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    posted a message on 13w05a 13w04a T Flip Flop (1.5)
    Threw this together a couple days minutes ago, after seeing the design above with the redstone block.
    [HERP DERP, misread the OP!]
    For some reason I had read vertical, and not horizontal...
    I made a horizontal one, but it's still two blocks wide :SSSS:
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    posted a message on [13w02a] Item Sorting (SURVIVAL!)
    Quote from haschischtasche

    Here is my 1*6*6 version:

    Your 1-block wide system gave me inspiration.

    A half-hour of work, and I give you my 1*5*5 sorting system!

    works with 21 items, it's compact, and pretty darn simple :D
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    posted a message on [13w02a] Item Sorting (SURVIVAL!)
    I made my own version of this earlier today, but I just ran into a major flaw with this sorting system. I made my sensor slightly more compact, which requires 42 items instead of 21. The issue I ran into now, is what happens if someone throws in a stack or two of the right item. The first stack in the hopper hits 64, and the rest goes into the next rows.

    This means that once it starts removing items, if there are more than 42 in the last 4 slots, the first slot will open up and it will start removing from the second slot. Leaving that first slot empty now breaks the entire system :(
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    posted a message on Mineprisonment
    After a long break from MineCraft, I loaded up out of boredom and began to build.
    A few hours later, after messing around on a SMP server, then starting a new map in SP, I have built:
    Cell Block A!

    From the outside it looks somewhat decent, I'm still working on making it look better... I'm open for suggestions.

    The inside, however, I am quite proud of

    46 individual 3x3 cells on 3 levels. All 46 of those doors open and close at the flip of one single switch.

    This room is still a work in progress, but as the signs say, you have access to both the cell doors, and the cell block ceiling lights. The place looks quite spooky with all the lights off at night.

    The plan is to eventually (I have very poor time management skills) build an entire functional prison facility. adapted to fit the Minecraft world, obviously. Instead of license place factories, it'll have a tool crafting factory.
    Instead of a laundry room, it'll have a tool repair room.

    Now if only I could fit this all on a massive SMP server for one huge roleplaying session with 46 inmates and a bunch of guards... and of course a warden chilling out in a cozy office.
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    posted a message on 1.8.1 more bricks mod
    If you want to go the efficient route, you could always try something like:
    4 smooth stone + 1 obsidian/iron/gold/whatever in a crafting table makes a stone brick with that specific minerals colour, and still only give 4 bricks per, just like the regular stone brick crafting.
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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF
    Quote from xArchemistx

    Are the download links broken the ModLOADERMP 1.8.1? or is it just me?
    Both addfly and mediafire..

    They're broken for me, too.
    In fact, I was about to post about this too, then saw yours :biggrin.gif:
    Does anyone have a mirror to the download maybe?
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    posted a message on Smallest hidden piston doors?
    Quote from BigShinyToys

    I made it just as the picture AND the bottem Pistions DONT WORK is this a bug or is youre design falty??

    From what I understand, it is a glitch with 1.7.2
    The bottom 4 need to be powered underground for whatever reason in order for them to extend, yet the middle two do not need this. Testing shows that the powered redstone under them doesn't even extend them, the game just needs it there for the system to work. Part of this idea came to me when I realised the redstone powering the bottom 4 was inverted to the rest of the system.
    Meaning when the doors are shut, the redstone circuits under the bottom 4 are off.
    there still needs to be a matching delay for some reason, but yes, you do need redstone under the bottom 4 in order for them to extend. I'll upload a video later today if I get the chance.
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    posted a message on Smallest hidden piston doors?
    I've been trying to get the mechanism smaller than I have it, but I just can't do it.

    The cobble border along the bottom is just to show that you can build that wall around it and have it 100% concealed.
    Without the wall, the entire system is only 3 high, 6 wide and 4 long, which isn't bad at all.

    And if anyone wants a serious look at it, hit me up with a PM and I'll give you my server IP that I started up to work on this.

    Quick edit: Forgot to mention I could easily add one block to the back to make a switch for the inside, too. I used a XOR gate on my main mountainside entrance, and it works great.
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    posted a message on World difficulties
    If I'm actually playing, I will always have it set to normal.
    However, sometimes I just feel like building stuff, messing around with pistons/redstone and seeing what I can do, so I set it to peaceful to save me the trouble of possibly losing my build to a creeper.
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    posted a message on Smallest hidden piston doors?

    In my boredom I managed to get my Jeb door mechanism even smaller.
    my old one was... 7 long, 10 wide, and 5 high.
    My new design is 6 long, 8 wide, and 5 high.

    So i managed to shave off a block on either side, and a block on the back end.
    Not a huge improvement, but visually it's a big difference.

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    posted a message on Smallest hidden piston doors?
    Quote from buelercuber

    wow this is a great design, i can't seem to reciprocate it, can you give more pictures?


    Give me a minute and I'll replace some cobble with glass.


    Alright, changed as much as i could to glass, and took a couple different angles. Let me know if you have any questions!

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    posted a message on Why isn't the piston sticking
    One thing you can do is mess around with timings until it works, or you can try to build a "sequencer" that makes it so the pistons extend and retract in the same order. I.E. you hit the switch and it extends A and then B, and when you turn it off, it retracts B and then A.

    Give me a minute to see if I can find the thread that has the sequencer plans, if not' I'll take a SS of the one I built off of a guide.
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    posted a message on Smallest hidden piston doors?
    Been working on trying to compact the "Jeb door" ever since i got it working, and so far my result is:

    Obviously I0 have it stripped down to show the redstone, but fully built, it's 7 long, 10 wide, and 5 high, which isn't too bad. I'm having trouble getting it any smaller than that right now.
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    posted a message on [HELP ME] Minecart booster rail
    In order for a powered rail to push a stationary cart, it has to be up against a block.
    In fact, it doesn't really require any redstone work if the end is blocked off:

    The button can still be hit from inside the cart, it still powers the rail, and there's no extra work needed.
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    posted a message on Best way to hide a door?
    And as I explained already, there are many people attempting to make this door without guides. Including me. Had I followed a plan, the redstone would have been alot less of a mess. I built a couple prototypes before using it in an actual cave.

    The point wasnt the door itself, it was the way i was hiding it by using more pistons to change the environment around it.

    Anywho, my pop-out glowstone is done. Uses the same mechanism as the doors, with a fourth piston pushing a piece of stone to the hole. In total right now, there are... 29 pistons in use, give or take. It gets a bit laggy when hitting the switch, but it's worth it.

    Now to finish up the interior!

    Updated Closed view
    Updated Open view

    I also took a couple screenshots of the "lightswitch" prototype i built real quick just to make sure I had it right:

    View 1
    View 2
    View 3
    View 4

    I ended up streamlining that alot more for the wall lights that you can see when it's open, although having all 3 of those so close together had its fair share of issues.
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