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My name is Jake, and I'm fifteen. I love art, especially pen and pencil sketches. You can see my art work on my deviantART page. If you have any questions, or just want to talk, feel free to contact me via email or Skype. I'm active on the Data Realms Fan Forums, as well as the Wolfire Forums. On Data Realms I am Jackal, and on Wolfire I am MrJackal22. My favorite games are Cortex Command, King Arthur's Gold and Minecraft. I know Cofusm, Tankman652, TDawg41000, DJCookiez, Relyks_skyleR and Love_Caktus in real life. Shalom!

"A smart man knows a lot, but a wise man thinks a lot."

~ Jake Chateau

"One day, man's lust for power will overcome his will to survive."

~ Jake Chateau

"If we can all become selfless in entirety, none of us will have to worry about being wronged."

~ Jake Chateau

"'Normal' is just someone else's form of uniqueness."

~ Jake Chateau

"Strength lies not in the muscles upon your bones, but in the heart within your chest."

~ Jake Chateau

"My face is nothing but a caricature of what's in my heart. If my heart is in pain, my face will contort. If my spirits are lifting, then so will the corners of my lips. If I am strong-willed, my brows will show it. What's inside is what counts."

~ Jake Chateau
Interests Art, programming, architecture, sniping, card tricks, humor, the list goes on.

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