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    posted a message on I found the source of the extreme lag in Minecraft 1.8 - it is the water physics due to the addition of the underwater temples.
    I am on 32-bit java, XP, 2G system RAM, older mobo but fairly new vid card. I get ~60 fps in 1.7.9. In 1.8 I get anywhere between 4 and 60 fps, but usually on the lower end. I've gotten my usual 60fps while standing completely still punching a tree. Moving at all seems to drop it to about 12-20. Going near an ocean temple dropped it as low as 4. Tired of people saying "LOL get new hardware" when I was just running at a nice 60 fps in the last update. This code is inexcusable and should not have been released.
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 - Biomes O' Plenty Server [Unofficial]
    Zontafer, is your server still up? Any anti-grief measures? I would like to check it out.
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    posted a message on Why would girls play Minecraft?
    This could have been a good question if phrased properly.

    How about "Do girls play Minecraft for different reasons?"

    It's well-known that male and female brains behave differently. Pretending that females and males are the same is ludicrous and ignorant. Men excel at spatial orientation (so would be drawn to the 3D world of Minecraft) while women excel at social aspects, etc. While some girls do play Minecraft, there is still an obvious disparity in the gender ratio of the playerbase, and it's a valid topic.

    My sister used to be into gaming. I bought her Minecraft and she only played it for 10 minutes. Subsequently I've tried to get her to play it and she never does. I tried to guide her on what to do on the first day, it was a bit of a slow experience (her Mac isn't quite fast enough) and I was tweaking game settings to try to get it to run faster. She managed to get a crafting table and pickaxe but it got dark, she ended up trapped in a hidey hole and didn't even want to wait out the night to do more stuff in the morning.

    Bottom line, a bit of slowdown wouldn't have deterred me from playing Minecraft, and I found the initial difficulty challenging and fun. I played it like crazy the first few weeks.
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    posted a message on 1.5.1 Snapshot Ready for Testing
    Quote from Random_Guy_32

    That's exactly the problem. The Optifine developers don't want Optifine to be part of the vanilla game, so jeb_ and Dinnerbone have to spend even more time on optimizations by improving performance themselves.

    You're hilarious.

    So some guys making a performance-enhancing mod for Minecraft are at fault because they don't hand their work over to Mojang. Apparently they hold special keys to optimizing Java code that is just somehow inaccessible to people at Mojang.

    How about Mojang codes it properly in the first place? How about putting the responsibility of making Minecraft run correctly on the heads of the people making it and profiting off of it? Good god.

    The state of Minecraft right now is inexcusable. These updates should have never been released. And I'm not just talking about 1.5. Basically all the updates in the past half-year have hacked away at the framerate, and it's like Mojang doesn't care at all. FPS has been slightly worse, slightly worse still, and now with 1.5 it's terribly worse. We shouldn't need quad-core and 8 gigs of RAM just to run a pixelated block world. And even then to run it poorly. Pitiful.
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    posted a message on BE CAREFUL WHEN LOADING YOUR WORLDS IN 1.5
    This update is freaking hilarious. Good job Mojang, learn to code please.
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    posted a message on Lag in 1.5 even though FPS shows 90-130.
    Framerate has been getting steadily worse. This is an official release and it's cutting peoples' framerates in half. Stop making excuses for Mojang, there's no excuse for THAT.

    By the way it's lighting, not lightning.

    And to the people who say "waaah it's a free update stop complaining" that's another cop-out. Minecraft wasn't free, I paid for it. When updates start to break the game, that hinders the gameplay that I paid for. And since almost all servers are going to be updating to the latest patch, "not updating" is not a reasonable option. Yeah, go try to find servers running specific old patches. Good luck. AFAIK you can't even get older patches of MC through official channels, Mojang doesn't host older versions or make it easy or viable to play them. Thus they're wrecking people's framerates and there are few options, and they have every right to complain. If I release a free update that wrecks the game you paid for, you should be complaining.
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    posted a message on is 1.5 worth it?
    Quote from Pxex

    Worth it? Your not paying anything for this update

    You're paying FPS. At least.
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    posted a message on Sabulum, The Lost Tree on Oblivion Island
    Been playing this seed. I used buckets of lava to expand the island a bit ... :)

    That villager is one of 4 villager zombies I led to the surface and cured. There's a zombie spawner at diamond level. When you have the means, get yourself down to y=11 and mine south along x=1154. You'll hit the zombie spawner as well as two veins of diamonds. With a straight shot back to the surface it's easy to get some villagers that way. Cure recipe is splash potion of weakness followed by right clicking on the villager with a normal golden apple.

    (1154, 11, 120) Zombie Spawner
    (1155, 11, 111) Diamonds (4?)
    (1149, 17, 268) Skeleton Spawner
    (1162, 19, 356) Cave Spider Spawner
    (1105, 26, 280) Cave Spider Spawner
    (1153, 12, 257) Diamonds (8!)

    Also, the portal location here is awesome. Stuck me at the edge of an immense lava lake near an enormous nether fortress. Found 2 Nether Wart rooms right near each other and grabbed 1 blaze rod which was enough for the brewing stand.
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    posted a message on Hardcore seed - When you've survived all else
    There's an underwater hole with an abandoned mine at:

    (-872, -81), right near spawn

    in case anyone wants to try to survive with that source of wood. I was immediately inundated with monsters though so good luck with that one. :)
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    posted a message on I found possibly the seed with the most loot ever!
    People don't value gold (even though I like it) and the books don't include anything really amazing (like Fortune 3) so with 10 diamonds for all of those locations, this is definitely NOT the most loot ever. However, there DO seem to be a lot of cool locations within 1km of spawn, so this could potentially be the most locations ever?

    Not trying to put down your haul or anything, just that I've seen up to 15 or 16 diamonds in just 2 locations, and if someone explored more on one of those to find dungeons, could probably come up with some books too.
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