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    posted a message on How do I spawn Chicken Jockeys?
    Quote from catterall101
    This is the best you can do, I think? :Pig:

    Step 1: Join a creative world and type /give @p 137
    Step 2: Place the CMD block and right click it
    Step 3: Copy and paste this code into it, /summon Zombie ~ ~3 ~ {IsBaby:1,Riding:{id:Chicken}}
    Step 4: Place a button, click it, and watch a semi amazing chicken jockey

    Perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks catterall101 :)
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    posted a message on 42 World Flags Recreated In Banners
    Nice, that's really good :)
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    posted a message on Alphabet in Banners
    Quote from ElijahPWG

    how do you edit banners like that? Or is that just your custom texture pack.

    You can design the banners using the dyes and the banner in the crafting grid. Check for more info.
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    posted a message on Will there be Stairs/Slabs of Diorite, Granite, etc?
    Quote from Kholdwyn
    I would image that the slabs should be available since you can craft any of these variants into stone slabs. The stone slabs are placeholders, remember how the new trees from 1.7 used leaves and logs from other trees right up until 1.7 was released, along with their sappling? Just wait for the release to get a little closer and they should be available.

    Hopefully this is the case. Without slabs and stairs, their building uses become severely limited.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w28b Server help
    You're at the right page, just scroll down to where it says Cross-platform server jar: The link underneath that will let you download the server .jar file.
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    posted a message on Who likes going out at night on hard mode?
    I play on a server that's on hard. We rarely sleep. So you have to go out at night, whether to fight mobs, or travel from one base to another, or just working on a build. I think it helps that I've been playing since before beds, so working through the night became a necessary skill, now my friends and I just keep on, moon or sun.
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    posted a message on Is it Ok to let people control ore spawn in survival?
    I think this question comes down to what is the point of survival. For my friends and I, survival is playing the game in its vanilla form, on hard difficulty. We mine and grind for all the materials we need to build our various large and small builds. We enjoy the challenge of creating things using more rare/expensive items ie glowstone, quartz and gold blocks etc. I would not change the ore ratios as I feel we might as well allow creative then, but that's just how I and my friends like it.

    I think if players wanted to have a survival world with way more ores, then by all means. Say if you wanted a world with rail lines running everywhere, crank the iron up. To each their own, that's part of the beauty of Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Rabbit Stew is so unbalanced
    Quote from Cathmelar

    Several food stuffs seem to have been added for fun, rather than practicality. Rabbit stew is probably the least practical.

    Ya, not everything added to the game is for practical use. Rabbit stew was added because it's so well know, cliche for rabbits. The cooked rabbit is a practical food source.
    Quote from Artifact123

    They just need to revert regeneration at the cost of your food bar, it makes stronger foods redundant most of the time.

    This is true, steak and pork are not the most practical foods if you're engaging mobs and taking some damage. As OP pointed out, you're not going to wait around until you're max eff. hungery to regain your regen of health. Myself I carry 1/2 stack of steak and 10-20 baked potatos, 1 is to eat when I need some health, the other is the long term exploring/working food.
    Quote from GerbilCrab475

    Quote from Cathmelar

    Several food stuffs seem to have been added for fun, rather than practicality. Rabbit stew is probably the least practical.

    Cookies are pretty impractical too. Cake was added for fun but it was useful in the beta days.

    Like my first point, fun is not a bad thing. Not every addition to Minecraft needs to be practical or improve an existing element. Rabbits on the whole are impractical. But they're a fun new addition :)
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    posted a message on Moving an Elder Guardian (without cheats)
    Quote from cephalo2

    Quote from Somethingvalid

    Is it possible to use minecarts to pick up elder guardians? I haven't experimented with them.

    Yes! It works. Well, that makes a lot of things a lot easier. They need a minimum 3 wide tunnel to ride in, and they are damaged by walls if they touch them, so you want to give them plenty of space around corners or whatever. Also, while they are in the mine cart they cover almost the whole cart, so to get them out you have to destroy it from underneath.

    Good to know. I also have plans to capture and move a guardian. Although I dread how far I'll have to move it in my smp world. I should try and take it through the nether I think.
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    posted a message on Pigs are getting more useless
    The pig's value has more or less been the same. Cows have always been superior food stock because of the bonus leather drop. The value of pigs spiked when the carrot on a stick made riding a pig practical. But it was almost immediately overshadowed by the arrival of horses.

    As far as the new snapshots pushing pigs further into obscurity I disagree. While sheep do now drop mutton, I'm not going to go around killing sheep, they're still better for continued wool production. As for rabbits, other then killing a few to collect the feet for potions, their not worth it for leather or food. Pigs are still the 2nd best animal food option, but once you get a cattle ranch set up, their's no real point to killing other animals for food.

    So ya, pigs are, imo, of the same value they've essentially always been. This new update is not going to change how I view pigs.
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    posted a message on BUNNIES and RABBITS

    Quote from Pykaxe »
    You may need to travel a bit, depending on how well-explored your world is.

    I take it rabbits will only spawn in newly generated terrain?
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    posted a message on a change that will make wood tools get used longer
    No, granted wood tools are basically ignored, but that's probably by design. They just have wood tools as a recipe because they have stone, iron, gold, and diamond too. Hardly anyone ever uses gold tools, should they be made more important?

    Also there's and easy work around for skipping wood tools completely. First night, get a creeper to explode near some exposed stone, bam! free cobblestone no wood pick at all.

    No support
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    posted a message on Better Enders
    Quote from 16cadrian»

    So enderman can now grief peoples houses and buildings?

    Zero support.

    Exactly this. When endermen were first introduced in beta 1.8 they were able to pick up and move a lot more blocks, including stone, logs and more. It was a hugely frustrating and the community spoke out. So the endermen were changed to their current block moving ability. The problem with endermen griefing is that there is essentially no way to prevent it.

    Unlike all other mobs, you can't build a wall, light the interior, and keep them out. Endermen can teleport into areas they are unable to spawn in. In beta 1.8 I had built a large stone cathedral, I would frequently find stone blocks missing from the walls. There would be holes large enough for other mobs to get through. Plus with the baby zombies, even a 1x1 hole is a breachable gap now. There was nothing I could do to stop it. The interior of the building was lit, the exterior was lighted, but they would wander into the area, or if it was raining they would teleport inside the building, up onto high ledges and put holes in the wall 10-20 blocks up. That was a pain to go up there and fix things, to be always checking if there was a hole somewhere.

    Minecraft is a game where building structures is a core idea. Creepers can blow things up, but the player can use due diligence to prevent that. To return endermen to their original unstoppable griefing ability is not a good idea at all. If the player can't do anything about it, and it's just random chance, that is not a fun game mechanic. It would be the the same as giving a creeper a 1:100 chance of being able to spawn in lighted areas. Bad idea.

    I do agree with the point that endermen drop the block their carrying when they die. I am even intrigued by the idea of the endermen being able to teleport the player. But to let them pick up more blocks again? 100% no!
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    posted a message on How do you feel about rabbit meat?
    I've had a rabbit as a pet, I also have a rabbit skin that I got on a holiday. You can love rabbits and still have no issue eating other rabbits. I would be annoyed if we had rabbits in the game, but no rabbit stew.
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    posted a message on How often do you carry a bucket with you?
    Quote from KhatKat

    I always have a bucket of water with me. And unless I am building, it's in my hotbar at box number 7. When it's not in my hotbar, it's just above box number 7.

    Woah, we have similar water bucket practices. I almost always have my water bucket in my inventory. And when I go caving and/or deep mining I put the water bucket in hotbar space 7. When I don't have the water bucket on the it's usually right above #7, but sometimes it gets moved, depending what all I am carrying.

    Unlike a lot of people I don't pour water over lava while caving, I love the look of lava lakes, and the natural light they provide. This has literally burned me a couple times, but for the vast majority of the time; I don't fall in, or can get out and place water to extinguish myself. I just find it so much more work to remove obsidian and replace lava if I want to do something with it later, where as if I want obsidian later, easy. Or go to the End and tear down a spire :P

    The only time I don't have my water bucket on me is if I'm going on long nether expeditions for quartz, or, glowstone, or wither skulls etc. It's just a waste of space in my inventory in the nether. And it's one less thing to risk losing to fire/lava if I should die. I'll just risk my diamond swords and picks, not my precious water bucket. lol
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