do believe that you need to be more specific when asking for the amount of player slots. You are asking for 100, but will that be globalized? Will that be for each server? I would be more specific with that, or else you may be scammed

    A suggestion for making money: Get a website! You may think this will just lose money, but that can depend. Once you have a popular forums made with XenForo, or anything else, create advertisements! Use a Google Ad software, or something like that. That can make you quite a lot of money!

    Be careful with saying you can make a lot of money with donations. The Minecraft EULA will soon be officiated, and that will cause many money problems with server. You should make sure that your donations are updated to match with the EULA, so you do not get in to any trouble.

    If you do plan to host a website, GET DDOS PROTECTION, I would recommend CloudFlare, as it has a large range of plans, and you can even get a plan for free!

    Make sure you can get protection for your Minecraft servers. If you come across one DDoSer, your server can be down for a long time, which would make players unhappy.

    I will most likely end up posting more suggestions as they come to my mind, but I hope you consider these!

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    posted a message on ♔ Unreal Land Network ♔ • Sponsored • 4+ Gamemodes • 20+ Staff •

    Everyone above was contacted via skype. We are currently looking for builders and testers!

    I can assist in the testing if you require any more assistance

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    posted a message on Moderation Translation

    I am currently a moderator on many popular servers, and these server gets a lot of people from foreign players, which I am sure other forumers can relate to. I am requesting that someone can make a mod that can support Multiplayer 1.8, and it would be helpful, but not needed, for it to be 1.7.10. What I would like to happen is that foreign chats will be automatically translated, with recognition of the language that the chat was originally spoken in. If I were to click on the recognition of the language, it would allow me to respond to them, and the chat I send back will be automatically translated in to t he original language, so I can assist the player. I would prefer this to be forge, but you can make a whole separate "client" for this. You will not recieve pay, but you will receive lots of popularity and recognition for the creation of this mod. Great Thanks! ~MinecraftMan :D

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    posted a message on ♔ Unreal Land Network ♔ • Sponsored • 4+ Gamemodes • 20+ Staff •

    Age: I am a 12 year old, but I beg you not to automatically deny me due to my age. I am a very mature player, and can handle this position with ease. I will not mess up my opportunity if you do grant me the opportunity to become a head-administrator.

    Skype: My Skype is my in-game username, which is ryguy88228.

    Position: I am making this application for the position of Head-Administrator

    What you bring to the network?: I will bring my knowledge and happy attitude. I have staffed on many servers so far, and it has given me much knowledge. I have familiarized myself with the plugins Essentials, Group-Manager, World Edit, and many custom plugins. I am also a quick learner, so I can familiarize myself easily with custom plugins. Also, I always have a cheered attitude, and can always be happy. I will always be happy to help players in-game, on your website, and anywhere else. I can also help new staff-members, helping them learn the punishment commands, and how to moderate chat to keep it clean. I know when to punish people, and how severe of a punishment they should get.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I have been playing Minecraft since January 29th, 2013. My long amount of time playing Minecraft has taught me quite a lot about the game, and it has influenced me to staff servers of Minecraft, and assist everyone I can

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    posted a message on ||Crystallized Realms|| Staff Positions now available! Apply Now!!
    • IGN: RyGuy88228

    • Age: 12

    • Real name: Ryan

    • Skype name: ryguy88228

      • Experience: I have been staff on many servers, ranging from Helper to Owner. This has helped me gain experience in many plugins, including most prison plugins, world edit, core protect, essentials, and much more. I have also had Minecraft for about 2 years, which made me learn about a lot, including redstone, command blocks. I love being staff because I love to help people!

    • Why do you want to join Crystallized Realms?: Prison servers are amazing! I love to play on them. Also, as this will be multiple gamemodes, I would love to just hop around gamemodes, moderating around the way

    • Position applying for: The Co-Owner rank

    • Please list Ip's that you have been staff on:
    • The thing is, I have recently came back to minecraft. All the servers I used to be staff on have closed down. I am so sorry, and hope that this will not be a problem
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    posted a message on Anyone need staff?
    I am looking to be a staff member on any server. Here is a little bit about me in Minecraft:
    IGN: RyGuy888228
    Age: 12
    Maturity: I would say 10 due to the fact that people have mistaked me for a 14 year old
    Why do I want to be Staff: I love to help people! I know what this difference is between a hack and a glitch, and I know how to punish people.
    Bans: I have never been banned from a server
    Proof: fishbans.com/u/RyGuy88228 mcbans.com/players/RyGuy88228
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    posted a message on HadesRealms 2.0 Prison l PVP l Prestiege l More!!!
    Do you happen to need staff?
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    posted a message on ==Staff Applications== Builders HIGHLY WANTED <--- WE NEED BUILDERS <3
    Do you happen to need any in-game moderators or administrators?
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    posted a message on all done
    IGN: My IGN is RyGuy88228
    Do you know how to use commands?: I am familiar with many of the moderation and useful server plugins. I have had plenty of experience with world edit, core protect, and essentials. I can learn new commands very quickly.
    On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate you're building skill: My building skill is about a 6 or a 7. I can build a lot of things, but my main use would be probably moderating the server, but I can build if that is needed of me.
    Have you been staff on a server before: Yes, I have been Co-Owner on many servers, with the same as everything else down to Helper. I have learned over the years how much a server takes to staff, and I know I can do it.
    Extra Information:
    I have never been banned from a server in my life, as seen here and here
    Why I want to be Staff: I love to help people. I do not abuse my powers at all, and am a very trustworthy staff member
    What will I provide: I will provide a lot to your community. I am a very helpful person, who knows how to moderate a server. With me online, you will have no rule-breakers go without punishment. I will help anyone who asks a question, and always keep a happy attitude.

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    posted a message on Server Advertisement Help For ShadowNetwork [Prison & Faction]
    What are you asking for, donations?
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    posted a message on Multiverse-Core
    So, I am just trying to get my pixelmon server working, but then I realize that something is quite wrong. I am going to need multiworld support, and as mcpc is only updated to 1.6.4, I need Multiverse-Core 1.6.4. But, I couldn't find any. Is there any other multiverse alternatives, or is there actually a Multiverse 1.6.4 that I missed?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]Optifine HD U C4 with Forge 881
    Do you mind making a tutorial with mac? I just opened the .json file and saw nothing that you described.
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    posted a message on Different Ranks through different worlds?
    Use PerWorldPlugins. I use it and it works fine
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