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    posted a message on small vanilla server looking for members!
    IGN: Isis_Agent (Made for the show Archer way back in the day >_<)
    Player type: i like to build nice stuff… I'm not a pro but i make it look good….
    How can you benefit our community?: i build big farms, and could help build community projects
    Any bans?: none that i am aware of, =]
    Skype(Not Required)
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    posted a message on [GlorySMP] A Vanilla Minecraft Server [ Whitelisted] [20 Slots]
    Part 1 Getting to know you

    IGN: Isis_Agent

    Age:21(almost anyways, will be sept 28)


    Skype Username:Isis_Agent

    Picture of one of your builds(Can be done over Skype , Link or Video):[optional] Dont have any pics on this new computer, and my pc died >_<


    Favorite Building Block:Depends on what area im living in, but generally i would say stone bricks, They go so well with just about everything, cobble yea thats a
    given, but all 3 good woods, sandstone,mossy, it all looks good ^_^

    Favorite Biome to Build in:Extreme Hills

    Strengths: I would like to think im an okay builder, that is where i have the most fun, and i deffinetly try and spend the most time building, i also enjoy making large auto harvest farms, and although it has been a while, i used to really enjoy using redstone but i was by no means ''Good with redstone". I Love caving, mining, bassicly i am a harvester and a builder =p

    Weakness's:I have always been a sucker for a beautiful set of eyes... i know thats not what you were asking for tho, so lolo
    Finishing BIG projects... i can always finish a small project no problem, but those big big ones, nope i have 3 atm on ssp just chillen
    cab to finish lol.

    Part 2: Learning You Minecraft Skills

    On a scale from 1-10 what do you rate your self in the following.

    Building: 8/10

    Fighting Mobs: 6/10

    Farming:9 /10


    Pranking: 9/10

    Part 3: Advanced Questions:

    Expected to have 3+ line answers for most questions.

    Who is your Favorite Minecraft Youtuber?I find i watch bdubs and beef the most, i watch bdubs, because like i said before, i enjoy building, so all the inspiration from bdubs i believe has helped my building. As for beef, i just think he is a good commentator, and i just enjoy watching his channel...

    What makes you better then an average Minecrafter? well, first off maturity, lol, and i really enjoy the community aspect of SMP.

    If you were The_Broseidon, why would you choose yourself? If i were The_Broseidon, I would read through all new applications upon arrival to the forums, i would then weed out the ones who were obviously not a good fit for the server, i would probably be left with 2 applicants. One of them sticks out in my mind, this guy names Isis_Agent. I would think to myself, 'Boy, confident builders are always good for a server, someone willing to help another guy as a priority over finishing his own build/project is also a pretty good trait, and he would rather eat pumpkin pie over just about anything? yup, winner...

    Oh no! Someone pranked you. What do you do?Probably start by cleaning up the prank, and cursing under my breath with a good laugh once its cleaned up... Get my head
    straight, and ponder on how to get sweet revenge, perfect it in creative, and then strike when its least expected... ^_^

    Do you know how to work a nether hub? Sure do, i have made a couple on my
    ssp worlds throughout the years, seen mindcracks a million times, ive seen it so much i bet i could navigate it fairly accurately, this is from the old season ofcourse, since i dont think they have even started on one this new season yet lol

    How many Blocks From Spawn Town are you Supposed to go?
    at least 1500 blocks. (edit missed a 0 >_< officially feel like a dumbass)

    Any Additional Info About You or Your Minecraft Skills? Im Josh, im almost 21, i live in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire, I am the sous chef at An Irish Pub in the next town over, i work alot, so i can only promise 1-4 hours a day to play time depending on the day, but i would love to spend what time i do have with all of you! ^_^
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    posted a message on The Dawn Of Time (10 DAYS TILL NEW MAP - JOIN NOW)
    1. In-game Name:Tylercurrier
    2. Age:19
    3. Why do you want to be a part of The Dawn Of Time? I wish to enroll into the dawn of time, because i am looking for a new land to call home, i have been exiled from my home land, for murdering my wifes lover...
    4. What role will you be/What will you contribute? i would love to contribute everything i am to the cause, i will give my life for my city...
    5. Experience with MineCraft? been playing for about a year now.
    6. Have you read the rules, and will you play by them?ofcourse, i love bacon... who doesnt?
    7. You're running through the forest late at night, skeletons at your heels. You're running out of energy and you realise you won't make it back to your humble abode before the skeletons tear you apart. Suddenly, a bright light is seen through a gap between tree branches, and you dash for it. You spot a small, wood cabin and dive through the door, slamming it shut behind you. You look around the cabin, and see a small, unlocked chest. There is a sign above the door "Welcome to DarkRaptorLither's House". What do you do?

    I shake off the chills running down my spine, from the close encounter, i rummage through my pockets, find my gold, a feather, and a piece of paper.I leave a pile of gold, and a note by the door, stating who i am, what happened, and i will then sleep till morning, on the floor ofcourse, i shall never lie in another mans bed without permission.. when morning comes if DArkraptorlither has not returned, i leave, the house cleaner than when i found it, and continue on my mission.
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    posted a message on Ultra Hardcore Survival Server ******Game Tonight!****
    Lol for real... 4 minutes till game was supposed to start
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    posted a message on Ultra Hardcore Survival Server ******Game Tonight!****
    Is this game happening??
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    posted a message on Ultra Hardcore Survival Server ******Game Tonight!****
    IGN TylerCurrier

    Sounds fun...
    Starts 9 Pm est? tonight?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [Survival/Creative Worlds] Economy/Shops ★ Need Players! ★ SMALL SERVER! ★ 24/7 No-Lag
    Minecraft Username: TylerCurrier
    Why do you like our server?: Seems like Good MAture people, being older than alot of the minecrafters i find, its nice being in a mature friendly environment.
    Do you have any suggestions?: Keep up the good work ^_^
    How will you benefit the server?:
    I will be a good member, who hones his building skills, to oneday become epic like the span builders =-p
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    posted a message on Float Survival Map
    oh, ok.. lp not really gunna be an option haha... first map, so ill cut you some slack, but deffinetly neds to be longer,or harder to find the treasure or somethng
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    posted a message on Float Survival Map
    Downloaded... will make a LP once i get a new mic... ( gunna do a non recorded playthrough fist tho haha
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    posted a message on [EpicBiomes/Surv] the3rdnumber's maps (A MUST SEE!)
    OMG Arugenia looks like the most epic map i have ever seen, but for somereason the adf.ly link is just bringing me to my mediafire page, for uploads... can anyone help please? ( i am new to forums and downloading, been playin offline since beta tho) so if anyone could help that would be great^_^
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