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    Quote from VonZaa

    Hello, my IGN is hejemil. I know it doesn't say that you are recruiting admins atm., but I would still like to ask if there was any opportunity for me to be one anyway. Because I would very much like to be one on your amazing server! I've been playing there for a good while now, and I'm on at least once a day, for around an hour. But I would be one much more if I could be an admin. I'm really fair, and I enjoy helping others. I would also like to build a great Community on the server. So I really hope there still is a little opportunity for me to be a great admin.

    -Real name Emil Englund.

    Although we aren't officially still hiring any admins, I have seen you on the server a lot, and you're very helpful.
    I'll give you a chance, if you do well, you might stay.
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    posted a message on accelerated OpenGL mode
    It says the same to me, after I installed Windows 8.. :(
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    posted a message on SulpuricCraft 24/7 RPG looking for staff!
    Quote from citricssid

    bro heres the deal i was looking for some info to help you come to your senses well http://www.minecraft...adminsbuilders/ had some questions so i decided to answer them and submit and see what you thought i am christen and i pray for forgiveness from you my brethren.

    do you have a life I've seen you submit everywhere pic 1 spot at least I've been apply of different stuff.

    Citricssid, You give me no reason to believe you're 18 years old. From your actions I'd say you were about 10..
    Definitely not going to get anything, that's for sure.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Tekkit server
    Quote from mattj1415

    Thank you kind sir!

    sorry i should have clarified, but a 1.2.5 server is what i am looking for.

    Ah, No worries friend. I just saw this server thread and wanted to show it to you! :-)

    Cheers, MojoDojo.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Tekkit server
    I have found one for you.

    Cheers, MojoDojo. :-)
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    posted a message on SulpuricCraft 24/7 RPG looking for staff!
    Quote from iNSANiTYx

    Guys server hasnt had down time... Check the forums we just got a New IP!

    Well, How come the server is still offline?
    If the servers get back up, I will reconsider leaving.
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    posted a message on SulpuricCraft 24/7 RPG looking for staff!
    I'm quitting this server officially, caused by the servers downtime, and the fact I'm not feeling the owners dedication for this server.

    Sorry, MojoDojo.
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    posted a message on [Hiring] Builders for new exciting world!
    Hello There!

    Age: 15. (Born 9th October 1996.)

    Username: MojoDojo.

    Skype: Yes, I have skype, and a microphone for that matter.

    Skype Username: Faaaaaaalke (7 a's.)

    Timezone: GMT +1, Denmark.

    Activity: I am very active within the community of Minecraft.

    Past experience: I'd say I'm best at medieval buildings, but I will quickly learn how to build all sorts of stuff!

    I've been playing Minecraft since late Alpha.
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    posted a message on SulpuricCraft 24/7 RPG looking for staff!
    Quote from citricssid

    i stayed up all night creating and answering these questions I'm proud of my self anyhow thanks mojo

    Is that so?
    Until you find an legitimate reason why they are here, you wont get moderator any time soon.
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    posted a message on SulpuricCraft 24/7 RPG looking for staff!
    Quote from citricssid

    Hours Spent Online Daily:7-13
    Applying For:mod
    Expertise In This Field:i am mod on 10 other servers and i am a trusted cristian man.
    Why You Are Best For This Job:because i am trust worthy and loyal.
    Anything Else I Should Know: i will tell someone off if they curse,grief,and harass people.
    email:[email protected]

    1. What is your involvement with the game?

    2. How much do you play? 6-12 a day

    3. What motivates you to play? if I'm bored want to build or want to play.

    4. What attracted you to this game? i was 15 and it looked like fun at alpha it had potential.

    5. Do you know other players? yes

    6, Have you made new friends in game, or do you play mostly with people you already know? i have plenty of friends hundreds.

    7. What do you do with your time in the game? build,mine,and venture

    8. Would you consider yourself addicted to the game? not at all i take a break every now and then.

    9. Do you play any other MMOs? yes

    10. How does Minecraft compare to other games you may play and how much time do you spend on those games compared to Minecraft? mine craft is better to me than cod i play cod 4-6 hours a week.

    11. What's your favorite building block? stone block

    12. Describe your daily life. What do you do for work? i work part time at a golf course.What do you do for fun? i surf, swim, work out, go to the beach. Do you have any hobbies? i collect nutcrackers, and rocks. They don't need to be relatable to Minecraft. Tell us about yourself!

    13. Do you know any coding languages? some

    14. Are you easily confused or intimitdated by learning new things? no Are you willing to try? yes

    15.) Why should you be an mod?because i could help spread kindness friend ship and fun throughout the server.

    1. When is the proper time to use VanishNoPacket?
    a.) When NoCheat has tripped up
    b.) When I want to watch a raid, or moderate a raid.
    c.) When Nocheat has a high VL level
    d.) When I want to build server items unintterupted.
    e.) a and c

    2. A player is repeatedly tripping off NoCheatPlus with a "Failure to Interact with a block". Using common sense about plugins and block interactions, what must you assume?
    a.) Player is using a forcefield of Nodus hack
    b.) Player is using an enchanted item.
    c.) Player is using CraftBook Essentials Lifts.
    d.) Player is forcing Op on the server
    e.) None of the above


    3. Two players, Casey and Joe are fighting in general about a faction related problem. What is the proper step to take against the pair?
    a.) Ask the pair to stop, leave it at that.
    b.) Mute both players, make a report player forum post.
    c.) Jail both players, if they continue, mute them.
    d.) Ask both players to stop and threaten with jail time if they continue.
    e.) Check the forums for previous infractions on the pair and punish by the level of severity they are at.
    4.When is God Mode acceptable?
    a.) When you are getting beaten up in pvp world.
    b.) When you are performing events
    c.) When you are building things for the server.
    d.) When you are investigating a hacker
    e.) When you are being attacked in your own home in pvp world.
    5. When can you give yourself stat boosting pots? (ie, speed?)
    a.) Anytime
    b.) Never
    c.) When you want to sell them or exchange them for goods, because they are not on the bazaar.
    d.) When you are doing things for the server.
    e.) When you are being attacked.
    6. When is a proper time to spawn weapons and armor?
    a.) Anytime
    b.) Never
    c.) When I am giving them out for events
    d.) When I am getting attacked
    e.) When I am doing things for the server.
    7. When can you spawn NPC's/Animals/Monsters?
    a.) Events only
    b.) Server defense and Events only
    c.) Never
    d.) Events, for a player base, and server defense.
    e.) Whenever I see it is fit.
    1.) Two players are fighting, Joey and Casey. Casey says that Joey is duping items, but he has no evidence.The two are
    opposing factions and are infact enemies. How would you diffuse the situtation WITHOUT trying to sort out the mess? jail them.

    2.) Now, diffuse the situation WITH trying to find the truth. hold a little court ask for witnesses ask the accused.

    3.) A player, Katie, was kicked from her faction and is claiming that she was allowed to take her items. The faction owner,
    Robert is disputing the claim saying that Katie in fact left the faction and she stole the items.
    The pair are getting in a very heated argument, using very colorful language and inappropriate sentances. What do you do?please shut the f### up and stop f###ing fighting you to or ill f###ing jail the both of you. (sorry I'm not much of a curser)

    4.) A player, Sam has faction betrayed you! You feel that you have sufficient evidence to take action against Sam. Describe the steps you would take against Sam. 1 .get a group of people 2. get weapons 3.go fight him till i win.

    5.) You have discovered a glitch! Using poor judgement you have decided to use it. But, you have been CAUGHT! What are the actions that the you take during these events? 1. apologize for in proper use. 2. ask for forgiveness from the server 3. don't yell,curse,or disrespect anyone.

    Hey, this is quite a bit, which gives me certain concerns if you copy pasted this, or not.
    But nonetheless I like it, and when the server gets up, which it hopefully does, I will give you moderator.
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    posted a message on Help Need staff 100 slot no lag faction server
    Head MOD Application.

    IGN: My IGN is MojoDojo. I am getting a new account for speed builds etc, in a week or so.

    Real name: My full name is Falke Glavind Salomonsen, yes, you most likely cant pronounce either of it, that's why I
    usually wont tell it out on the inter webs.

    My time zone: GMT+1 (Copenhagen, Denmark.)

    Age: I am 15 years of age, that is 5475+ days ;-)

    Do you administrate any other servers: well, sort of. I'm unsure of its revival. I can link you to its forum thread if needed.
    Plus I used to administrate some servers back in the days.

    Just some extra facts about me.

    I've been playing MineCraft since late Alpha (which is around a year) which kinda indicates that I'm must have gathered some knowledge about the game itself.

    Although I'm not known in the plugin industry, I excel at my social skills, which of course, is as big a need as the plugin part of keeping a server perfect.

    If I have to say it myself I'm pretty skilled at building stuff, me and my friends once built a 1:1 scale replica of Taj Mahal (A Arabic castle sorta.)And im always up for an epic build off!

    Why should you choose me?
    Well, there's plenty of reasons, although the most dominant ones are:
    I do not have a broken English.
    I will stay calm in situations where most others won't.
    I will always act professional, and never ever favorite players over others, never.
    As I said above, I have 2 accounts, which will make it much more easy for speed builds. (Which can eventually get us some revenue in the last end, via YouTube etc.)
    I will be online in the time range of 1-5 hours, daily. every day of the week.
    Yes, I have Skype, which will make it much more easier for us to communicate.
    As stated above I said I will always act professional, but I will also always bring my good mood and humor.
    I'm very social, and great at sorting out problems with people.

    This will do for my application, I hope you'll choose me, and I promise, you wont regret it if you so do, pick me. :-)

    Cheers, MojoDojo.
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    posted a message on SulpuricCraft 24/7 RPG looking for staff!
    Quote from CaptainWalter

    Builder Application
    Building Skills: 8/10
    Mature: Yes
    Hours I can Spend On Server: Depends, I have another Server Im a Moderator On, So, Maybe around A couple Hours.

    Moderator Application
    Will I be able To Bring Players to it: Maybe A Couple People
    Will I Be On For More Than 6 Hours A Week: Maybe, Depends On What Im Doing For That Week, Other Then That, Yes.
    Why Can You Trust me: I have A TON Of Experience As A Staff Member, And Id Never Grief The Server/ Abuse My Commands.
    My Experience: I've Been A Moderator On Another Server For A couple Months Now.

    Hello Walter,
    I like your application although what concerns me is your age.
    I will give you builder, and then Trainee mod if you do well and will be active.

    Cheers, MojoDojo.
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    posted a message on SulpuricCraft 24/7 RPG looking for staff!
    Quote from piggypro

    Admin Application:

    Will you be able to donate? No

    Will you bring players into the server? Yes, I will get other players to the server, In my minecraft-life I made a lot of friends who could join!

    Can you play more than 10 Hours a week even when players arent on? Yes, 10 hours shouldn't be hard at all..

    Why can i Trust you? I'm a loyal, mature, helping person.

    Experience? I was co-owner on a norwegian server that had around 100 players, I've been admin on3 other, more small servers to.

    Will you be active? Yes, I will be very active and helpfull!

    IGN: piggypro

    Age: 17

    Skype: iggytje

    I've just read there's no admin space left, too bad I think, anyway, I'll put this apply for moderator if thats still possivle.
    You should edit the topicthread tho, that you don't need any aadmins, keep the topicthread up-to-date ;)

    Hello Piggy,
    I like your application a lot, and the fact that you read that we aren't in need of any admins, which nobody else seem to have read.....
    I will give you Moderator when Sean (Owner) gets the server up again, if he do so, get it up.....

    Cheers, MojoDojo.
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    posted a message on Looking for Youtube Partner

    Age:Born 9th october, 1996.
    How long have you had minecraft?: Since late Alpha.
    Why did you get minecraft and how did you find out about it?: Saw it on YouTube, and thought it looked cool so I went to beg my mother.
    Are you available a lot?: Yes, I'm available quite too much, lol. sadface.
    What time zone are you?:GMT+1, Denmark.
    What iss your favorite show?: ..... I'm unsure what you mean with this, but lets just say you meant TV shows, and honestly, I have no favourite. but I like The Simpsons.
    Do you have youtube?: Heck yea! :P Although I will be making a new one with a fitting username. :P
    We will use a lot of md and act do you have a clear mic and not lag a lot?: I have a mic worthy of being known as a good mic, and I usually dont lag, although my internet is a doucheasshole from time to time.

    EDIT: I have made my YT acc, its called MojoTD! :D
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