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    Quote from TXF

    Also, have pumpkins been made easier to find? I've been wandering around looking for the new biomes, and I've come across about 7-8 patches of pumpkins so far, and I haven't even gone very far yet.

    Yes, they are. In addition, melons are now in the jungle biomes.

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    The amount of work that it took to clean up the entire executable so that items could be directly named, rather than requiring item ids, was huge. This alone adds a tremendous amount of power for modders to use. Mojang already said that they went through all 255k lines of code and they are not completely done with it. The amount of work taken to redo the terrain generation feature was huge, also. A lot of re-balancing was done so that biomes generate near biomes with compatible temperature and humidity, beside adding a large number of biomes and technical biomes. Whoever is complaining about the update, as was said previously => if you can do better, please do so. Mojang is doing a fantastic job with Minecraft.
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    Quote from EyeOfTheDaev

    Pretty sure if you come into contact with the spines you can be poisoned. . . .

    Nope. Puffers are generally poisonous, depending upon their diet, however, they are not venomous. The difference? Some internal organs, the muscles and the skin usually carry tetrodotoxin, which several kinds of fish are immune to, however, it is highly toxic to humans. Their spikes have no venom, nor venom delivery system - they can't use the tetrodotoxin as a snake uses its venom. As an aside, fugu is the name for puffer flesh in Japan, and in order to be licensed to prepare and cook it, a chef has to learn from a master, and be licensed. Every now and then, someone makes a bad fugu preparation . . . .. :blink:
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    "The new packs are free to try, but you will need to purchase if you want to save any creations that you have made with it."

    Reading is good for you, however, it helps if you also try using some basic comprehension skills.
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    OK. We haven't had a snapshot in like, what, 30 or 40 weeks? Then we get an "oops", saying that snapshots will be coming later. Well, I don't buy it. I don't believe that we will ever be getting another snapshot, for a long, long while. Like forever. Here's the baseless rumor what I think really happened. I think the aliens from Proxima Centauri kidnapped all of the Mojangsters, and took them to Proxima Centauri, so that they could teach the Centaurians how to mine in perfectly square blocks. Everyone knows that the Centaurians are jealous of us because we have learned to mine in perfectly square blocks, which are the easiest shape to construct buildings in, in this universe. So what did they do? Well, they couldn't buy Minecraft, and learn how to mine in perfectly square blocks, because their Universal Credits aren't accepted by Curse, or anyone else on earth, yet. So, they kidnapped the Mojangsters and took them to Proxima Centauri. It all makes sense, now. :rolleyes:
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    Quote from Hypnos

    prove it...

    horses will only come out in 1.6 so you are using mods

    You are drastically mistaken. As the tag says "13w7a", he, or she, is most definately talking about a snapshot. Horses spawn naturally in it, and there is an egg for horses in the creative inventory. There are some issues with the horses at this time, and those issues are being discussed here, and on Mojira.

    Before you jump to conclussions, be certain that the well into which you jump has sufficient water at the bottom to cushion the shock of your fall.
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    "Looks like they ran out of money for the renovation." - Mebb FTW!!
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    Read my sig. Just read my sig. <sigh>
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    Banned! For ridiculously large text size.
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    Banned! For obnoxiously overdone self-promoting banner.
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