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    We are now on the FTB Forums! I'll be more active there do to the forum being a lot less derpy, and it actually being active, oh, and I know when someone posts on the thread!

    Stuff until v0.0.0.2 a.k.a. 1.7.x:

    Mantle Update Check
    CoFH Core Update
    1.7.x Tutorials
    I learn to gradlize MortTech
    I port my crap

    MortTech is not you standard tech mod, think of it as ((GregTech/Greg)(RotaryCraft-Steep Learning Curve)+Tinker's Construct)^Thermal Expansion 3

    You're probably saying "What!?" Okay let me explain, MortTech is like GregTech with out the pointless nerfing and ridiculous tedium, so the Tech with out the Greg, but it is also like RotaryCraft, except with less of a learning curve, and we will eventually have modular mutliblock [and single block] machines, similar in a way to Tinker's Construct tools, and hopefully the whole mod will be as intuitive and well designed as Thermal Expansion 3.


    Only the Core, World, Base, Alloys, Machines, and Compat modules will be in first Alpha but here are the plans for all modules:
    Machines [including Alloys, Modular Power and PowerSuits]
    Forge Utilities
    Solar Engines and Dynamos
    Advanced Tinkering
    Ceramic and Steam Pipes
    Alternate UU [including UU+]
    Ars Alchemica [including Runic Stones]
    Addons for Forestry [Forestry Addon]
    Extra Crops
    Mysterious Books
    Improved Dyes
    Forbidden Thaumaturgy [Thaumcraft Addon]
    Animal Genders
    Kitty Talents
    More Animals
    Sheep Genetics
    Fox Talents
    Better Villages
    Player Expansion
    MortEssentials [Server Stuffs...]


    9 Machines
    Some Ores
    Thaumcraft aspects

    Spawn Book
    More Alloy things
    More Ore Stuff
    TiC Alloy Smelting
    Latex Trees

    Alpha 0.0.3.x - 0.0.9.x:
    Ore Compat
    Tinker's Tools
    Modular Machines

    Beta 0.1.x.x:
    Full Tech Tree
    Configurable Research
    Multipart Machines

    Beta 0.2.x.x:
    ...and more...

    Bugs Reports:

    If you found a bug, great! Report it HERE so we can see it, as it will likely get lost in the forum thread, and you won't report a known bug :)

    Known Bugs:

    No Recipes [Will be fixed in]
    Crank doesn't Render [Will be fixed in when I can]
    Crank is missing its texture [Will be fixed soonish]




    Old Versions:

    v0.0.0.1a (No Config)


    Pre-Alpha v0.0.0.1b

    Sawdust and Sonic Wrench Textures
    Creative Tab
    Config File

    Pre-Alpha v0.0.0.1a:

    Added Woodmill
    Added Crank
    Added the Tier 3 Wrench
    Added Sawdust
    No Recipes Yet


    Install like every other Forge Mod. For beginners, use the guide below:

    1. Install v9.11.1.965 (the recommended build) of Minecraft Forge (see here for a tutorial)
    2. Place MortTech in the /mods folder

    *Earlier builds may work, builds through will likely not though.

    Video Install Coming Soon

    Website and Dev Blog:
    Dev Blog


    Mortvana: Code, Design, Art
    _11: Art, and eventually Code


    The code of MortTech in source and/or binary form is the intellectual property of the MortTech Team. The end user [From here on know as "You"] may not reproduce or modify MortTech, except for personal use. You may not redistribute MortTech freely, in Alpha and later, Beta this will change, as it is only for stability issues you are however permitted to distribute MortTech in your modpack, as long as it is strictly non-profit [donations strictly for the web hosting are allowed] and none of the other mods are included against their license. With written permission from the MortTech Team, you may forgo applicable parts of the license.

    [1-24-2014] Addendum to the December 11th, 2013 Minecraft EULA Revision:
    MortTech is based on MY MortTech anime, as such, while the code I labor over in my free time may be stolen by Mojang, my art, and the designs of everything in MortTech are my intellectual property, as such Mojang can not use MortTech with out my explicit permission.

    BigBadChris's (Feed the Beast's Art Guy) Comic explaining the new EULA:


    Donate Button Coming Soon
    My Patreon Page
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    It seems that with Electrodynamics 1.3.3 you can lat wormwood on grass, and no matter what state it is in, it gives you seed as if it were fully grown, I believe this to be a dupe bug.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Coming For Xbox One!
    XBox One? You mean the XBox None? I'll buy a PS4 IF I ever buy another console, because:
    1. Microsoft Macrosoft decided too commit suicide, at least logic suicide with the Windows 8, than this!?!? If Runic Games makes Torchlight and Torchlight II for Linux, I WILL SWITCH TO LINUX FASTER THAN YOU CAN SAY "FORGE MODLOADER, BY CPW AND LEXMANOS" OR "SCREW TEKKIT, I HAVE FORESTRY" OR EVEN "SCREW FLOWERCHILD, I HAVE FORGE"!!!!
    2. Nintendo has a FEW good games, but most aren't that good.
    3. Computer gaming > Console Gaming
    Also, what logical person would play MC on the console, which doesn't have mods (I can't live with out my Forestry, TConstruct, Thermal Expansion, etc. but during the RP2 Shortage of Minecraft 1.3, I learned to Live with out RedPower2)
    ...Rant Complete
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    posted a message on Better Anvils! Removes the level limit
    I haven't tried this yet, but this mod looks like its JUST WHAT I NEEDED... for anvils atleast
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    Quote from YX33A

    I suggested this in a previous similar mod thread, but I request again, I wish for a Wand that
    Double awesome bonus points for adding different wands for different bees, so one can have a normal ANGRY BEE WHICH STINGS AND REALLY HURTS, or BEES WHICH LIGHT MY FOES ON FIRE, bees with FRICKIN' LAZER BEAMS ATTACHED TO THEIR HEADS(magic powered laser beams, mind you), and the ever popular BEES WHICH STING A WHOLE LOT AND THEIR VENOM IS ACID AND RUINS YOUR ARMOR QUICKER, great during "Hero Season".

    Bee wands are cool *straightens bow-tie and fez*
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    Go to forge then if your having trouble with just modloader, I use forge already, plus you might even be able to use energy from other forge mods [BC, IC2, UE [preferably BuildCraft or IndustrialCraft2]] if you want, plus, this mod using forge = Pure Awesomeness! Now how to make them manage bees... or get me stuff out of barrels...
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    Big fan of your book recipe mod, just wondering if you could make a quick mods folder mod that allows you to make frames with paper, or better yet a mods folder mod that adds armor stands [Risu's goes in the .jar and it might mess up forge] and, when I learn to code, could you help me with my mod?
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