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    posted a message on [1.16.1] Finder Compass - turns the vanilla item into a configurable search utility
    Quote from AtomicStryker

    I just checked against my Forge 998 MC, it works.

    That did the trick. MCF -- nope. MCF -- yes. Must've been something MCF fixed between versions.

    MCF says it wants to see an 'mcmod.info' file in the *.zip ... but there is one right there in the *.zip. Another weirdness about MCF.
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    posted a message on [1.16.1] Finder Compass - turns the vanilla item into a configurable search utility
    Doesn't seem to be working. Instructions in the first post are also a bit off. Using Forge Mod Loader v10.x and Finder Compass 1.7.2 while playing Survival Single Player mode.

    First time I started Minecraft, FML said the mod was loaded, but manipulating the compass did nothing. I had to quit Minecraft, and start it a second time. (Maybe the default config files aren't loaded after being created the first time?)

    The instructions in the first page say:
    Short tutorial, FML VERSION: Install FML according to it's instructions. Read readme file inside zip you downloaded.

    There is no readme file inside FinderCompass_1.7.2.zip

    The instructions in the first page say:
    Take your standard compass into your hand and USE it to swap between Settings.

    Using the compass (right-click) does nothing. Hitting a block with the compass (left-click) will make a clicking sound and text message appears on the console to say "Finder Compass Mode: Working Man's Mineables"

    Once I have the compass in-hand, and I've hit blocks until it says "Working Man's Mineables" (which, according to config/FinderCompass.cfg should include gold, iron, and coal), the compass does not react when I am standing near coal (ore) blocks. I am not using a custom textures resource pack, nor am I using any mods aside from the three that are built-in to Forge Mod Loader, and FinderCompass itself.

    I reserve the liberty of not responding to posts stating ("It crashes", "doesn't work") and so on unless you provide an error message or log. Read the included textfile.

    There is no error message -- it is not working as described (well, not decribed since there is no description, just YouTube videos). You do not specify which log I am to enclose -- I assume you mean the log files in the 'crash-reports/' folder, but none was generated when testing the FinderCompass mod. And as I've already mentioned above: there is no included textfile inside FinderCompass_1.7.2.zip.

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    posted a message on Sky Den: A Modded Sky Survival Map with NPCs and Quests, now with Cosmic Patch. Featured by CaptainSparklez!
    Minium Stones can be used quite a number of times before breaking...

    Oh! So they're catalysts, not just wildcard ingredients. Okay. (tries it out) holy crapoli these things are powerful. Now that I have one, I can see over 140 different transmutation recipes, and it seems the Minium stone can be used to convert 1440 blocks before breaking. This obsoletes most of my trading with the denizens of Skyden, and obsoletes the Thaumcraft transmutations I used to make iron nuggets.

    64 cobblestone * 1 Minium Stone -> 64 grass blocks * Minium -> 64 sand blocks * Minium -> 16 sandstone * Minium -> 4 clay * furnace -> 4 brick items -> 1 brick block. The Minium Stone loses about 10% of it's durability through all this, but it's much faster than harvesting cacti for the sand.
    72 wheat * Fritz -> 9 gold nuggets -> 1 gold ingot * 1 Minium Stone -> 8 iron ingot. 4 of them are set aside for making the next Minium Stone.

    I also used the soulshards mod and xycraft mod(for it's bricks mobs can't spawn on.)

    In case you aren't allowed to use xycraft, you should know vanilla minecraft has many blocks you can walk on that won't spawn mobs: slabs (lower-half), stairs (flat-side down), fence, fencegates, glass, glass panes, hatch-doors (lower half), tilled soil. This doesn't count for the area around spawner blocks of course, since those can spawn mobs in mid-air.
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    posted a message on Sky Den: A Modded Sky Survival Map with NPCs and Quests, now with Cosmic Patch. Featured by CaptainSparklez!
    Quote from Shiitake

    You should be making far more use of NEI than you appear to be! It can tell you about every recipe in the game ...

    But to look up the recipe for clay, I'd need to already have clay or brick in my inventory before I can mouseover and touch 'r' for the recipe. :(
    It feels very wrong to use the cheat menu to myself 64 clay or 64 brick, even if I'm only going to use it to look up recipes and immediately discard the ill-gotten item into the void.

    Whelp. Looking up clay now... and it looks ridiculous.
    (EDIT: I was mistaken about how Minium Stones are used, it isn't that ridiculous.)

    1 clay = 4x gravel + 1x Minium stone
    1 gravel = 4x dirt + 1x Minium stone. That's nuts.
    1 clay = 4x sandstone + 1x Minium stone = 16x sand + 1x Minium stone. That's better.
    ... and 1 Minium stone = 8x shards of Minium + 1x Inert Stone = 8x shards of Minium + 4x stone + 4x iron ignots + 1x gold ingot
    1 clay = 16x sand + 8x shards of Minium + 4x stone + 9x gold nuggets + 36x Metallum essentia
    1 brick block = 4x clay = 64x sand + 32x shards of Minium + 16x stone + 36x gold nuggets + 144x Metallum essentia
    1 alloy furnace = 8x brick blocks = 32x clay = 512x sand + 256x shards of Minium + 128x stone + 288x gold nuggets + 1152x Metallum essentia

    I've been playing for six days and I only have 36 shards of Minium. This is going to take me a very long time to do it without cheating. :steve_tearful:

    Maybe I can build a mob grinder to get all that Minium, and quadruple the size of my farms to harvest them in a timely fashion for trade at the Skyden for the necessary other ingredients... but I'd have to build facilities double the size as what I've already made, and ChocolateySyrup said I've already built larger than he expected. I worry that I'm on the wrong path here; is there something I'm still missing?

    I am a vanilla Minecraft player; I've never before played with mods that modify the game's contents. I may seem a bit stupid.
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    posted a message on Sky Den: A Modded Sky Survival Map with NPCs and Quests, now with Cosmic Patch. Featured by CaptainSparklez!
    "Cobblestone Generator Five is alive! do not disassemble!"

    I could move the lava and wait for an ember to jump out of the source block onto the portal, but there's another way.
    I only need a fire block inside the portal. The ember particles that pop out of a lava source block is one way, or I could run a path of wood from the lava, since lava has a chance of igniting wood within 3m, and fire can appear on the sides of burning wood blocks.

    As for Thaumcraft, I understand guesswork and uncovering the mysteries (and a little frustration) is part of the mod's intended experience. I am 0kay with this. My only desired change is the player should be instructed how to make a Wand Of The Apprentice, and to use that wand on a bookshelf to make a Thaumonomicon. The Thaumonomicon explained enough to me so I could get going the rest of the way.

    re: brass ingots -- that must be an error in whatever mod it comes from. Copper + Zinc = Brass. Copper + Tin = Bronze. If Thaumcraft 3 (or RedPower 2, or Equivalent Exchange 3) requires a bronze-making recipe to make items called "brass ingot," that's not your fault. (I spent so many metallic items trying to research a way to transmute essentia into zinc... arrrrgh.)

    re: bricks. I still haven't figured out how to get clay without using a Descriptive book to travel somewhere that has riverbeds. Don't tell me! I haven't given up yet! Maybe if I tried baking a slimeball... *cough*cough* no and that smells horrible. I need to transmute some over-cleaner now.
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    posted a message on Sky Den: A Modded Sky Survival Map with NPCs and Quests, now with Cosmic Patch. Featured by CaptainSparklez!
    The first LP of Sky Den.

    ... so my screenshots don't count?
    Day 05 - https://mlkshk.com/r/NOY3.jpg - the one where I am cranky about Thaumcraft
    Day 06 - https://mlkshk.com/r/NRL8.jpg - the one where I am no longer cranky and I have refugees.

    * Provide more of all farming materials.

    Nah, mate. The farming stuff accelerates very quickly, and you can milk the mooshroom for food enlessly before then. I had more farm-produced items than I knew what to do with before I finished the second major (gnollboss) quest.

    * More sand per cactus.

    Again, accelerates quickly. Each cactus plant grows 3 high, so you punch the bottom one, use 1 to replant, and the other 2 for more sand. It increases geometrically. Soon you'll have more than you know what to do with.

    * Be clear with the end, I have 12 ender pearls and 12 blaze powder, can I go to the end now or do I have to wait?

    ... this is something that weirds me out too; because of the rules of what's available but I'm not allowed to use (like linking books), I don't know if I've accidentally done sequence-breaking. I.E.: I was able to use water long before I received a bucket, and I could've used the lava in the cobblestone mechanism to open the nether gate long before I received the flint-and-steel. I think if ChocolateySyrup had access to something like the permissions-zoned blocks I find in multiplayer maps ("no you cannot open this door / use this table / break this block") then we wouldn't need the metagaming to prevent us from sequence-breaking the story.

    * Bug fixing.

    Give bug reports, don't just assume there are bugs to fix. And be prepared for "that's not a bug, it's supposed to do that."
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    posted a message on Sky Den: A Modded Sky Survival Map with NPCs and Quests, now with Cosmic Patch. Featured by CaptainSparklez!
    I had to use TMI to get around a Gnollboss quest I couldn't complete, depite having the correct items.

    Gnollboss quest "Rite of Magic" asks that I fetch "Potion:0/1, Wand of the Apprentice:0/1, Ghast Tear:0/1". The quest description text says "The potion he wants is a Splash Potion of Harming II." I brewed a Splash Potion of Harming (Instant Damage II)," but it didn't work. I went into the quests.dat with a hexeditor just to make certain
    * "id" 0x0175 -> item ID 373 -> "Potion"
    * "Damage" 0x402C -> metadata ID 16428 -> Instant Damage Type + Tier 2 + Splash

    That matches the potions I brewed in my inventory (TMI says they're each "373:16428"), but the quest still says I don't have "Potion:0/1".

    I threw away the potions, and turned on "cheat" mode in TMI to give myself the exact same 373:16428 potion. Same tooltips, same item IDs, but now the quest says its complete. So weird.
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    posted a message on Sky Den: A Modded Sky Survival Map with NPCs and Quests, now with Cosmic Patch. Featured by CaptainSparklez!
    I'm still playing it.
    4. https://mlkshk.com/p/NMKP

    Wands can be made with... You can see the recipe by highlighting a gold nugget and hitting R [actually 'U'].

    You mustn't assume that players know everything you know about the mods you've appended to vanilla minecraft, without being told by you. I humbly request that a reminder for these 'R' and 'U' keys to be added to the book you receive from the Enchanter NPC, the one that says "you now have permission to use the anvil and enchantment table." That book serves no other purpose, it's only one page. Seems to be the most appropriate place in the plot sequence too, since everything up to that point are normal recipes, and gold nuggets aren't available until [REDACTED] anyways.

    I still wouldn't know to check a gold nugget specifically to get the wand's recipe, instead of the umpteen other recipes from checking the sixty or so items I've produced up until now, but an appropriate place to insert "check the gold nugget" information into the game doesn't immediately come to mind.

    (uses 'U used-with' on rotting flesh). Oh my god you mean I could've gotten leather for books by cooking zombie gibs? Damnit, makes me want to be a cranky old man and say something stupid like "I did it the right way! by killing cows in front of their children!"

    Lighting: I saw what I saw. I idled next to Hennepin, and a zombie comes 'round the corner behind Fritz. I'm talking to the Gnollboss, and I get an arrow in the back of my head from a skeleton that walked in from outside. It put a few arrows in the the Gnollboss before I came back from AFK, I had to push Pup out of the way, and I struck down the monster. (Some badass Hunter is, to let Gnollboss and Pup be in danger). When I resolved to put torches on the Skyden island, I found a zombie playing in the pool behind the building. Those glowy blocks just ain't safe in my version of the world (Minecraft 1.4.7, Java 1.7.0_09, no mods that didn't come with Skyden, Faithful 32x32 texture pack, English(UK) language setting).

    Spawn: I've used my bed to skip the nighttime more than once. Maybe it's because I haven't moved the bed since the start of the map? Maybe I should make a bunk-bed. "Bunk beds are fun for all sorts of activities."

    It's great to see your build, rather unlike any I've seen yet.

    The two-tiers I knew would be different; right after discovering the cobblestone generator, I used the water as a rope to build under the islands. I also diverted the water to start my garden before I got the bucket. You can see the diverted water in the top image of https://mlkshk.com/r/NIN2 .
    I figured my use of distance markers (alternating 4m of cobble & wood) on the bridges would be unusual; I wanted something not only to break up the monotony of bridgebuilding, but also to measure where other islands would link-up.

    The bridges-between-islands method I thought would be very common. I know you expected towers, since one of the NPCs mentions building towers in a quest description; I may be be deliberately avoiding towers because it was suggested :steve_sneaky: . When I was running out of room in my residence, I started building a second floor, then I tore out the floor and just put my storage chests on high shelves (see left-side, third-down of http://mlkshk.com/r/NMKP.jpg). I can still reach all of them while standing on the floor in the centre, and I have more room to walk around.
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    posted a message on Sky Den: A Modded Sky Survival Map with NPCs and Quests, now with Cosmic Patch. Featured by CaptainSparklez!
    I'm playing it.
    1. https://mlkshk.com/p/NHZE
    2. http://mlkshk.com/p/NIN2
    3. http://mlkshk.com/p/NKUS

    There are some annoyances that may need debugging.
    * the inventory screen has "give yourself anything," which I know I'm supposed not to use but it's right there in my face, man.
    * when trading with an NPC, I accidentally Ctrl-clicked an item, and I got 64x of that item deposited in my inventory for free. That can't be something you intended. I had to figure out how much stuff I should throw in the void to keep it fair.
    * this weird inventory screen's "SAVE" buttons cover the left 25% of any large game interfaces, like the enchantment table. I haven't seen this enchantment table interface before, and I think the text behind the 'SAVE' buttons was supposed to help me. I ended up enchanting a shovel by pressing the bits between buttons at random.
    * those light-panels on the island outside the NPCs sky-den? The light-panels don't prevent monster spawns. I've had to chase zombies and skeletons that head into the building, and try to hit them without hitting the NPCs or the little pup. This is nerve-wracking, and I'm certain it wasn't your intention. I ended up violating your 'don't mess with this island' rule to put sufficient torches to prevent monsters spawning.
    * Respawning isn't at the bed, like with normal single- and multi-player maps I've played. Instead, my respawn is a random direction and distance from my bed. I died many times in a row before I land on the home island. I ended up building a 20x20 'safety-net' and I hope it's big enough to catch me.
    * One of the major quests requires I'm make a "wand." This isn't a normal minecraft item, and nobody's told me the recipe. How'm I supposed to know the recipe? (Do one of the other NPCs tell me as the result of a sidequest? I don't think so, I haven't seen any new sidequests after seeing to the Herbalist's ample melons. And by that I mean her fruit.)

    On the plus side: I can see your hand in the NPC text and art, and this feels good. The sky-box maps never appealed to me before this one.

    I've had some pleasant facepalm moments. Here's one: on my first trip in the Nether, I forgot not to use normal blocks for the floor. After building my bridge halfway out to [REDACTED], I looked back and saw what must've been sixteen chunks worth of zombie pigmen all huddled around the few normal blocks I left around the portal, trying not to push each other off. I tried rebuidling the floor, but, well, crowded small area, one pigman stepped in front of my pickaxe, and took grave offence. Much of my blood was spilled before they felt their honor was restored for the great toe-stubbing incident.
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    posted a message on [V1.2.5]Formivore's Mods - City, Wall & Ruin Generators
    For those looking for a version of Formivore's Walled City that will work with 1.4.7... and are spooked at the idea of reading over 1600 posts to find the one and only that mentions a recent update, it's post #1569.

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    posted a message on Trying to encrypt whole handwritten paragraphs by writing in the Elian Script
    I quickly put together something for substituting Elian Script for the magic text in texture packs.
    This should replace font/alternate.png. I think these need to be replaced in minecraft.jar -- I tried replacing them in a texturepack, but it had no effect on gameplay. For Elian Script simples flying between the enchantment table and the bookshelves, you will also need to change the bottom 16px of 'particles.png' in minecraft.jar.

    Since this forum software insists on white backgrounds only, it will look invisible here. :(
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    posted a message on X-Ray Mod with Opacity, Cave Finder, Fullbright (Always updated!)
    Not working. Applied the patch, started the game in single-player mode.
    No response to pressing X, C, nor Ctrl-X

    EDIT: nevermind. I was using MCPatcher. Tried it again with the folloiwng and it worked fine:

    cd ~/.minecraft/mods
    mkdir xr ; cd xr
    unzip ../XRay-1.2-1.3.1.zip
    jar uf ~/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar *
    zip ~/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar -d 'META-INF/*'
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    posted a message on [V1.2.5]Formivore's Mods - City, Wall & Ruin Generators
    Formivore has the code checked-in at http://code.google.com/p/formivore-minecraft-mods/source/checkout
    There's an update on March 7th that mentions new world heights... that MIGHT be the 1.2 update, but I haven't figured out yet how to compile it (I suspect I need a set of unobfuscated minecraft libraries for the dependency checking).

    Wouldn't surprise me if Formivore is waiting for 1.3 and the craftbukkit integration. Mojang said that they'll be doing something bukkit-like, but it wouldn't be exactly like that, so the modders will have to learn the new API when it is finally published.
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    Quote from Bard_of_Hibbing

    More specifically what does 5.0E-4 mean?

    5.0E-4 is computer jargon for "5.0 times ten to the power of -4", or moving the decimal point 4 places to the left.
    5.0E-4 == 0.0005
    ... if you're getting walls "everywhere," then something else is going on because that should be a 5-in-10,000 chance of spawning a wall. Sorry I can't offer any more help; I don't have enough information about your set-up.

    Quote from Opposing Forces

    not sure if this is a bug but all the ruined cities spawn villagers and ghasts, and normal cities spawn baddies and villagers... really want to get rid of the ghasts spawning. lol.

    Look in the *.tml files for blockids "308" or "316". See http://code.google.com/p/formivore-minecraft-mods/wiki/BlockRules for a list of the special blockIDs used for monster spawners.
    Quote from Sodisna

    It seems I can't get any thing to load. It just freeze at world generation.

    No error messages from ModLoader nor formivore's code. What does the java virtual machine report when you run minecraft from the console instead of clicking on an icon to start it?

    When the game crashes on my computer, I can start it from a terminal window with 'java -jar ./Minecraft.jar' and it will report to that terminal window if the java virtual machine throws an exception or an error, and it will tell me where it happens. I don't know how to do that in Windows, since that computer seems to be all about pointy-clicky and hiding text from people.
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    (don't know why cursecom doubleposted my message)
    (can't delete, can only edit)
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