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    Quote from Donixs

    So technically, it was the wrong place to post it, because he has none of the requirements to post it here, correct?

    If any one ever wants ss then im going to need time to make better imgs for icons and blocks right now there just purple with the words "Fix Tex" as in I need to fix the texture.
    Not some thing that I want to show people and I thought this was the right forum to post a topic in for starting a new mod and announcements sorry for putting it here.
    End of Topic.
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    Hello, this is GodRatiy (A.K.A. Ratiy) I'm working on a new mod called, "Outlook Change" here is a list of objects that I'm adding to the mod as of today 6-Oct-2011.

    New armor
    New food items and ingredients
    New blocks
    New weopons
    New item class for a new class of objects like shields
    New workbench types
    New objects and items
    New biomes like farmlands that will have s, m, l size villages
    New npcs to fight, trade, havest and tame
    New block that let's players trade items without a 3rd players getting the item
    And more to come a list of all items that are done will be up asap.
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