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    Website: http://www.minecraftaddicts.com

    Looking for the ultimate Minecraft experience? Since 2010, Minecraft Addicts has been pumping out the best of quality gaming for addicted gamers and for all players around the world. We focus on all game modes run on meticulously tuned worlds, including Build, Creative, PVP, PVE, and Nether. Our focus is around building but offer all types of play. Every block placed was mined going 3 years strong!

    - Longest running server with the highest uptime.
    - Land Management for highest protection.
    - Economies, Survival, Creative options and more.
    - Experienced Staff (A bunch of geeks!)
    - No Lag, No Downtime, No Problem!
    - Owned and Operated by

    - Revolutionary Land Claiming System
    - World Maps (updated daily): Link
    - 7 explorable worlds with many game play options.
    - Perks
    - Highly trained technical expertise!
    - A great community

    Come one come all! We welcome your arrival!

    - The Minecraft Addicts Staff
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