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    Quote from AxlRosie

    So today on my way to my game design classes, my mind drifted away for a while and I had the most awesome idea.

    A short map with no access to flint and steel; just you and your Blaze companion.
    You have to use him wisely to help you, protect him to keep him alive dogding close explosions and water (I even had this crazy beautiful waterfall area in mind), keep a close eye in your fire resist enchanting so it doesn't runs out before you notice and use your Bruce to activate strategically placed TNT so you can advance to the next area.

    The problem is that there would probably have to be a mod to make your Bruce teleport close to you whenever you get far enough; or else the player wouldn't be able to run, and that would bore them quickly, or the bruce would despawn.

    ...Yeeeah, it sounded awesome in my head.
    I better get back to work. :D

    That sounds crazy an awesome. Vechs or someone should make a small mod for maps like tatty cause that sounds awesome.
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    I loge that now you, Vechs, as a map maker, have so much more control other areas because of what happens. You can now time mob spawns, gives mobs more up and buffs, and finally spawn ele creepers. The only thing that would be nice that is left is that if you could enchant mobs with knock back and the like. Other then that, I just love what is going to happen to your maps.

    Sorrry if it looks like a wall of text to you, I am doing this on my iPad, so not. Much control other things. And on a grimmer note, some people are going to be so screwed by this it's not going to be even funny. (I am looking at you, Rosie).
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    My set up mostly,

    1. Pick
    3. bow
    4. torches
    5-9 any object like battle signs that are useful.
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    Quote from AxlRosie

    I was looking through some footage to put together and upload a video of about 4 minutes of kitten, and found this one so terribly lovely I couldn't resist but upload it separately for you guys.

    Also, @AnotherMinecraftLP that looks awesome!!

    Argh, the kitten is so adorable its not even funny. I want it want much! I had a cat, but it was evil and not adorable

    Also, whens your next video on kazio lp coming up?
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    Quote from Combak

    So, for Super Hostile maps, the Speed Run categories are:

    Tool Assisted (which will be shortened to TA from now on), Easy
    TA, Normal
    TA, Hard

    Vanilla, Easy
    Vanilla, Normal
    Vanilla, Hard

    Correct Sequence, Easy
    Correct Sequence, Normal
    Correct Sequence, Hard

    Did I miss any?

    Took them long enough.

    Yes. While the list is technically right, you forgot hardcore speed runs.

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    I have an idea for a new enchant system for arcana craft. Instead of going to to a enchant table, you can add Augments which are like enchants, but a bit more unique. Unlike enchants, which are mostly random, you get to decide what Augments you want to put on your stuff. However, not all are available and you need to find them and, they not only sometimes need exp, they may need crystals, bars of iron, and other objects to create the Augment

    Wood to iron tools and bars have to slot for Augment making you have to enchant them. Thaumium (not speical) tools and armor, diamond tools and armor and gold tool and armor have 1 slot. Tools like the sword of the zephyr and the like have 2 slots, and tools like the void cutter have 3 slots.

    However, you have to obey a few rules when attaching them to objects especially tier 2 and 3 like the void cutter or axe of the stream. First, then Augment element must not conflict. This means that for the sword of the zephyr you can not have any earth enchants on it because it starts out with air aspects on it. Next, certain abilities are incompatible. A mining augment, for example, can not be added to a sword. After that, the more augments you have on a object, the more other augments will conflict with it. Finally, a few augments can be only applied to a specific tool like a sword or hammer.

    Examples of augments.

    Cleanse Made with a air extract, a vis crystal, and gold bar, when applied to armor, it speeds up the time that debuffs on you go away, when applied to a sword, it removed buffs from foes. Armor/sword only. Augment type: air

    Anatheme Made witha vis extract, a fire extract, a diamond, amd silverwood, it will do 5 extra hearts of damage to all mobs.
    Augment type: Fire
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    I would love to see that different paths in magic would give you different types of armor, so, here are some examples.

    Farseer Helm

    A helmet for a seer, it allows you to use your abilities at a greater rate. The main use combat use is that is allows you to have a chance of causing a crtitcal hit without jumping. Its other ability is that it will allow you predict at a better rate.

    Inquisitorial Chest plate

    This armor is mostly used by people who try to get rid of the forbidden stuff. It causes a 1/8 damage recoil to all mobs that hit you and, makes all your attacks have a smite 1 on them.

    Singularity Chest Plate

    A strange and odd piece of armor, it has a interesting effect. It slowly adsorbs can charge itself up, representing that the center piece gets brighter and brighter. At full charge, when hit, it causes a massive boom in pure vis into the air, causining taint levels to go down and the aura to go up.
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    Quote from pi4t

    I notice that you use the technic pack from your post, TheLazyShadow. That's not generally considered acceptable within this forum. The reason for this is that the technic pack uses mods without the mod creator's permissions (and, in multiple cases, after the mod owner has explicitly said that they weren't allowing them to). I also understand, though from another person rather than myself, that the reason for this is because 'modders are all a bunch of **** with massive egos', according to the readme.

    Obviously this is unfair, (probably) illegal, and shows no respect for the people who actually worked hard to make us these mods. Therefore, I'd strongly request and advise you to drop the technic pack due to the reasons I said above. It's more enjoyable and allows you to get a more customised to your liking game if you install the mods properly, anyway.

    Your an idiot you know that. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT THAT. He can mention it whenever he wants so stop spewing those ideas. So go away you troll.
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    Quote from TheLazyShadow

    I think theses two charms are little OP with how many uses they have i think four uses would be fairer meaning you have to work to keep your lifesaving charms.

    I really like the wisp breeding idea, but how would you suggest it working would it be like Bee breeding in Forestry.
    also i think the Essence of Luck and Eternal Fire are great idea's as there not OP but still very usefull and i always liked the coke coal and other improved fuels in Technic

    I I look at it now and 4 seems better, still, they can be repaired plus, they work together!

    Add for the wisp breeding, its a bit like forestry, however, wisps can mutate do to other factors like taint, the biome and other things.
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    More charms and stuff.

    Charm of Warding

    Combined with a totem of dawn, a extract of purest magic, and 1 gold. You get this. It will passively in your inventory cleanse a area of taint. This wears it out, but less if you do it non passively. If in your hotbar, you can use it to clean taint our of the area at a faster pace, this makes it cost more durability however.

    Charm of Taint

    Using a simmlar recipe, except you need the tainted version of the extract and a totem of dusk, it does the inverse effect of the warding one.

    Charm of the Lost

    This charm has a neat and impressive effect. Combined with 1 gold bar, a vis crystal, a vaporous crystal extract, and a feather. What it does is that once you get down to 1/2 heart, meaning the next hit you get, you will die, you will be instantaneously teleported back to your spawn point. It however only has 10 uses so it will have to be repaired often.

    ​Charm of the Damned

    This charm is similar to the last one, if a bit different. Combined with a vis crystal, 1 gold bar, a extract of a fire crystal, and the same one for a water crystal. What it does is that once you get down to 1/2 heart like the other one. A surge of fire and steam will be sent out. The steam blinds and stuns enemies and the fire does damage. However, it has only 10 durability like the other charm.

    Edit: More stuff!

    Wisp "Breeding"

    With the fact that we might be getting tamable wisps. I have an idea. You can make a block to make new types of Wisps. However you need to create a block that will allow wisps to create crystals. Examples:

    Air is the fastest worker, but lasts the shortest time, earth is slowest, but lasts the longest time. If you are lucky, you can create a new Wisp. Example: Steam Wisp, this wisp produces both fire and water crystals.

    Winter Walker Charm

    This Charm is made with a water crystal extract, a earth crystal extract and a feather. What it does is that whenever you walk on water, it will convert that water into ICE, and Lava into obsidian.

    New Upgrades:

    The upgrades we have are nice and all, but i think we need a few more.

    Essence of Luck: Increases chances of good things happening, (2x crystals from crystallizer, better enchant/cheaper vis cost, more likely to get 2x bars from ores.) {note that you should add 2 upgrade slots for the arcane furnace.}

    Eternal Fire: Makes fuels last longer. (coal lasts for 10 smelts instead of 8).

    Arcane Capacitor: Allows storage of Vis and taint in some objects. (This allows a infuser to hold like 50 vis in it. Note that all blocks hold 50 except the dark infuser whiles hold 60 for vis and 40 for taint.
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    Quote from Maximo_Artorio

    did I just started the cloak wars?

    Yes, you did. Now for more cloaks!

    Epsilon Cloak

    This cloak is made by combing a ender pearl, magic fabric, a tainted crystal, and a anti magic item (will be named later). What this cloak does is quite devastating. In a 8 block area around you, it nullifies any secondary effects like poison, blindness, ect, and it negates so weapons special ability like the bone of wands ability to summon skeletons.

    Oblivion Cloak

    ​A upgrade of the Epsilon cloak it requires that cloak, 1 tainted crystal, 2 soul fragments, and a eye of ender. What it does is that it has the same effect of the Epsilon cloak. However, its effect spread for a 16 block area and, all negative effects will slowly build up to repair the cloak and heal you.

    ​ Aegis Cloak

    A unique little cloak. Combined with a extract of purest magic, a gold bar, a seal, and magic fabric, it has a nifty effect. Whenever you take damage, it fires a blast of soulfire around you. This soulfire dos normally 1 damage however, against skeletons, zombies, and endermen. It will do a massive amount of damage (5 1/2 hearts). This however, takes strain on the cloak and it has to be repaired often.

    Cloak of Entropy

    To make this very forbidden cloak, you need a soul fragment, a spider eye, a ghast tear, magic fabric, and a tainted crystal. This evil cloak spreads in a small area (4 blocks) a very corrosive poison. It may not kill you, but it can do up to 6 hearts of damage, weaking most mobs. It has the bad side effect that sometimes, arround 1-5% of the time, it can taintify mobs.
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    Quote from haette

    This would make a neat "utility" chestpiece.

    I know, zombie hits, cloak sets it on fire. Skeleton arrow? Fire gets sent. Silverfish horde? They all die in a fire. Also... if you like to flee and not fight, this may be for you.

    Cloak of Ice

    Made by combing 1 water crystal, 1 magic fabric, and a snowblock. The cloak of ice freezes targets in place about 2-5 seconds. IF hit with fire, the mob can move, but the fire does 1.5x damage.

    Blinking Cloak

    Combined with vis crystal, a ender pearl and magic fabric. This cloak has a nifty little effect. Whenever you get hit by a mob for damage, you will teleport about 5-10 blocks randomly away from were you were standing. You will be never teleported onto a air block, you must be on ground and it has to be in view distance.

    EDIT: Another one
    Cloak of Flora

    By combing a red and yellow flower, some herb thingy ,and earth crystal, and magic fabric, you get this. What it does is that on damage, it sends magical petals and pollen flying into the air. The petals fly as far as arrow in between a medium and normal charge and do 2 hearts of damage. The pollen however, causes in a short range area, nausea, blindness, and poison.
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    We need some more "combat" charms.

    Cloak of Flames

    Made from a fire crystal, the magic fabric, and 1 vis crystal, when ever you get attacked, a burst of fire (like from wand of fire) will blast around you, burning targest near bye.

    Cloak of Calm

    Made from a vis crystal, the magic fabric, a ender pearl and 1 quicksilver. What it does in increases the range which mobs have to be in to aggro you. I think the ranage is 16 so instead of 16 it is 10.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    I am loving this mod so much. Even if for now, i do not know how to do the awesome and cool things, the basics are very cool.
    This is just a very basic machine I made. Using block breakers and tubing, i made a cobblestone grinder which feeds into a condenser so i can clone any block i want.
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    Quote from haette

    One of the big changes between TC2 and this is less/no use of the crucible as a vis source. It seems to be headed towards a role as a crafting method for low-level materials and products.

    I know that, but I want to keep that in mind. Because ain't it a bit crazy that very pure things like silverwood make taint?
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