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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Just love your work Smith. Keep it up.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Is single-player commands being prepared for 1.4 and ready for release by the time 1.4 comes out this Thursday?
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    posted a message on How do you call a Creeper?
    I call mine creepie.
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    posted a message on Dokucraft, The Saga Continues.
    Ok, I am not sure if this has been answer or hasn't been asked. I know I have patched to the HD Texture pack, I downloaded from both the customizer and from the OP and I am creative mode, but the Inventory in creative mode isn't showing up properly.
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    posted a message on My Epic Church with Underground Crypt
    Nice, I am building one myself, however I think I would have to scale up the build to make use of all 196 blocks above ground. Not to mention that the columns themsleves can house staircases in them.
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    posted a message on Building Ideas Look Here
    I agree a cathedral will occupy you for a long time. I am currently on version 5. And I am still making changes to it. Actually I am forcing myself to redesign it for the 10th time.What I learned in each version:
    1. Location, location, location
    2. Windows
    3. Building height
    4. Both sides of the cathedral
    5. Current version, columns
    and probably even close to being perfect.The other things I got on my list of things to do
    • Crypt
    • Second Level
    • Roof
    • Dome roof
    • Flooring
    • Window ornamentation
    Of course it doesn't help that I have started a new version of my Cathedral with each new version of Minecraft.

    So I probably be done when I am like v 15 or some thing like that.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Water Shader alpha v5b
    Ok, wow. Thanks for the update. Hope OP updates soon.

    Quote from Celkath

    ASUS Crosshair V
    Sapphire 5870 2GB Eyefinity Edition
    16GB DDR3 1866
    240GB SSD 6gbps
    Win7 Ultimate

    I use Sues shaders and Optifine with R3dCraft textures 64-256 and get upwards of 60-125 fps.

    Ya, since your stats are pretty much insane, your fps is pretty much useless to everyone else, many people probably have way less powerful machines.
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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    Just a quick question, does this mod require an additional texture pack or does it uses exisiting textures to create the biomes?
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    posted a message on Current member title list
    So what happened to the 404 idea? Either not found or Challenge Accepted.
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    posted a message on Jefe's Guide to the Minecraft Forums and FAQ
    Can we have a section on Notifications/Follow this topic options? I am confused about them.

    And why isn't this topic pinned or something?!
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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.3.2 & pre12w37a] SummerFields R29.a is out ! Ready for the latest snapshot ! [14/09/2012] [+950K Download]
    I am hoping soon cause I saw this insane video with the extraboime xl and with the shaders it becomes even more insane.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Deppresment Act (MDA)
    I think the OP needs to see Minecraft as a base from which the game can spin off from but don't change the core gameplay components. You got to remember Mojang is targeting the game to the lowest deminator. Not just the 10k or so people playing a certain mod, they got to think about the 5-6 million people who are also playing Minecraft.

    Sure modding you change the values all you want and people can chalk it up to being YOUR mod, but since Mojang is releasing to every balancing is a major issue. And I am sure that the people who are developing Minecraft have a roadmap as to where they are taking the game. Which is subject to change with people releasing their own mods to the game.

    Even MMOs with it large development staff probably have stuff planned out for like the coming year. Some will take months to complete, like overhualing combat system, which with the release of beta 1.9 basically did to basic stuff like different color of wood. I mean even the basic change can change how a mod works. I mean I can say that beta 1.9 and the subsequent 1.0 release with brewing and leveling defintely changed how Tales of Kingdom is played by people.

    Although I wouldn't say Mojang is indie anymore, they stopped being that once they had the first Minecon. Sure their budget is less than 343 Industries, but still they are mainstream now.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Kingdom Of Caderia - last updated 2/6 -
    I just remembered something I though it looked like something from a video, then I remembered. The Fallen Kingdom by CaptainSparklez. It looked like that but way better.
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    posted a message on Roofing techniques?
    I am trying do a Cathedral type of roofing, a dome with a stair case roof on top
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    posted a message on mcmap (isometric renders, SSP/SMP, Minecraft 1.3.1 support)
    Did I build my world wrong or is the north in the wrong place? Because I build mine according to the new way the sun moves, east to west not north to south as with the old.
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