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    Hola! Kirge here, for an update on the server it'll most likely be up later today. Everything's set up, just got to talk with Magic (Who I wish would get off DND on Skype >_>)
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    When someone finds a big tree and only cuts down the wood he can reach, leaving a floating bush in mid air.
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    Hey Thompson, Kirge here. I was having trouble logging into my main account so I had to use my off used one. Here's my main account incase you need to do any background checks or anything.
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    posted a message on [TEKKIT][IC/BC/RP] The Future of Warfare. [/TEKKIT] [SERVER UP]
    Quote from bubbrubb101



    In Game Name: corellan101
    Have you ever been banned from a server before?: no
    (Optional| or PM it) Skype:
    (Optional|or PM it) Steam:
    How active can you be on the server?: regularly ( hour/half hour per day on average)
    What can you do to contribute to the server and community?: Builder
    (Pick 2)Which jobs would you like?:


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    Accepted Stickninja22
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Ender Triumvirate [Survival/RP][DISBANDED!]
    Quote from MeinIrrenhaus

    Nehhurr, I didn't ' type blindly '
    Most of them only didn't have Enderborn, which is stupid to have to include.

    He should be lucky people even want to join.

    If you want to go rant and ***** about things, go elsewhere, because this isn't the time and we don't need it from people like yourself.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Ender Triumvirate [Survival/RP][DISBANDED!]
    Quote from MeinIrrenhaus

    Yes and No on the clan ending.

    No, because I think we should restart rather than ending the server completely.

    Yes, because maybe we wouldn't be so unactive if Magic wasn't so picky ;I We'd have more members if he didn't decline every ****ing application.

    There isn't any application to decline, and the ones we've recieved do not include what is required, so it's not being picky; it's simply the fault of the applicannt. Once more, please think before posting blindly.
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    Quote from NeonRapture

    The Ender Triumvirate, Im sorry I haven't been on lately, and that I'm not comitted, but my family is really in the pits right now, and I can't afford to have the time for most of the stuff i could do before, last summer i was on The ender Triumvirate almost everyday, and i just can't keep that kind of activity anymore. Im sorry but i'm going to leave TeT, it was a great run. See ya around.

    ~Veteran Ne0nRapture

    I'll just make this a public matter. He deleted me after making this post, so I sent back a contact request. This is the chat that ensued afterwards.
    [8:48:08 PM] Lᴇ: I'm sorry to say this, but I don't believe you are leaving just because of "family issues".
    [8:48:15 PM] Lᴇ: Just to be blunt and mention it.
    [8:49:21 PM] Ryan Quast: well, if your just going to skype me saying that you think my reasons for leaving are fake, then im not gonna keep you in my contacts bro, the family issues are real.
    [8:49:30 PM] Lᴇ: I never said they were fake, so quit assuming.
    [8:49:40 PM] Lᴇ: I said "just because", if you knew how to read it correctly.
    [8:50:19 PM] Lᴇ: Because you seem to have enough time to hang around on a different server than the clan itself, that was the point of the message.

    At this point, I was removed once more. I decided to send a contact request as a message, not a request.
    This was it.
    [8:54:58 PM] Lᴇ: Fine, you can just be immature as you want to be. Don't expect any sympathy from me, because you don't deserve it. This is not a contact request, this is merely a message to point towards you and anybody else who wants to be just as immature, petty, and selfish. I know that you lacked the interest in our clan the moment you and your little group stepped foot into that server, ShadowRaze, was it? It's plain immature that you removed me just because I was correct, your wall of ignorance contributing to the "master" as pointed to my address on the forum thread is the reason why this clan is within shambles. Not that it is your individual fault, but frankly you are one to contribute to the issue. Now, for whatever family issues you have, I apologize if I offended you, I did not mean for any of my messages to be hostile, just brutally honest because that is just who I am and how I am going to be for my time as the leader of The Ender Triumvirate.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Ender Triumvirate [Survival/RP][DISBANDED!]
    Hey E'rebody, Kirge here.

    I really hope no one is really considering to let the clan just *poof* and go away. We've been here for ****ing 10 months and it'd be a shame to let all of this just die out. There's something missing that would really propel this clan forward, we just need to find it out. I still believe that we should reincarnate the clan by making a new clan thread with the city of melior, since it's a big change. I hope we find some way to deal with this because I REALLY don't want to see all of this go away.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Ender Triumvirate [Survival/RP][DISBANDED!]
    Quote from minimikey8

    He has. lets just leave it at that. please dont quote me this is how i feel about it. so leave me be.

    Quote from minimikey8

    Magic, this server used to be great. But you, my friend, have turned into a major asshole. You blame the others on the server for your mistakes. YOU ruined the clan. I quit.

    Blame the members? MY mistakes?
    If you've spent a whole week of watching the consle / server be completely empty, with the exception of either me or any other operators on, then you would see clearly that it is INDEED the fault of the members that condone in such. How am I the catalyst of this issue here? I'd love to see an explanation.
    I've had knowledge of the members playing on other servers other than their own clan server for almost a month now, for some unknown reason, which only contributed to the issue, so before trying to point fingers on "who ruined the clan", put some logic and thought into that little mind of yours before posting.
    You don't even need to quit, seeing as you were already kicked out for inactivity. You can't make a statement to something that you obviously have NO prespective of, which is where that wall of ignorance line comes in. Being hypocritical about things is truly a sign of ignorance.
    I've never been a "major asshole", with what Xaephros (welcome back by the way) says as "sarcasm". If I've ever been a "major asshole" towards anybody, then it had been most likely a joke, or it had been within reason (breaking rules, arguments, etc). Other than that, it's called brutal honesty. We all can handle jokes over the internet, can we?
    Within the time that I've been leader, since the half-year anniversary, no issues had arised like so, which COMPLETELY proves my point in doing SOMETHING with running the clan correctly, which is something that people like you wouldn't understand unless you stood within my shoes as leader of such a clan like ours.
    Now, you can get off the thread and move on, because this isn't the place for blindside feuds and thoughtless posting.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Ender Triumvirate [Survival/RP][DISBANDED!]
    Hey Guys Kirge here, sorry I haven't been on in a few days. Been sick with a stomach virus which really doesn't get me in the mood to play Lol, I'll prob be on later this week.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Ender Triumvirate [Survival/RP][DISBANDED!]
    Okay, I've had enough. I will be quick with this rudimentary statement.

    I find it very comforting that I gain knowledge of clan members playing on another server while nobody is on the server that I pay for.. Very good, people. You've driven me over the edge to the point of making a decision I will regret making - I thank you for that.

    With this post, the inactivity rule is now stricter; now at five days for unwhitelist and eight for a boot from the clan.

    This is the last straw.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Ender Triumvirate [Survival/RP][DISBANDED!]
    Just gonna post a chracter sheet here for Magic to look over so I can start RP'n

    Minecraft Username: Kirge

    Name: Kirge Graftweaver

    Age and Location of Birth
    Age: 41
    Location: Zephyr
    Brith Date: 57th day, 581

    Race (the list of available races is below, request one if not listed):

    Occupation (please be reasonable):

    Appearance (may include picture, be detailed):

    Standing at the usual 5' 9'' Kirge is your normal Saika, that is for his mechanical arms, legs, and eye. He is a slim fellow, not having the time to go and work out as much as others. His arms and legs are made out of solid iron and steel, forged with redstone circuitry to be moveable appendages. He wears a steel chestplate under a white labcloak, since he has to look normal some way or another. His facial features include brown eyes, with large pupils, even if it turns out to be the lightest of days. Or perhaps a pupil, due to his mechanical redstone eye. His eye allows him to see vastly superior to others, including sharper imagery and more detail, for example he can determine the amount of blades of grass in a patch of land. He's not much of a hair guy also, wearing a brim, close cut haircut, also being cleanly shaved.

    Personality (be detailed with your details):
    He isn't the most sane fellow, although he can be a nice guy. His thoughts are usually scattered, becoming sort of Absent minded if he has to many things going on at once. He's also very peaceful, so peaceful he'll go to the extremes at keeping it. It doesn't matter if it includes everyone standing in his way, keeping peace in order is what he stands for.
    He is a brilliant redstone engineer, as you can see. If given a problem you bet your damn hide he'll be able to solve it, no matter the costs. Secret staircases, redstone gates, secret doors, or just anything, he can do it with the power of redstone.

    Biography (no cliché ones where you have a ravaged childhood due to your village being burnt down by bandits and things like that):
    Men come from all walks of life. Some are cunning, others brutal, and some are the most good hearted men you have ever seen. But, some men, just refuse to die.

    Kirge Graftweaver was born in 581. He grew up as a man of action, but at the same time a man of great intrigue. He was always curious about the idea of replacing animal parts with other parts, be it machinery, metal, or even wood. Never knowing any bounds, he experimented on a variety of animals during his teenage years. Tearing off the limbs of small cuddley creatures, and replacing them with pieces of wood he shaped into different objects. To no effect, he ended up killing many creatures during his antics, but all of it was not in vain. He learned many things about the inside of the mammal's body and how it can be manipulated to somebody's wim. He was actually able to replace the front right leg of a dog with a piece of wood crafted in the shape of a real leg, paw and everything. He named this dog Apost, and it was his trophy of succeeding with his experiments.
    This phase did not end in his 20's, however, as he was even more intrigued in finding out the mysteries of biological replacement. Soon his curiousity got the best of him, and he attempted his ideas on another human being, a random guy he picked off the street so he wouldn't have any remorse. To his surprise, his experiments actually succeeded, being able to replace the man's arm with a machine replacement, much to the man's dismay. Foolishely he let him ago, because apprently he thought it would have been a good idea to show his creation off to the world. This was shortly lived, as the police eventually found out about his back alley experiments and threw him in the slammer.
    Unlucky for him, during this time a civil war had broke out in the middle of the country. Most inmates were shipped off to the front lines due to the lack of recruits. This was the dark days of Kirge's life. He witnessed things no man should ever have had to seen, nor been apart of. He didn't even receive mercy from the jaws of war, losing his left arm during combat. SInce he was not able to be apart of the battle anymore, he was shipped back home, repaying his debt to society. Knowing what he had to do, he got to work as soon as possible, making the most important piece of arm machinery he has ever devoloped. The operation was a success, and Kirge now had a full piece of Steel machinery attached to his shoulder.
    He didn't know where to stop at that though. He still wondered more and more if he could replace his whole body with machinery, thereby turning immortal. He started by cutting his left arm off, a gruesome process. Just as he was successful with his right arm, his left arm was no different. He now had two working machinery arms at his disposal. Then he went and did the same thing with his legs, cutting them off and replacing them with cold, hard machinery. He was smart about his torso though, as he knew he wouldn't be able to replace that. He fashioned a metal suit to go over his chest though so it'd give the appearance of being machine, just so everything matched.
    The most gruesome part was yet to be seen though, as he questioned on whether he should make any parts of his face robotic. He came to the conclusion he would create a robotic eye so he would be able to be a step ahead on sight just so incase he would ever have to go back into war. He first had to figure out how to connect machine to the brain, which puzzled him for weeks. Finally he figured it out, to connect the eye directly into the brain stem in the lower back of the head. He measured, lengthened, and was able to fashion the eye out of iron with a ruby pupil. He knew this was going to be painful to implant, so he injected anesthesia into his temple, making sure to his where his eye stem was located. He took the safest knife he had in his lab, and gutted his eye out with all his might, making sure not to damage anywhere else in the socket. He installed the eye, looking into a mirror to make sure everything was connected. It was a complete success, as he was able to see everything so much clearer then he could have before, plus with a lot more detail.
    With his machine body all ready, he knew what his goal in life was to be: Bring peace to the world, so that no one would ever have to be a victim to the jaws of war. He did not want anyone to go through what he had to, and he would accomplish this goal by any means neccessary.

    "That's a nice swinging arm you've got there, bet I can make you an upgrade for it"
    - Kirge Graftweaver
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Ender Triumvirate [Survival/RP][DISBANDED!]
    Quote from fallout340

    Minecraft Username: Fallout340

    Name: Markus Spartacus

    Age and Location of Birth (list of countries, descriptions and cities below): He was born in Magna carte, in the city of Tantive IV
    Race (the list of available races is below, request one if not listed): The takeda, Mainly the blade's clan of the takeda

    Occupation (please be reasonable): warrior
    Appearance (may include picture, be detailed): Markus is 5'8. Markus has black hair, a black beard and mustache. He has white skin and most time he walks around with iron armor. He always has a sword with him. He has an even body.

    Personality (be detailed with your details): He is arrogant and smug. He believes himself to be above everyone else. He is not merciful. he is a cruel and violent man. he is sociable some times. He follows his orders without question and will do anything for his clan

    Biography (no cliché ones where you have a ravaged childhood due to your village being burnt down by bandits and things like that): Born in magna carte. His family is a part of the blades clan. He had a mother and father and 3 brothers. His father was very high up in the blade's clan. When markus was 3 he began training to fight. He embraced the power of the sword and was a skilled warrior. At 11 he fell ill for a year he later recovered at 12 during the winter. At 15 his training is put into action as he fought with his 3 brothers. He killed many members of the saber clan and one day was given an assignment to kill a respected member of the saber clan. He sneaked into an enemy camp and stabs one guard in the heart and slit another guard’s throat. Markus knocked out the target and brought him to a cave. Markus cuts up the target starting with his fingers, then his arms, then his legs and then finally his head. Markus heads back to his camp only to find out his brother was shot in the head by an arow. When Markus was 18 he broke his leg When he fell down in to a cave during a battle. It took a year to heal. At the age of 20 after all the killing he has done, he wants to settle down for a relaxed life. Now 22 He is ashamed that he is not in battle ,so he goes back to his clan to destroy the saber's and bring glory to the blade's clan! But a few month's later he decides magna cate's is not the place to bring back glory, All of the fighting has destroyed it. He decides to blow a hole in the barrier and run's away. He wanders around for 1 month staying in a cave, Then he stumbles upon the sovereign region. He beilives this is the place to bring back his clan's name.

    Declined, there isn't an age listed where it says Age. The biography also needs to be re-done, seeing as it doesn't fit standards and really only states how old he was when he did whatever. There is also no descriptive details in all the Appearance, Personality, and the Biography. Please try to improve grammar as well.

    Quote from ilikebutter123

    My fourth CS.

    Minecraft Username: ilikebutter123
    Name: Radimir Johnston
    Age and Location of Birth (list of countries, descriptions and cities below): Was born in Magna Carta, in Lepur II. He is currently 18 years old.
    Race (the list of available races is below, request one if not listed): Takeda, specifically the saber Takeda
    Occupation (please be reasonable): Warrior
    Appearance (may include picture, be detailed): At 5'6, Radimir was tall for a Takeda. His arms are strong from wielding a hammer, and his legs are muscled from running. Over the years he fought, his expression grew hardened, and he let his facial hair grow out. He has an even body and his skin is somewhat tanned. His hair is brown.
    Personality (be detailed with your details): Radimir has a mild temper for a Takeda, and is as merciful as a Takeda could get. When Radimir is given orders, he thinks for himself whether or not the plan is likely to work. He will not hesitate to question orders. He is a free thinker. Radimir is relatively sociable, and if convinced his officer is true, he will respect his decisions and is more likely to comply with them.
    Biography (no cliché ones where you have a ravaged childhood due to your village being burnt down by bandits and things like that) Radimir grew up just like a normal Takeda during the time. He was born in Lepur II, and he began his military training at the age of 3. He was trained as a warrior on the front lines. At the age of 15, he set out for the battlefields. Wielding his weapon of choice, the battle hammer, he was able to plow through enemies with ease. He fought battle after battler for three years. That's when he made his mistake. His commander had made a move which he considered foolish. His commander wanted to charge the enemy head on, although they were outnumbered. Because of this, he decided to face his enemy his own way. He dug under the enemy and collapsed the ground under them. This move actually sealed the Saber's victory in the battle, however, he was accused of treason. The trial was to be held within 3 days of the accusation. In this time, Radimir ran away, scaled the barrier isolating Magna Carta, and ran away from Magna Carta. He ran for three days. When he finally declared himself safe from pursuers, he lived in the woods, constantly moving. All he had on him at this point was his soldier's uniform, his hammer, and his knife. He lived in the woods for 3 more weeks, until he finally stumbled upon the Sovereign region...

    The biography is quite unrealistic; his age being the conflicting element. You don't see eighteen year olds scaling over very high walls built for maximum security with patrols all around seemingly without a trace.
    Also, running for three days is quite unrealistic, even for a Takeda / Sanada, as well as even reaching the Sovereign area from that distance in that time. To travel on foot from Magna Carte to Narcissus, would most likely take a month's time at the least.
    Furthermore, it doesn't go into detail of this "trial for treason." I had described that punishment to the extent of death was common for the slightest infraction within the Takeda race, which wouldn't take three days, even if there was a trial.
    I will be making a map (it won't be the highest quality, since I'm going to be making it simple and straightfoward) of Verus.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Ender Triumvirate [Survival/RP][DISBANDED!]
    I agree with Magic, the activity has been underwhelming, hope to see more people online
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