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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings

    WOW! So many pages of introductions. It was fun reading some of them... very few actually, in comparison to the number of pages here. The older ones start way back in 2009... and here we are... 2017... got me to wondering..
    How many from those early posts are still around and playing minecraft.

    Well, on with it I suppose. I'm MrMattsmind, or Ex0deus... which ever one you happen to catch me on. I've been playing Minecraft on and off for sometime now. I never played on PC however.

    It all started with Xbox 360 edition, which was great... i enjoyed it a lot. Then I got the XB1 ... and picked it up for that... now... i had a harder time getting into it... don;t know why for sure.

    Recently I've rediscovered my interests in gaming... and ended up purchasing Minecraft for PC.... WHAT WAS I MISSING ALL THESE YEARS!!!!
    It's like learning the game all over on some levels.... because you have to craft everything differently on PC than on the console editions. But, it's been great. I recently discovered this forum... and it's been fun... found the servers for PC... amazing... mods.... all so fun and exciting.

    Can't wait to hopefully play some MC with some of you!

    TLDR: Hi! I'm MrMattsmind! Nice to meet you!

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