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    Check my list.

    Edit: Oops, my list is for PC/Java Edition, sorry.

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    Quote from Cryptopian»

    Cool list.

    If I had my way I'd find an island with one birch tree (they are easier to farm because they never turn into big tangled messes like oak trees sometime do.).

    I'd also want sugar cane, but I would add pumpkins to my wish list since they are an easier light source than sea lanterns or glowstone.

    I prioritize oak trees because of the apples, for curing zombie villagers. You can deal with the long branch growth issue by putting a cobblestone block above the sappling, at the 10th block from the ground.

    Quote from BigAlanM»

    I'm curious to know how you are finding so many 15 digit seeds that fit your requirements.

    Normal random chance would produce mostly 18 and 19 digit seeds.

    It's 1.8, but the generated maps are still very similar to 1.13 ones.

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    Help yourself to these perfect 1.13 survival island seeds!

    I really love playing on island+oak+cane seeds and I'd like to gather more of them, so if anyone wish to contribute, please post it and I'll add to the list and give credit.




    -2433212456887413774 (by akirby80)







    -6791730534184788618 (by MCDodge34)



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    Quote from truetae»

    Could you please send a screenshot of the island?

    I was given a seed but I can use any I want, as long as it's a small island with an oak tree.
    Quote from TheWesson»

    You need to get a witch to throw a splash weakness potion at a zombie villager (and then feed the zombie villager a golden apple.)

    In other words, trap a witch and a zombie villager and stand behind or near the zombie villager and the witch should hopefully be throwing a potion of weakness at you and hitting the zombie villager in the crossfire (as well as poison potions.)

    The weakness throwing chance is not 100% and you need to get the geometry right I'm guessing.

    You could do it without a nametag as long as you never stray more than 32 blocks from witch or zombie villager.

    I don't know where the sugar cane would come in.

    Ooohh, I get it! Many thanks!
    Since witches are somewhat rarer to find, I guess I'll tag with the Name Tag on them for safety while I search for the zombie villagers.

    No, the sugar cane would be used for brewing a potion of weakness, which anyway I can't make in this challenge because I can't craft a brewing stand.

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    A friend challenged me to breed villagers in a small survival island with only an oak tree and nothing else. I'm allowed to explore whatever's under the island but I'm not allowed to leave it, nether included.

    The only methods I know are by kidnapping villagers from another village, which requires straying from the island, or by curing zombie villagers, which requires sugar cane and going to the nether.

    I researched the gamepedia but found absolutely nothing about it besides these methods.

    I asked her if this was luck/skill/exploration-based, but she said no, that all it would take is time to find common stuff and that it could be done anywhere.

    The only hint I got is that I need one Name Tag for it. Alright, that just left me even more intrigued.

    She said she'll show me if I give up the challenge, but I want to do it myself (although I gave up the finding-out part, hence I'm asking for help here).

    So, how is that possible?

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