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I'm from the U.S.A. Grew up in a big family. 10 kids in all. I can't say I wasn't given any attention. I was given to much. That is, me giving my parents more trouble then I can remember. I didn't like school. Never had. Had a really big problem going to school. Sure I wished now, that I'm an adult. I would had made other choices. But its to late. I am what I am. I have many hobbies and interests. Most of all, family. Means more then the world it self to me.


I love history, animals, fishing, cooking and a bit of gardening. I love learning more about the world around us. Life and the world around us is beautiful. Don't waste it not letting it be appreciated. Most of all, I love classical movies with a passion. Last but not least, I love to play games. One way of expressing my love for creating art and being creative, Is playing Minecraft.

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Minecraft michael