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    posted a message on Kyanite Kingdom - Vanilla New Zealand Owned.
    Hey, well this is my application :)


    Preferred name: Em
    Minecraft Name: MrEminemFan
    Skype (highly preferred) or other contact method: Yes I do have it, I will give it to you if I'm accepted if thats alright :)
    Have you been banned from a server before, why?: Not that I would know of.
    Rate your building skill, and link a picture or video if possible: Well I can't say I'm a really really good builder, but I think I'm good, like a 7-8/10.
    Will you record for YouTube (not required): Not really sure, maybe? Because I've never really recorded any minecraft gameplay.
    Tell us about yourself (likes, dislikes): Well I'm from Slovenia( a really small country in Europe) I've been playing minecraft since like 1.5 beta? Atleast thats the oldest I remember haha, but since then I've never really found a good server to play on, so I hope its this one. If I'm not playing minecraft I'm normally hanging out with friends or something like that. I also play League of Legends(also been playing for about 1,5 years now). I like chill people, that don't cause drama or anything, just play and have fun. And I don't really like cheating players or greifing, and all of that.
    Tell us a joke: Hmm, don't really know any other really funny ones haha, so here goes:

    How does Steve get his exercise?

    He runs around the block!

    (Yeah I know, I'm really funny)

    And also, random BOAT.
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    posted a message on Minceraft 1.5.2 Whitelist Vanilla
    My Application

    IGN: MrEminemFan
    SKYPE (IF YOU HAVE):screwyoufoo (I know its a dumb name, I made it like 3 years ago)
    WILL YOU RECORD?:I probably could, but I don't have fraps atm.
    STRENGTHS: Building, Survival, making all kinds of farms, from mob farms to automatec wheat farms etc.
    WEAKNESSES: Redstone? Kindoff, I know how to do stuff with redstone, but not those complicated builds, that take 2 hours to explain.


    Why should we choose you?: Beacuse I've been in alot of other communities like this one but all of them fell apart cuzz alot of the others went inactive, and I hope in this one everyone else would be as active as I am.
    Anything else you would like to add?: I love the rain!
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    posted a message on Closed server

    What do you like about Minecraft?Everything, the fact that I can do anything I want, anytime I want, I haven't had more fun on a game than Minecraft.
    Why do you want to join the server?Kindoff tired of being all alone on a singleplayer world, and I've been on someother servers before but they all got shutdown and I miss the feel of playing with others.
    What are your strengths and weaknesses in regards to Minecraft.:My strenghts are building, exploring, caving and building all sorts of xp farms. My weaknesses are probably pvp and redstone, I do know some redstone, but not enough for me to feel like I know redstone.
    Do you like to play adventure maps, games etc. If so which.: Not really a big fan of adventure maps, but I do like playing like Hunger Games or Ultra Hardcore and survival maps etc.
    Do you have skype?:Yes I do.
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    posted a message on Fully Vanilla Minecraft server [1.4.5] [EU]
    Skype name:screwyoufoo
    What do you like to do:I like to explore alot, I do ALOT of caving and I gather every resorce I find, after I find a nice area I like I always build a base, and I usally build somesort of mobfarm next to it, and I like to build villiges around my base.
    Why should we accept you:I'm great at building, I've been on other survival servers, but sadly they got taken down. I can help build the nether hub, beacuse I've build one on of of the servers I've been on. I like to play minecraft, I have alot of experiance with anything minecraft, sence I've been playing sence 1.5 beta.
    Other information:I'm a nice person, I like to meet others that play minecraft. I can play atleast 2 hours a day or more.
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    posted a message on Experiences with fighting the Wither
    Alll you need is protection IV armor and a regeneration potion, thats what keeps you alive.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    the hell? I installed everything, and at first only singelplayer commands worked, but world edit didn't so I force updated my minecraft and installed everything again and now even the singleplayer commands dont work?
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    posted a message on Help with redstone
    If you see on the picture, theres 2 presure plates, and only the 1st one makes the piston retrackt, I want the 2nd one to do the same.
    Thats where I need help, I don't know how to do that
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    posted a message on Help with redstone
    So as the tittle says, I need some help with redstone. I suck at redstone, I know some stuff about it, but I dont know much about it.

    So on this picture, the 1st presure plate makes the piston go down, so you can pass and go trough to the other room, and if you see theres another one on the other side, witch I want to do the same, when I want to exit the room. And thats where I don't know what to do here. And for anyone asking its for villigers, so they can't enter my storage room.
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    posted a message on 1.4 - Pigman villager as new mob Theory
    Guys! I figured it all out!

    The new mob is gonna be a spider pig :ooooooooooooooooooo
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    posted a message on Display Cases and Flower Pots (Everything decorational!)
    mother of god, if they add flower pots i'm just gona explode of happines
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    posted a message on Display Cases and Flower Pots (Everything decorational!)
    I love you dinnerbone
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    posted a message on Slime Farm Tutorial for 1.3.1
    Thank you very much!
    I've been looking for a good simple design for quite a while, and all the other ones I made didn't work at all, and this one is working perfectly, so thanks for sharing this!
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    posted a message on [⋆★★★⋆Minecraft Bukkit PvP Server Wordonia⋆★★★⋆]
    IGN: MrEminemFan

    Please add
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    posted a message on OKraft Server [Vanilla, MindCrack style, Snapshot, Whitelisted, 1.3pre]
    • In game name: MrEminemFan
    • Age:16
    • Gender: M
    • How active are you: I can play 3-5 hours a day.
    • General Location: Slovenia, and I saw someone else here form Slovenia applyed and you said that you would
    • never be on at the same time, this isn't a problem for me I can be up the whole nigth if needed, you just have to tell
    • me before :)
    • Personal specialty in MineCraft ( good at building, redstone, etc.) : I'm good at making mob farms & xp farms,
    • I know some redstone, and I'm quite good at building.
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    posted a message on New MindCrack type of server!
    Minecraft name: MrEminemFan
    YouTube name:
    Do you watch MindCrackers?: Yes, I'm subsrcibed to almost all of them and also watch all of their videos.
    Age: 16
    Mature?: Yes
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