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    Whoops, yeah, sorry about that. I forgot to mention that in the OP. D'oh
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    Hi all

    This is a simple little mod that (IMHO) improves what grass looks like. I got tired of the way that on hills most of the grass from the side looked brown because of the edge, but at the same time replacing the texture to NEVER have that edge tile looked goofy. So I came up with something in between. Kinda hard to explain, so look.

    What this does is if the grass is on a shallow slope, you see the grassy side, but if there's a drop of more than one block, you get the dirt-edge. Because of how this works, it works with ANY TEXTURE PACK YOU USE.

    As of version 0.4 this mod will now no longer be a standalone mod, but become part of xau's brilliant HD texture patch - (see viewtopic.php?f=25&t=46173 ) I don't think there's anything else to really do on this but if you have suggestions or bugs (about the BetterGrass part of things) report them here rather than bugging xau about them. Thanks!

    LATEST VERSION v0.4 - Moved to patch format

    v0.3 - Grass un-borked after snow fix
    v0.2 - Now with support for snow!
    v0.1 - First release

    Let me know if this kind of thing aint legit and I will remove it. Otherwise, enjoy!
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