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    Don't stare at the enderman's eyes. It will kill you.

    But don't worry. There are other places to stare.
    If you know what I mean.
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    Well, I figured I'd just post here now. I gotta do it some time, I guess. But it's not fun if I do it without a twist ;D

    It's a really old picture, though. I'm actually 16, but I look like twelwe on this picture xD
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    It's actually quite hard because of the boring and predictable terrain Minecraft have nowadays. Those big YouTubers actually have some motivation that most people don't have; Making videos. Because the viewers have started loving their maps, the YouTubers also love their maps. They really feel the motivation.

    I've had the same problem as you, and I still kind of have it. What I did to improve my singleplayer experience was to always play on the same world, even if I feel unmotivated. Whenever I feel like quitting the map, I just go gather some resources, build a small house or something like that even though I don't feel like it at the time. It's amazing how fast the time suddenly went, and you do feel a little motivated again. Maybe you'd start on a new project you enjoy?

    Though, sometimes you just cannot force yourself to play on the same world ever day. It's just too boring. If that ever happenes, I suggest just leaving Minecraft for a week or two, then coming back to it. There's no point in just making a new world, it will just make you more tired of it. Trust me, it will help you.
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    Quote from NitrogenSnow

    TNT is a block, not an item.

    Favourite item: Golden Carrot

    Who said a block isn't an item?
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    Quote from Frossa

    The real secret to a successful map is...NOT A ****ING SKYBLOCK RIP OFF!

    Another TL;DR:
    Continue doing exactly what you're doing. These are the most obvious tips ever.
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    No support.

    Like Zoju said, official lore would ruin the game. If Mojang were to make up some sort of story about Minecraft, I would rip out my eardrums with a fork just to prevent myself from hearing it.

    Quote from Epicness1324

    I don't mean to offend anyone, but Jeb is Atheist.

    How would that offend anyone?
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    Quote from quatereight

    Every youtuber that makes a minecraft video in crappy English.

    You can't force people to have good English, dude. Ever thought about that those YouTubers actually learn a lot about the language while playing? Isn't that just positive? To be able to interact with a bigger audience is nothing but positive, and the people that aren't familiar with English just need to practice this ability. Having fun at the same time is an awesome way to learn English faster, and you cannot just take that away.

    Disliking a YouTuber because of his accent is just plain stupid. It's the content that matters. If he is funny or informative, he has earned his subscribers. Language doesn't matter.
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    posted a message on Restarting. This is ridiculous
    Quote from srhodes1010

    1000+ posts and you use the word pathetic referencing me?

    Point proved. You know you're wrong, so you're insulting me. I'm not even sure if you know the definition of the word "pathetic". A dude with a hobby isn't pathetic. A dude who spends time insulting others and making statements he cannot back up is.

    Quote from Nasherbees

    I see you are acting like an ass to everyone just to protect your opion? A forum is a place were people with the same ideas come together, and when your critizing me for buying minecraft for xbox after my rant. My rant states that I was excited for this game so I bought it right after launch, you see this was before 4J had the nerves to spill the beans about world size, dlc and other nonsense like version.

    You see, there's where you're wrong. Dead wrong. "4J sucks" isn't an opinion. It's a statement, a statement I can easily disprove. Your attempts at finding anything that can support your theory of being ripped off is worthless and plain stupid. You hear me? You've. Got. Nothing.

    So far, you two have been the only assholes here. You've been calling me pathetic, you've accused me for being **** at Minecraft amongst other things you cannot possibly have any knowledge about. I don't care which one of you two said those things, because you're both being immature.
    As for shrodes1010, another insulting remark is going to get you reported. You obviously don't know how things work.

    Quote from Nasherbees

    I can say without a doubt over 75% of minecraft pc players bought it before the real release.

    Well, that's a wrong statement. How sad.
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    posted a message on Restarting. This is ridiculous
    Quote from srhodes1010

    This guy has 1000+ posts and hes probably typed the word whine/whining in over half of them

    In other words, you admit your defeat. You admit that you've got nothing on 4J at all. Now you just try to insult me in the most pathetic way possible. Why are you even trying? Don't you have anything better to do?
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    posted a message on Help! need a utube name ! FOR banners and stuff! help please

    Just kidding. No, but really, just add some random words together. I do that sometimes.
    Also, I noticed your name. Why not just something simple, like NathanielRichards?
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