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    Is there anyway to get a copy of AMP to run on Win 10 Pro (Yes I know it needs to be 64bit) with a restricted 30 day testing license ?

    I use to, haven't for years, ran CraftSRV which was great in it's own right. But Tom & Jack shuttered that business a while back, and while the panel can still function... It will eventually have limits that can't be gotten by. So short of buying a ticket for the bus to AMP land w no refunds. Even if it is less than $10 USD... which I assume is for the lifetime of the product ?!?

    I'd like to be able to play with this first. I was looking at MCMA, used it YEARS back, but figured if this is what MCMA will eventually become, I may as well just jump right in to this if I like what it has to offer.


    Also, I'm a little concerned that this post hasn't had but one reply in over a year... do people not really use this that much ? By your own admission it's made by a company with an office to which I assume has paid workers. So if people aren't really buying in to MCMA let alone AMP... I'm sure you can see where I'm goin with this as to how it will remain a viable product for years to come. I mean if this in some respects backends to your company servers. What happens to users using this, when even if you say it will never happen, but if you shutter the company.

    What happens to everyone using a program with licensing that backends to servers that will inevitably go dark ? Does it become a brick for lack of a better term ?

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    Hoped the title would get someone's attention. I've all but given up on trying to get this to work. I know the sites defunct but I have working files given to me freely by the creators Tom & Jack, and NO I will not give them out.

    I'm just having issues with Linux / Cent that are bringing back some really frustrating memories for me.

    That said, self hosted... what is everyone's opinion on a good replacement ?

    The closest thing I can find to what I want is McMyAdmin. But curious what everyone else thinks, but I do like what McMyAdmin seems to offer in terms of scheduling messages, backups, resets etc. Only thing I don't see not going to well for me with McMyAdmin is the possible sketchiness of trying to add more than one server but that's a moot thing for now.

    So in all reality that might just be what I go with since it runs off a windows installation. I don't mind Linux, but it gets really iffy for me sometimes.

    Ty !

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