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    as the title states I am in need of some help. I have save after save of game mode maps I've created in the past, but I can never find anybody to play them with. I have the software, the server, the maps, and the resources to play with other people, but I can never seem to find anybody available to play with. If anybody knows of a community or group of people that would benefit from having an exceptional map maker, then please feel free to point me in their direction. I don't have high standards for the group, I just need people that are available to help test and play my maps.

    I understand how silly and ironic it is to be asking a community for another community, but I'm just not interested in dealing with the majority of people on this forum or similar ones. (No offence intended to anyone)

    If you'd like proof of my map making abilities, I'll happily show you a project I've been working on for at least 2 months now.


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    posted a message on Village Craft! The First Ever Vanilla Card Game~ [1.8]
    Quote from urbex
    • In Game Name: Ahfro
    • Do you live near the East Coast of the US (Maryland,Virginia, New York etc..)?: New York
    • What is your availability?: Anytime after 5 on weekdays and anytime on weekends (mostly)
    • What communication programs do you have? (Steam, Skype, Team Speak, Etc..): Skype, Team Speak I can download other stuff
    • Why do you want to be part of this Beta?: I think this is a really interesting concept and would at least like to see how it's done, even if I don't get a chance to participate in the actual game.
    • Anything else you'd like to tell me?: No

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the fast reply. I'll send you some info in just a little bit about getting into the steam group and I should start some of the Beta tests within the start of this week!
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    posted a message on Village Craft! The First Ever Vanilla Card Game~ [1.8]
    After being in production for over a month, I present:

    What It Is:
    Village Craft is a Hearthstone inspired Minecraft map that hopes to create a real card game within Minecraft. It's currently in Beta, and is still undergoing many changes, but the current main features are:
    • Intuitive Card Casting System!
    • AI Controlled Mobs!
    • A fleshed out Combat and Damage system!
    • 50+ Unique Cards! (Notice: this number will drastically increase as time goes on.)
    • Arena Mode! (Each player plays with all of the cards available in the game)
    • Deck Builder Mode! (Build your own deck! Has the ability to save up to 16 decks per map! Decks can contain up to 27 cards and can be saved with their own unique descriptions and names!)
    • Real Time Or Turn Based Gameplay! (The Admin can choose whichever they please)
    • Full observer support! (Allows people not playing to walk around the map, and watch the game from multiple angles)
    • Replay-ability! (The map resets perfectly after each game and allows the players to replay the map as much as they desire. Also contains many random elements to make each game unique!)
    • And much much more!
    Want Proof? Say no more!

    Currently the game is in a strictly closed Beta and will only be hosted by me until a more stable public version can be released.
    But you want to play now? Then sign up for the Closed Beta!
    I am creating a private steam group for all of my closed beta testers. All you need to do is fill out the application below, and if I choose you I'll invite you to the group! On this steam page I'll notify each member when i'm hosting and how they can join/participate in the games.
    • In Game Name:
    • Do you live near the East Coast of the US (Maryland,Virginia, New York etc..)?
    • What is your availability?
    • What communication programs do you have? (Steam, Skype, Team Speak, Etc..)
    • Why do you want to be part of this Beta?
    • Anything else you'd like to tell me?
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    posted a message on Stuck inside minecarts!
    Hit the Left Shift Button.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Realms: What Is It?

    Finally online multiplayer wonder when it's out

    Please tell me you're not serious...
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    posted a message on Viridian's Custom PvP Gamemode Server!
    Viridian Luna's Custom Gamemode Server!
    Currently requires the latest Minecraft snapshot! (13w07a)
    What it is:
    This server is based around hosting custom gamemodes that have never been played before. Currently it is in it's beta stages, and is only testing a few different gamemodes. Hopefully in the future this will be expanded upon.

    How to join:
    Simple really, just join in at any time and wait for the current gamemode to end. You will be automatically drafted into the next game. Currently the server doesn't hold too many players because it is undergoing testing, but hopefully you can find a spot!
    When it will be hosted:
    I am in Eastern Standard Time, and will usually be able to host from 4pm-10pm at the latest. I will hopefully host every day, but will most likely have to skip a day or two considering I am currently a high school student. On the weekends times will be random, and probably will vary. I will hopefully in the future be creating a Twitter account to say when the server is up.
    Questions? Send me an email at [email protected] for information.
    Virdian/Moonster (Same Person): Created The Hunted, as well as the map and redstone inside of it. Created the server, and hosts the server.
    SethBling/Etho's Lab: Inspiring me to create this server, as well as providing the redstone blueprints (Not directly, but their videos have some of the redstone machinery i use(d)) for some of the clocks and machinery in many of my maps.
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    posted a message on Moon and Fen's Payload PvP map! (Early Alpha)
    Payload PvP Match!

    This is a gamemode based off of tf2's Payload game mode. It includes pushing a cart, fighting enemies, and achieving victory by pushing the cart into the hole at the end of the map. The defenders have 15 minutes to defend. This is the first testing of this version of the map, so please be considerate. We will try to get everyone playing, and run it as smoothly as possible, but it may not happen quickly if people do not cooperate.

    We are currently working on this map so it can be release in the future. It will contain various maps and gamemodes not unlike TF2's own. Each will be easily accesible to be picked by the admin in a hub area we have built.


    -Blue pushes the cart by standing on pressure plates that correspond to where the cart is. You'll see the cart underneath a glass trail in the game.

    -Red players MUST WEAR SKELETON HEAD, it is to show you are on the defending team.

    -Defenders need to quickly get to the front lines before the attackers get past checkpoints. Checkpoints give them addition ways to attack the defenders.

    -Team killing is a no-no. You get 3 strikes, and then you're taken into a timeout area. If you continue to do such things, you will be kicked.

    Can't wait to see you pvp'ers out there!


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    *Le Sigh* Noobs, and their silly ways.

    1. You were downloading 7 or 8 mods and you didn't think Minecraft would crash?
    2. Run the launcher, hit Options, then Force Update. Then log in. That should help.

    ^ This.
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    When i first saw the New "Village Guardian" the first thing that popped into my head was that it was inspired by the Guardians from "Castle in the Sky". If you want a comparison take a look:
    Village Guardians:

    Castle in the Sky Guardians:

    after further inspection i could tell that it probably wasn't inspired by them, but i still think they look a lot alike.

    So, my question is, what do you guys think inspires Jeb (and dare i say Notch) To make such weird creatures?
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    Quote from Trallex

    No name, no pictures and no description...

    seems legit.

    0_o did you make an account just to say that?
    On topic:
    No Pics, No Clicks. No description, no downloads. one of the First few posts you made, No Downloads.. Sorry, it's just how things work.
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    posted a message on Waited for 1 hour on xp farm in new snapshot..
    And 30 Levels? A very efficient mob trap can get 50 in far less time. if you improve it i am guessing you will get loads more drops.
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    12. That's my answer.
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    posted a message on I need a guide for diamond finding.
    You must use...... THE FORCE!
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    posted a message on Suggestion on a game to spend my time on?
    I would suggest Terraria. Although you can't "Beat" It, it's still got loads of content and hours of fun.
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    All of this stuff can be obtained from mods. So rather then have Mojang add in new content that people will probably flame at, it's easier to just get some mods for it. That's my opinion on the matter at least. (this is referring to the fact that EVERY update no matter how small, has a huge uproar over it, then it dies down.)
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