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    Prominecrafthost was the first ever server provider i went with. It was only after I went away to cheap hosts that I realised how good the service here was. 2 years later I looked for a good value host but after 3 companies (one of which has threatened me with legal action after opening a paypal dispute when they refused to honor their advertised 24hr refund policy if you were not happy with the service) that made me come back to the most reliable host I've ever used. Yes the prices are a bit higher at Bisect but I tell you that their customer service is worth the extra money!

    Don't even waste your time with cheap and nasty hosts... Go with something high quality like these guys!

    Bisect is the only host that has provided me my dedicated IP and server ready to go within 5minutes of purchase.

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    posted a message on ››› United Minecrafters ‹‹‹ [Whitelisted] ‡ [Relaxed] ‡ [Friendly] ‡ [24/7 server w/ 2.5GB RAM] ‡ [1.7.2]
    About Our Server

    United Minecrafters is a community that welcomes people who are mature and show a passion towards minecraft. Because of this we have a wide range of age groups that are apart of our community. I myself am 19 years old and the other 2 OP's on the server are grown adults. Ages start at about 15 and go up 30+ but that doesn't matter because we all share one thing and that is that we're here to play Minecraft.
    Applying to United MC is mandatory for all players. Friends of existing members must still apply through this Form. Friends of youtubers are still welcome to apply but not guaranteed acceptance.
    If your application is accepted you will get an email with the confirmation including the IP, and my skype username.

    Skype is essential, we run as a community and updates/server status etc are all discussed on skype in the chat room. (You won't be whitelisted unless you add me and are added to the group)

    Go HERE to apply

    This server is looking to recruit those who are passionate. This means consistant in time spent on the server and partaking in server projects, events as much *as possible.Screen Shots or a video link of past projects are strongly recommended for your application.

    The community is largly based around skype utilizing a group chat room where updates are often posted.
    The server currently consists of 3 worlds, Spawn, Survival and a Resource world.
    The Idea behind this is that the spawn world will stay through updates, has no hostile mobs spawning and is limited to the "spawn city"

    The Spawn:
    A safe place where player items and homes will stay through major Minecraft updates.
    The portals for these worlds are at the /spawn location

    A place where the map may be reset if Mojang adds new biomes which require unloaded chunks.

    Resource World:
    A place where people can go crazy getting resources and not have to worry about ruining the landscape doing

    View the Dynmap HERE under Interactive Server Map

    Server Features
    The server is lightly modded with bukkit plugins consisting of:

    - Paid 24/7 host 2.5GB of RAM
    - Dynmap
    - Block rollback for greifing or theft
    - MCMMO (an RPG style skill system yeilding bonuses as you level up)
    - ChestShop with iConomy (and while this element isn't needed to play on the server it gives players something to work towards to buy a shop or house plot on the server world.
    - Essentials- Lockette (to secure your chests)
    - Anti Xray
    - Multiverse

    The Key Foundation Rules

    Rules are here to make everyones minecraft experience better and more fun. It is important that our players take them seriously and failing to do so will result in an IP ban and being taken off the whitelist.
    No griefing, stealing or breaking into locked homes
    No excessive cursing/swearing in chat or being rude to other players
    No spamming or using caps locks excessively, it's considered spam
    be nice to all players! Treat how you want to be treated.
    No abusing exploits or bugs such as item duplication.
    No advertising other servers in chat or signs
    No cheats/hack clients/xray or fly mods/xray texturepacks

    About the Owner
    Hi, I'm MrMajestik, the server founder and chief. I usually am refered to as "Majestik" and started with Minecraft at around Beta 1.7. I used to play on a selection of survival servers, 18+ servers and small community servers. Recently after the closure of Atlas Cube I stepped up from Admin there to pioneer here, the United Minecrafters server.My goal is to make everyones minecraft experience fun and social. I like to keep the peace between players and have a friendly community, inviting of anyone that joins.
    Examples of my recent buildings constructed:
    Donations help keep the server running however are not the foundation of the server. They are much apprectiated and the more we get the better service we hope to provide.
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    If any of you guys were interested, I'm actually about to re-establish a survival server aimed towards youtubers. It will be on a AMPLIFIED seed to make it more interesting and challenging. The seed has been self discovered and picked (so it's not some crappy seed or one that has been featured in a top seeds showcase) and it will have anti xray + Dynmap once 1.7.2 bukkit comes out. (server will start as vanilla).

    It's currently a small community of about 6 people and for more info you can check out a video I made regarding it.

    I don't mean to advertise in your thread or anything; just opening up an opportunity and inviting you guys as it will be a 24/7 paid host and the owner (myself) am 19 yrs old (ensuring that the server won't be managed by "kids")
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    posted a message on Huge Modern City [1.5.2]
    Looks really nice!

    Have you made an aquatics center/swimming pool?
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    posted a message on Long-range & Full-auto TNT cannons
    Stop spamming peoples threads with your link to damn cannons. *facepalm*

    Quote from Infinite2012


    When will you grow up?
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    posted a message on [Tutorial] Compact 9 Digit Combination Lock
    Hi guys, (sorry bout the tag prefix and [tutorial] )

    Here's a video tutorial for a revamped version of CNB's combination lock.

    I've made it 7 blocks narrower and it's fully working.

    If you are having any issue trying to build this there is a world save exactly the same as you see in the video with 2 working examples.

    The problem with CNB's videos was the tutorials were spread over the 4 digit lock, the 9 digit selector and a fix video which was confusing so this is like an all in one more compact version :D

    Download World Save:

    NOTE, the green circuit up top is simply an optional reset line to reset the lock if you walk through a door etc, something cnb didn't include

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    posted a message on 4x2 fast + flush + seamless hidden piston door
    That design. Is spot on. THANKYOU for the reply!

    made a slight little change to keep my 3 high roof the same as before but nothing big:

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    posted a message on Brand new way to send Redstone signal straight up or down!(No Mods!)
    at 1:40 I'm pretty sure that it stops because glowstone/lamps are considered glass blocks and the sun can still get through them. Something to do with that is my guess but I do think Mojang should make light sensors sensitive to glowstone/lamps!
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    posted a message on 4x2 fast + flush + seamless hidden piston door
    Hi guys and girls, Over a long period of time I was experimenting with redstone to create this door. A 4 block wide, 2 block high piston door that is completely hidden and has no exposed repeaters or redstone dust.

    I could not find anyone that had made these doors like this and after working it out to my best ability I wanted to come here to share the idea to those who might have been on a similar quest as me.

    If you'd like a tutorial on either please just let me know ^_^

    I will probably make tutorials on at least one but it'll be a priority if someone asks.

    There are 2 versions:

    First the V2 (a straight through "normal" version)

    Second the first version (it has two corridors that split off great for communal living etc

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    posted a message on Closest thing to flying in minecraft pocket
    Quote from charles1597

    That does not count.
    It's not flying. All you are doing is walking on a glass bridge...

    too true. xD

    Why would you make a topic like this?
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