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    This is wonderful. I loved this game on my gameboy. Will you do it to look at it or will you create a Golden Sun like dungeon?

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    Dear robwowDusk,

    First of all I need to say that I'm not that type of "gamer" who watches Let's Play videos and stuff like you described in this thread. So I'm not in position to judge this part.

    But I surely know how to build up a story. And your story is just like every other story we see in cinema and television, even comicbooks. Uh theres is a evil guy who wants to do something evil but the last part of his masterpiece is missing. So there is this hero who needs to stop him from getting the last part done but he will not be able to do this alone so he needs his friends so they will find the last part before the evil guy. And what a surprise they find the last part before the evil guy and, woho wait the last piece was just e metaphor for love and friendship and creativity inside of us.

    I do not want to discourage you! I think it's great that people use Minecraft for stuff like this. BUT the story you want to tell needs to be worked on. Think outside the bock.



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    It depends on how compact this has to be and how automated it should be. To stop a cart you just need one or two booster rails which are powered off. When it comes onti it, it stops. This would be one way

    But it can be more complex and more automated. With pistons etc. Can't find a video but I alway use it with pistons.


    Mops de Bops

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