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    posted a message on Better PVP Mod 1.16.4 Forge [Fabric | 1.15.2 | 1.14.4 | 1.12.2 | 1.8.9 | 1.7.10 | more]

    What about a feature to toggle the pumpkin blur? It's not that I want to wear a pumpkin and be able to see clearly, but just the opposite. I'd like to have my custom pumpkin HUD (It helps with arrow trajectory) visible even when I'm not wearing one. I'm asking here because it seems like a nice side-feature for BetterPvP in my mind.

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    posted a message on Toggle Pumpkin Blur

    I'm looking for a mod that allows you to toggle the pumpkin blur texture on/off, even if you are not wearing a pumpkin. Personally, I'd like to use it as a large custom crosshair texture that I can turn on for combat.

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    posted a message on Option for staff: Lock then Auto-delete
    Simple idea that I came up with. When a staff member (not a new one) locks a thread, s/he is also able to have it delete itself after a set period of time. I'm not thinking time periods of a few seconds or minutes. This would have redundant topics deleted after a week or two so that a person has time to see why the thread was locked. Then, it would delete itself, which would declutter the forums.

    I especially am thinking of its use in the suggestions area. This constantly has topics being locked and taking up front page space for other, more original topics. It is obvious that the Mojang team rarely takes a look at the forums for ideas. Perhaps if the forums were cleaned up in this manner, it would make the forums easier to navigate and draw more attention to topics that deserve it.

    Sorry if this is a little vague or poorly written. I am in the last few days of school and have a lot of free time to get on the forums. It is just a lottle difficult to describe something with the limited capabilities of a phone.
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    posted a message on Falconry: Tameable Birds and a use for Quivers!
    Quote from vader1612

    Great idea! Good thinking! When will the mod come out!

    I do have some negative feedback. I think that the biggest argument against this mod is: "Doesn't anyone feel that we should just use our sword for battle? Not dogs. Not Iron golems. Not enchantments. Just diamond swords."

    Try to make the mod so that it counters that. Maybe Notch will add it then.

    Are you trying to anger me or something? This is the suggestions section of the forums for vanilla implementations. All you did was emphasize that you think this is a mod in every sentence.

    As for the other stuff that you were actually trying to say, yes. That is mostly what this suggestion is about.
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    posted a message on Forcing texture pack for SMP server
    "Now I have to use this standard resolution texture pack on my computer that only has two gigabytes of RAM"

    That is just one of the many reasons why this should not be implemented. Another thing. What if it just sucks? The server owner may have an entirely different idea of what is good than you do. And one final thing I can think about. For 32+ Res texture packs, everyone would have to use third party tools to get it working properly (unless that eventually gets fixed). So people who have no experience modding would potentially lose interest in their favorite server.
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    posted a message on Wither Skeletons, Spiders, and Jockeys
    The way 1.6 snapshots are looking, spiders may be replaced with undead variants of horses as mounts. Still, a wither skele riding a skeletal horse would look just as awesome as this. Support for this and the other stuff mentioned in the thread.
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    posted a message on EmeraldWorld [Survival][Vanilla and FTB][Towny][No Whitelist]
    Emerald World
    Vanilla Server: mc-emerald.info
    FTB Server: Coming soon!
    Teamspeak Server: ts-emerald.info
    Website (It's on Enjin!): www.emeraldworld.info

    Welcome to EmeraldWorld's forum page!
    Our server runs on a Towny economy. Our friendly staff team is usually online to help with anything a player needs, whether it be a grief that needs fixing or a simple question. We are constantly looking for new ways to add more fun onto the server, such as the Games Event where you can play tons of fun minigames! But that isn't where the roots of our vanilla server lie. We are based around the survival aspects of the game. In other words, punch a tree then go on your adventure!

    You are safe, to a degree...
    While it isn't the most fleshed-out aspect of Minecraft, people still like to PvP. We don't restrict it with plugins so much as we do simply ban those who break the rules. There is no jail plugin here. PvPing new players is forbidden for the most part, and no sorts of griefing can be used to kill anyone. If anything happens, ask a staff member and we will deal with it! That doesn't mean it isn't allowed. Feel free to go hunt down that enemy of yours and take all of his precious loot he has on him when he dies....

    Grief/Stealing not permitted.
    We use LWC to protect peoples personal belongings. If you don't know how to use it, take a look at the tutorial page here! layers are not allowed to protect land. Instead, our staff team will deal with any griefs your property suffers.

    No Whitelist/Greylist!
    That means you can get right to building! Just walk out into the wild, pick a spot, and you are good to go! Spawn is usually stocked up with fresh trees to cut and seeds to harvest to help new players get on their way.

    • Peasant: The first rank given to all new players. You get an ugly gray title and no cool kits. Sorry. :(
    • Commoner: Your first step to achieving greatness! You get a darker-gray rank and a stone tools kit every hour.
    • Noble Ranks (Vassal, Earl, Lord): To achieve these ranks, you must be an active member on the forums and in-game. When you apply for a rank, people in the community have to approve your worthiness.
    • Builder Ranks (Carpenter, Mason, Artisan): In this rank path, your building skills are put to the test. When you make something cool, post it on the "Build Point Verifier" sections of the forums to get it graded and be awarded builder points! When you get enough builder points, you can apply for the next rank in this path.
    • Merchant Ranks (Pauper, Prosperous, Affluent, Tycoon): When you go down this path, you are making all the cash. You get a market plot right from the first rank so you can sell whatever it is you feel like selling with the ChestShop plugin!
    • Elite: This is the ultimate non-staff rank. It shows you have gone up all of the rank paths and conquered the entirety of the goals on the server.
    • Mod: First staff rank. Anyone can apply, technically, but we only choose the best, most trustworthy members of the community. If we can't trust you with the most powerful operator commands, then you don't even get here.
    • Admin: If you have proven to be a wonderful moderator that much of the community adores, you will be promoted to this rank. A lot more access is granted to staff features to help out the community, such as helping out with server builds.
    • Super-Admin: Good luck. You will need to dedicate your Minecraft life to helping the server. The Super Admins (SA's) are the highest, mightiest, and friendliest of staff. You cannot apply to be this, only chosen if you are worthy....
    • Owner (james14294): I cannot say much about this man, as not much is know of him. One thing is for sure, if you catch him in a glass box, you will forever be legend.
    *NEW* Games Event!
    When you get in game, type /game to go to the games event! There are tons of fun minigames, like Tetris, spleef, MineJong and more! Use the enderchests around the area to store your items before playing the games.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Parody: "Grieferman"
    Great, another video glorifying annoying acts such as griefing. You know how Nodus is being shut down? At first I thought it was because the guy had issues pop up in real life. However, he quit development of it because he was disgusted at the way the community acted with it. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? It is the biggest hack in the game, it was MADE to be a terrible thing. The same thing is here, we wonder why people grief and yet famous YouTubers put out videos that make it seem fun.
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    posted a message on Reporting Marks
    All I do when I report a subject is say two or three words that categorize the reason it should beremoved. I think this would be more trouble than it is worth.
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    posted a message on I like a direct download over adfly downloads
    Adfly isn't even that bad. Yes, the ads probably go to malware sites. However, people aren't stupid. They make the real download link very obvious anyways. Like Deonyi said, it only takes a few seconds out of your life, and it gives them money without taking out cash from your own pocket.
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    posted a message on How to Count Blocks
    With worldedit, you select a box around your build. Type in the command "//distr" and it will give you a list of every single block in the selection, air included.
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    posted a message on Spawned 20000 villagers, this is the result

    Quote from danthonywalker

    Invisible Charged Creepers Man:

    They sorta look like wisps. Seems like a cool texture idea for bats come to think of it. :P
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    posted a message on 1000 Things I Learned From Minecraft
    Gold is almost useless, and often mistaken for butter.
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    posted a message on Minecraft on the Oculus Rift
    Now we can get even MORE lost in our alternate reality! :D
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