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I love all aspects of design and have my own corner of the world wide wait at Press Any key.

It covers all facets of my love for gaming including retro gaming, my favourite free to play games and more. I am really loving Minecraft as it has so many options for designing things and just doing whatever the heck you like with no set agenda.

I like all kinds of music, sci-fi and fantasy films and books and I am a HUGE comic book fan. In no particular order, I think Vampirella, Green Lantern, Spiderman, Batman and Star Wars are my faves off the top of my head.


Cat videos on the internet, Simon's cat makes me rolf every time as it is SO true.

Michael Mcintyre, Russel Howard, Billy Conolly, Monty Python and really bad puns.

Location Reading, UK

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Minecraft Monkey1969

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