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    posted a message on Better Together Command Differences

    So I switched to Better Together on my Xbox because you can use the command line and command blocks but I've found that not everything is the same as with the Java Edition.

    I can't get /gamerule commandblockoutput false to work. Okay maybe a bug that will be fixed.

    I can't seem to use the /give command and give enchanted items.

    RandomTickspeed has been removed as far as I can find.

    Unbreakable:1 has been removed

    You can't go passed the max enchantment level on items. (Kind of figured they do away with that though)

    So I guess my question would be is there someplace I can go to find out what will and won't work in the XBox better together version?

    I made some killer challenge maps for the Java Edition and wanted to make them on the XBox but I gave some really good rewards for some of my challenges like mega weapons and unbreakable items and I can't do that any more.

    I'm liking what I'm seeing in better together just need more information with what commands will and won't work any more.

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    posted a message on Are There Limits To How Many Dispensers Will Trigger Per Tick?

    I've built a very nice vertical TNT Cannon to be used to launch a person with an Elytra.

    My current version has 48 dispensers and will launch a person a little over 1200 blocks high.

    I run into a problem though when I try to go beyond 48 dispensers especially in the XBox One edition.

    The PC seems to do much better. Where I run into a problem is that no matter what wiring I use to trigger it when I go beyond 48 dispensers some fail for no apparent reason. They will all work for one test. After the first test then I have to either break and replace the dispenser or a piece of redstone then they will all work again for that test.

    Each layer of 12 Dispensers I add, at least for the PC, sends me up 300 blocks higher.

    My other option, which should work for the PC version, is to use command blocks and place and remove a redstone block behind each dispenser.

    I'd rather not do it this way because I can't carry this over to my XBox One version.

    For a TNT cannon to work properly all the TNT must be dispensed on the same tick. In other words when you push a button to trigger all of them it should sound like just one click with they dispense.

    Any ideas?

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    posted a message on Ultimate 1.11 Pumpkin & Melon Farm

    Great idea. Works great!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    posted a message on Vertical TNT Cannon PC vs XBox One

    Yeah I kind of noticed things are not working right but at least we got an update. I didn't know if it was just me and my console. I'll keep trying with the Xbox. I did make one that worked better but it takes way too much TNT. It takes 64 blocks of TNT per shot and you only go up 55 blocks. I'd done better just to stack them and jump off! LOL For the PC it takes 24 blocks of TNT to go up over 300. 12 blocks of TNT to go up 80. May do a video but most people already know how to make a vertical TNT cannon. It does shoot mobs up nice though!

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    posted a message on Vertical TNT Cannon PC vs XBox One

    I'm having a little problem with a TNT cannon. I needed a vertical TNT cannon to use as an Elytra launcher. It works great on the PC. Shoots you up over 300 blocks high. I built the same cannon on my XBox One and it only shoots you up 20 blocks at best. Is this a glitch or are there just some things that won't work the same. I could do the horizontal launcher found here in the forum but where my house is located its too flat.


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