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    1) IGN:MrLobby
    2) Your age:14
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) About 3 and a half months
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes, I have read all of the rules, Noakii.
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? I have played on 2 other prison servers and I was a guard on one of them
    6) What is your time zone? GMT + 8
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? I feel that I am the best choice for a guard as I am very familiar with the guard rules and I will do my best to enforce these rules so as to maintain order in the prison. I hope to be able to help provide the C-Prisoners a safe environment for them to earn money in order to rank up and get to the B-Block. Most of the hardworking C-Prisoners have worked day and night(Minecraft time) in the mines and when they finally decide to sell their loot, they get killed by another prisoner or a "Free" and lose all this loot that they have wasted so much time trying to get, I hope to gain the trust of C-Prisoners and help to escort them to the shop.
    I am very calm and patient when dealing with problems, I feel this is a need for guards when dealing with people who have just joined the server. Many times, C-Prisoners think it's fine to go around killing others with swords and when they are asked for them, they blame the guards for abuse and they get really mad. Even though it is their fault for not reading the rules, I think that guards should try to help them understand the rules instead of just doing their job and making sure no one is wielding a sword. I will not hesitate to help show a newly convicted prisoner around to help familiarise them with the prison.
    I feel that I am quite okay on the PvP side and will be able to kill the rule-breakers. I will not run from a fight and will try my best to defeat my opponent. I am very fair and will not be bias to anyone on the server, I will not hesitate to jail a rule-breaker. I will also think carefully before acting so as to avoid shouts of "Abuse" and things like that.I am also very passionate about being a guard and will not betray anyone's trust or abuse my authority as a guard. I will work hard for the C-Prisoners and do my best to enforce the rules. I sincerely hope that my guard application will be accepted so I may join the others in the guarding community to help make this server a better place.

    I really do hope I will be accepted for guard again, I was recently demoted by Aldron for doing more of Siberian Quest rather than doing my job, guarding. I agree that I have really been doing SQ much more recently and deserve my demotion, however, I have been guarding too. I rarely see Aldron online except for during weekends and when I am on holiday, so when I do see them, there are many guards and alpha guards online. I know that I am supposed to do my job regardless of the number of guards online but since there were so many of them online, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to slack for moment until some of them get off. I am truly apologetic about skiving from my work and I really hope I will be able to get Trainee again and work my way back up to Guard. I have really learnt my lesson and will never do SQ more than I guard. I just want one more chance, if I am caught repeatedly doing SQ and not guarding again, I will accept my demotion and never apply for guard again.
    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire from guard? Free, and yes, I understand. Here is my proof:
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    Well exams are around the corner so I won't be online much for the next two weeks as I am expected to get good grades for this exam as it is quite a major one, I will most prob be back on the 12th of October. Have fun on Convicted guys!
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    I think 2 of the Trainees deserve a promotion.

    The first Trainee is Redduke42, he has been very active and does his job well, he used to be one of the Trainees that made a few mistakes here and there but I believe he has learned from his mistakes and now fully understands the rules. He is also shown to be helpful to many other prisoners when they have any inquiries. He has an excellent character and surely deserves Guard.

    The second Trainee is MisterLobster, he, too, has been very active and understands the rules very well, his alternate account is omgimnoob, who is quite well known to many of the prisoners, having a Free alt has helped him to understand the rules. He is also good at PvP and has a stash of good swords which will make turn him into an intimidating force with the new Guard armour.
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    Quote from Ladida12345

    I really think there should be stricter requirements to get guard:

    - Been on this server for 2 weeks
    - Is a A-Prisoner or above
    - Knows guard rules and prison rules really thoroughly
    - Is recommended by a Guard, Alpha-Guard, Warden
    - Is mature and responsible

    I know a few guards / trainees that do a good app, but may not be as good as their app tells us :P

    Derp :P

    Totally agree with this, we have too many Cs spamming the forums with their guard applications which show totally no effort put into it at all, playing on the server for 2 weeks and being A will show exactly how dedicated they are to the server. Most people that post their guard app here show about only 1 line of words and they hope to get accepted, once denied, they leave the server and never come back. Do we really want these kind of people to be part of the Convicted staff?

    I also agree with Ladida that some of our Trainees do not really understand the guard rules enough. Their apps do contain the secret word but they still do not understand the rules at all. When this happens, the innocent people are harmed and they will usually argue with these trainees on who is right and in the end, they get angry and leave the server. Maybe we could include a few scenarios and ask them how they would act or have a guard tutorial :D

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    Yeh that wasnt me that was my bro who sneaked on and i couldnt find the place to vote where is it

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    Quote from MichaelM8

    Stop saying **** like this, rank means nothing.

    Dual was a C. Choc was a C.

    I'll join. Whynaut?

    How about, "Cs are rarely accepted nowadays".
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    Quote from creator8201

    Just a few suggestions of mine:
    • The new Guard rank, if ever made, (Noakii seems to be strongly against this idea, so it probably won't happen,) should be called BetaAlphaGuard c:
    • We make a new rank: Citizen. It basically gives access to a luxorious city with its own Mob Farm, Mine, Squid Farm, and rows upon rows of plots to buy. Citizen is a step up from Free and should cost 500,000 BP.
    • Guard Block. Many people seem against the idea, but I think it could work if handled properly.

    Quote from Noakii
    • New Rank for Guards can't happen because it would cause lots of begging and seems like Guards just want the quickest route to higher power.
    • Citizen will make Convicted repetitive, there is already Omega for Free's.
    • Guard Block would make guards want to stay there rather than do their actual job.

    My Suggestions:

    I would support the idea of a new guard rank, it gives some of the veteran guards some power over new guards like me. Some of the guards that have been playing for a very long time are not given the due respect they deserve. I think that they deserve the authority to mute people and make decisions. Also, the amount of spammers have risen significantly in the server, every time I play on the server, I would see either a minor spammer or a major one before I log out, like the others have said, adding a new rank would mean there would be more people to stop spam. I really hope Noakii considers this idea.

    Suggestion:Recommendation system(might have to be a custom plugin)

    The recommendation system is fairly simple, it allows a Free or a prisoner to recommend a guard, or appreciate his/her hard work. How this works is that with a command /rec guardname , the guard will get 100BP added to his/her salary per hour. This money, however, will come from the pockets of the prisoners themselves. For example, if ZomgASpoon were to type "/rec MrLobby" , every time MrLobby receives his salary, 100BP will be added to it and ZomgASpoon will lose 100BP.

    1)This encourages guards to do their job. Instead of having a guard block where guards go back to the life of a prisoner and begin to mine for money, this will make guards focus on doing their job and getting noticed by the people.

    2)Helps to track good guards. A guard with more recommendations from people would sort of mean he is doing his job well doesn't it?

    3)Prisoners get a say. Right now, promotions are done by the Wardens and Alpha Guards, with this recommendation system, Prisoners are allowed to vote for who they think is the best guard.

    4)Frees are too rich. (Personal Opinion)

    5)Give guards more money.

    1)People may not use the system. This may happen during the introduction of this system, but I believe that as time goes on and more people begin to recommend the guards they like, this system would soon become a norm.

    2)Guards will get bribed. I think that this would really depend on the integrity of the guard, also, the other guards can help to keep a watch out for their fellow staff members.

    3)Popularity will cause people to be bias. This would turn out to be a real problem, if anyone has a solution, please feel free to say it.

    -A prisoner is allowed to recommend as many people as he/she wants to
    -Alts are forbidden from recommending

    Other alternatives:
    • The prisoner can choose the amount of money he wishes to give the guard, but he would have to pay a fee of 100BP every time the guard receives his salary. (Prevents guards from giving back the money and Prisoners will have to be selective on who they really want to recommend)

    Thanks to these people for their kind reviews:
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    Ps, didnt log on yet and found out i was a trainee :D
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