About Me
Names Firza, i dont feel like... it was just a mistake while i set my name as MrCrocker.. i was just an 15 yr old Boy XD , oh so .

About Me..

I love playing MC, but since i have interest in installing mods.. i use mods now , i love mods
basically.. i look over other peoples mod.. i dont like insulting people (member) here.. except if someone starts..

You know.. i respect every mod maker here.. with MCreator.. or Java Codes.. seriously .. i really respect them.. i never ever insults someone mod..

One day i want to start modding..i dont know when.. i cant decide it.. but if i got a time .. i will surely make a mod.. simple mod.. a weapons mod.. not just an ordinary mod

oh and also if i already learned coding.. everything else.. i will surely make a addon of a mod

Ex: CrazyOres Weapons Addon (but i must ask the author of the mod if i can make an addon for the mod)

well .. thats all , thank you for reading this :)
Mods? yeah
Cars? Yeah , but fast and high end cars :P
Minecraft? ABSOLUTELY!!
Mining In MC? thats my hobby and primary job :3
Hunting/Combat In MC? Yep, my second MC Hobby
Studying?? Yep

and moreeee :)
Location uhh, Earth Exactly

Profile Information

Minecraft TrueRanger_13