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    posted a message on Lego Minecraft
    That's pretty cool. The animation wasn't great (not that I could do better) but it really added to the feel of the video.

    I liked the creeper :SSSS:
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    posted a message on A Simple Way to Make Combat More Interesting

    The combat in minecraft suffers quite a bit. With only swords, bows and armour minecraft can be quite boring combat wise. Now, I know that many people believe that minecraft doesn't need a complicated combat system. But just keep in mind as you read this that half the difficulty of minecraft is not getting killed by zombies while trying to get stuff. These are just ideas to increase the part of minecraft left out.

    The Idea: More Weapons

    Three weapon types: Melee, Ranged, Hybrid. These are appoximations and if notch chooses to use this idea, be knows best about what should do what. Keep in mind that the axe uses x2 and the hammer uses x3 the materials of the sword.


    Standard weapon, balanced speed, damage, and reach.
    [] :Iron: []
    [] :Iron: []
    [] :|: []

    Made from attaching a sword to a couple sticks. Medium damage, added reach, but decreased speed.
    [] [] [>>-i>]
    [] :|: []
    :|: [] []

    Made from lots of materials and a stick. Very high damage, middle reach, and low speed. Damages armor more.
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    [] :|: []

    Battle Axe
    Made like that. High damage, but less than hammer, middle reach and speed.
    :Iron: :|: :Iron:
    :Iron: :|: :Iron:
    [] :|: []


    Same as always. Middle range, high speed, low damage.
    [] :|: :White: :Glass: :Flint:
    :|: [] :White: :Glass: :|:
    [] :|: :White: :Glass: ]" title="-<->" />

    The iron is the shaft, arrow is a bow. High range, low speed, middle damage
    :|: [>>-i>] :|: :Glass: :Iron:
    :White: :Iron: :White: :Glass: :|:
    :White: :Iron: :White: :Glass: ]" title="-<->" />

    Prepare to flame, and shoot. This is a little shitty flint lock. The half-block is the barrel. Low range, low speed, very high damage.
    Barrel -=[]=- Gun -=[]=- Bullet
    [] [] [] :Glass: [] [] [] :Glass: [] [] []
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron: :Glass: [] :_: :Glass: :Iron: :White: :GP:
    [] [] [] :Glass: :|: [] [] :Glass: [] [] []

    Hybrid Can be thrown or thrusted.

    Low damage, low reach, (melee) fast speed, low range (for a thrown weapon)

    Low damage, low speed, high reach, mid range.
    [] [] :Iron:
    [] :|: []
    :|: [] []

    I'm not heart set on guns. But they're a costly way to do some damage and be cool.

    Other Ideas on Combat Variety
    Jump Attack (more damage)
    Charge Attack (more damage)
    Attack mounts (spiders)


    Well, I'm done. Here are a few weapons that make combat more interesting. I've tried to balance weapons, and by no means do I think that this is a finished idea. Although attacking mobs will still be the same, pvp and such will become much more interesting.
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    posted a message on Games to Play During The Night!
    So I finally got a server up for my friends are I to play in. And the nights pretty boring, but not as much in single player. So I thought we should play some "Questions" where you pick a setting and speak in questions. It wasn't great, but it was better than just sitting there.

    Then I thought that the minecraft community must be full of good time killers! Whether it's a text game, or some sort of a board game, I want to hear your in-game games!
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    posted a message on Is Redstone Internet Possible?
    No idea what you just said but you are definitely not a noob at minecraft.
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    posted a message on PLEASE let Beta purchasers get the same deal as Alpha!
    Not sure completely if anyone said this, but you get the full game for free. Just not post-release updates, like expansion packs. I'm pretty sure Notch isn't going to charge you $20 if you bought it for $15 in beta. Course, if he does he is an asshole.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Heraldry
    It's a rough use of the term. In medieval times, knights and noblemen decorated their shields with family crests and personal symbols. Different animals meant different things; lions meaning courageous, turtles meaning impenetrable defense, doves meaning peaceful.

    So I thought that since Minecraft is sort of based off the middle ages, I would just throw together a silly little thing. Crests are made up of four blocks of wool, such as:

    :Orange: :Green:
    :Blue: :Teal:

    The meaning of each color is based off of way you get the dyes needed and who difficult it is to make them. Blue, because it's a rare ore found in the earth, means Great Miner. Bonemeal, coming from skeletons, generally means fighter (Although it's still easy to get at sunrise.)

    Here's the List:

    Color Meaning

    Red - Loving
    Because it comes from roses.
    Orange - Good Friend
    Mixture of two flowers.
    Yellow - Welcoming
    Because it comes from a flower, and flowers are nice.
    Lime - Naturalist
    I don't really know. Sort of same as green.
    Green - Farmer
    You farm cactus and crops are green.
    Cyan - Skilled
    Combination of farming and
    Light Blue - Great Warrior
    Bonemeal from skeletons, in combination for sitting in mines long enough to get lapis lazuli.
    Blue - Grand Miner
    You get it from a rare
    Purple - Cultured
    Mining is the point of the game, and roses are fancy, so that makes you a tea drinker.
    Magenta - Wealthy
    Needs a lot of different dyes, pretty color.
    Pink - Graceful
    Because crushed bones and flowers make you pretty.
    Black - Aggressive
    What kind of ass kills poor little squids, and holds their breath that long?
    Light Grey - Hunter
    Skeleton bones and dead squids means you've been attacking something.
    Grey - Wild
    Because you need something to show your wild.
    White - Ordinary
    What else is it gonna be? You gotta punch a sheep to get this.

    Excuse my humor, it's pretty bad. Conclusions are hard to do.
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    posted a message on Who here changes the inventory to "e" button?
    R: Throw
    E: Inventory
    Q: Chat

    I'm too lazy to reach all the damned way to the 't'
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    posted a message on To the Moon!
    [Insert Intro]

    So, the idea. Strait forward enough. Comets/meteorites/meteors rain down occasionally in the area the player is in, and even more rarely can be found wandering around. Once landing, the meteorites create a smallish crater with space stone in the center.

    The sky flashes bright, and in the players temporary blindness, an explosion marks a crater. The explosion is the same as TNT equal to the amount of space stone. The space stone can then be found laying at the bottom of the crater. It can be made into a portal similar to the one to the nether, except it's swirls are purple. This portal goes to the moon. Space stone can be used to make iron tools/weapons, and an iron pickax is needed to mine it.

    :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: [] [] :Leaves: []
    :stone: :Green: :Green: :stone: [] :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves:
    :stone: :Green: :Green: :stone: [] :Leaves: :log: :Leaves:
    :stone: :Green: :Green: :stone: :Notch: :||||: :log: []
    :stone: :stone: :stone: :stone: :grass: :grass: :grass: :grass:

    The rest is up to your imagination
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