About Me
Welcome to my profile, take a look to my contents and other crazy stuffs and also feel free!
I like Nyan-Cat, because she/he looks cute and tasty! *LOL* and also I'm a forum addict,
so I'm Kinda always online.
I like Dimensional mods,
like Aether and DivineRPG.
And also this forum
is almost the best forum I've ever seen.
Electronic Music is my favorite music.

Q. Where do you live?
A. Philippines, it's totally hot here!

Q. Do you make Textures? Skins?
A. My creations are on my Planetminecraft.

Q. Whats your favorite Texture pack?
A. Dokucraft Light 16x.

Q. Why do you like Irons?
A. They're easy to find and strong.

Q. Goat?
A. WTF?...Goat.

Q. Favorite Mod?
A. Aether and N.E.I.

Q. Tired of Minecraft?
A. No way! I'm gonna finish playing minecraft. if Jeb putted J.B's music in minecraft. I'll stop playing
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I Hope you have fun!
Interests ~Playing Minecraft, Pokemon3D, Terarria, ETC. ~Drawing some crazy stuffs ~Watching Pewdiepie scream ~Surf Topics at ~Mine some Diamonds, Irons, Golds ~Watching my furnace Smelt

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