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    posted a message on MatrixPE Skyward: looking For Experienced Builders!!
    Quote from TheMadPander»

    Hello, I am the CoOwner and HeadBuilder of MatrixPE. I am currently looking for builders with a good amount of experience to help build SkyWars Maps. We currently have two maps built. We need many more maps built. If interest please let me know! While you're at it, check out the server!

    IP: play.matrixpe.net

    Port: 19132

    Thank you very much !

    -MatrixPE Staff

    My IGN is MrForums, I'd love to help you especially now that you said you are building huge maps.. I usually work with simple blocks.. So uhm.. Just pm me inside your server and lets talk it out.
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    posted a message on =Nexus High School Server= (Need staffs!)

    Name : Choi Solosa (Call me Rence)

    IGN: MrForums

    Age: 14

    Position: Builder, Staff, Admin

    Reason for joining: First of all, I just wanna start out by stating that I'm quite creative especially in games like this... Secondly, I'm more of a modernized builder.. I like to work with simple blocks.. And lastly, I just really enjoy building stuff..

    Possible contributions: I can contribute alot.. Especially in making major designs in the server.. Such as buildings.. And aside from that.. I actually know alot of techniques and methods of building.

    Skype Name: kdota2

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/choisolosa

    P.S Its not my first time doing this..

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    posted a message on Need Builders


    IGN: MrForums

    RTJ: I'm really into the modern style building.. And I actually know what I'm doing and uhmm.. Yep.. like i said, I'm into that modern style of building.. I really like to work with quartz block ALOT.

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: @choisolosa

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    posted a message on WARNING to EVERYBODY who plays multiplayer!

    I really think we should blame server hosts.. Because first of all, you shouldn't just recklessly ban someone if you don't have enough evidences such as seeing them doing it.. or just plain out video reports.. its pretty funny how big servers foolishly do that ..

    SO my point is.

    Server host should atleast go on and check their servers atleast twice a week.. to see if there are some issues or if the reports are actually true..

    But still.. its up to them or you guys..

    That's all for now


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    I just wanna start out by saying... WE REALLY NEED HORSES IN POCKET EDITION.. I mean.. in 0.14.0, we now have basic redstone materials (torches, dust, comparators, pressure plates, etc.) but really.. We don't have that much transportation items.. like horses.. and aside from that.. we don't have NAME TAGS AND SADDLES!?.. Sure, we have anvils that can practically act as nametags.. since you could name the spawn eggs so whenever you spawn a mob.. its named "blah blah" but still.. what about the survival players.. we need those too!

    As I was saying.. Horses are really essential especially for survival players, the main reason is.. horses drop leather more often than cows.. secondly, we need horses for the early transportation.. and that minecraft essence that we desire.. I mean... imagine a barn without a horse.. COME ON.. WE DON'T HAVE HORSES BUT WE HAVE HAYBALES? What is the purpose of haybales then?...

    That's all for now..


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