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    ...I need to rewrite what I already wrote because I hit the back button. So sorry if the thread is lacking...kind of angry at myself. Anyway...

    The closest thing I saw when I search this idea is here. But because it's piratically a year old and it doesn't seem to have gone anywhere I thought I would suggest an updated version of the idea because of the new addition that's coming to Minecraft. The Redstone update is great for this because we now have Redstone Blocks, which I think can be use on Power Rails.

    The idea is upside down Tracks and anything that goes with that. What I am thinking kind of is a way to auto plant things like wheat, and unfortunately that's all I can think of for it besides epic roller coasters.

    So by adding Slimeballs to the Rails that can be made they can be attached upside down on all blocks besides Dirt, Sand, Gravel, and Soul Sand. Now, Minecarts are the same way, they can go upside down to, by adding three Slimeballs on the bottom row, Minecart at center and a Slimeball on the top center so that you can sit in the upside down Minecart. Other wise there are normal Minecarts, but they can't go upside down. So there are three Minecarts. Normal, Sticky Minecarts which you can place a Chest, Furnace or any of the new stuff from the Redstone update in, and the third, the Seated Sticky Minecart which can take you upside down. I suspect if you were to use any kind of Minecart with this added it would be the Sticky Minecarts because they can do everything.

    Does anyone see any possibilities with this? Or is it just me doing a long rant on a useless idea?
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    posted a message on FTB - Ultimate Mod Inspired Survival Server; Whitelisting Required
    Server is Dead! Server is Dead! Server is Dead!


    Our old application thread: http://www.minecraft...rs/page__st__20

    We're a whitelist, FTB Ultimate Mod Pack, community-based survival server. We will keep a relatively small playerbase of around 40 people or so. There really isn't much more to it. Sever is kept on 24/7 and resets every 2 hours to keep lag down and in case of server crashes max time needed to wait, 2 hours.

    We have a few rules that you will need to follow.
    • no griefing or ruining for other players in anyway
    • we would like to keep the world as aesthetically pleasing as possible, so you are not allowed to leave half torn down trees, dig straight down or make dirt pillars (without removing them) and filling in creeper holes, not covering them (with like blocks) etc.
    • respect your fellow players
    • be mature as well, younger kids aren't likely to join us cause of maturely level (this can be overruled by your answers in the application below)
    • no stealing items
    If you want to apply to our server, please fill in this application: (How well you answer these questions matter)
    Will you follow the rules:
    Why You:
    How often can or will you be on:

    Do you work well with others:
    Do you tend to rage, and if so, towards what:

    We're not too picky.

    We also use Skype some, if you have a mic and are willing to chat with us, please do, but only after being whitelisted and we're comfortable with you on the server. Addedly, Scytheknight, or I will PM you if you are whitelisted so we don't spam the thread with short messages saying "you're whitelisted" other then that please place your application here. Any questions as well, here.

    We look forward to accepting you.

    Server ID:

    A little side note, if you have applied and you get no reply within a week, you haven't been accepted. Please don't reapply in this case. (conditions may vary.)

    To those who have been accepted, please log on within a week of being approved or reply to me so I know what is going on with your situation such as you're on vacation or something so that I can keep your slot opened. If I get no reply within that week or I see that you haven't logged, I will unwhitelist you so as to get more users that are on more often. It's really hard to say if I will give a second chance, we want friendly people and mature so if you're both of those I hope you will respond to this, and if not, sorry.
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    posted a message on Super-Large Idea: Movement Improvement
    A quick add to this for movements, not sure if I can add my own but I didn't see this on the list, but a roll animation that you can do by...lets say tapping the space button or something. The idea for this came from the Legend of Zelda, and when you fall off a high enough ledge you roll. So I was thinking if applying this to MC, you lessen fall damage if you roll right after jumping from a large height. This will save you in some cases but if the height is high enough, no. Also you need at least 4 blocks of air in front of you--when you land--to do the roll. Landing and rolling is about timing and that saves your life. Thoughts?

    I'm kind of half awake, sorry I couldn't phase this better.

    Edited: Never mind, I went back to check the OP...this was there. XD.
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    Quote from Pencilshavings5

    Possibly surrounding an enderchest with wool? This would make caving a lot safer.

    IF the idea is like this, then it's a portable Ender Chest and should be connect to the Ender Chest, so instead of placing the Ender Chest and having it break to just the Obsidian you can keep it on you at all times. But I still think it should be more expensive because of the benefits, maybe three more Obsidian on bottom, Ender Chest in middle, two Ender Eyes on either side of the Ender Chest, Wool in top both corners and string in the center top. Maybe?
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    Quote from Blimpsmagee

    IM Getting So Much Negetive Comments and this is just an idea! :(

    It's your fault for being butthurt over the negative comments, some people such as yourself can't handle criticism. It also helps not to suggest completely out worldly suggestions and try to stick with the theme of Minecraft instead of diving into space themes.
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    posted a message on Need more anime in Minecraft
    I love anime myself, but what would they do in MC?

    Try looking up the girlfriend mod and the cute mobs mod.
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    posted a message on [x64][1.15.X] Ovo's Rustic Pack: Redemption v1.7 WIP [Updated: 2020-02-20]
    I think my love for this texture pack wound increase more of the creator of the texture pack would include more random mobs. With the chickens, pigs, wolves, pretty much every animal. I know the creepers already have a few texture packs and it seems zombies and other things are biome specific like vines on zombies in a swamp which is cool. Just a suggestion.
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    posted a message on Tamable bats- With pumpkin pie
    This is just a stupid request, if there is a mod for it, use it, otherwise don't complain. The fans of Minecraft are just terrible and critical of each update. Be happy with the change and don't complain. Be happy Notch and his team continues to work on Minecraft instead of dropping it. I have never seen any other game that's do dedicated to making it's fans happy and even then they still can't. Stop playing the game if you don't like it, that is all.

    Also taming anything is retarded to me, the mobs we have and are tamable are fine by me. I don't want a tamable bat, or a dragon which I hear rumors may come out. They already screwed over Skyrim by adding Dragons as mounts in the latest add-on.

    Anyway rant is done.
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    posted a message on [x64][1.15.X] Ovo's Rustic Pack: Redemption v1.7 WIP [Updated: 2020-02-20]
    Quote from Dro357

    I'm having the exact same problem. I went into my NVIDIA control panel, and reset to the default settings, and it didn't help. Anyone got any other suggestions? This is my most used texture pack, but the floating pixels in front of my items are driving me insane. Thanks in advance!

    Quote from loardvader

    ALMIGHTY THEN! I found what i did wrong and fixed it, heres another working items.png (i tested it in game and all seems fine)

    Also, to make it a little easier for people to make the change:

    0. Make sure the image file you download is indeed called items.png (change the name when you download it)
    1. Locate and open the texture pack zip with winzip, winrar or 7zip, whichever you have
    2. Open the sub-folder in the zip called "gui"
    3. Drag and drop the new items.png into the gui folder, and your all done.

    Follow the above instructions.
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    posted a message on [x64][1.15.X] Ovo's Rustic Pack: Redemption v1.7 WIP [Updated: 2020-02-20]
    I love this texturepack, I just don't know where to go to report bugs but I thought I can do so here. So here's what I've noticed, and this is only with things I've tested. Watermelon slices have some random floating texture when you hold it, as well as most weapons such as pick axes and axes. They have some floating texture that's separate from the initial item. I'll still use the texturepack, I just hope you go through all items to make sure none of the floating texture remains in the next update of this texturepack. Thanks for listening.

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